The story of the birth in 1 maternity hospital in Kiev

I tell how it was.

Before HNew Year- nerves, psyches, panic, etc. I'm tired of everything. Big toilet,several times a day (and not necessarily indigestion). And very much lower abdomen. I did not write becauseANDthere simply was no internet. Will-cable something junk.

On hospitalization (on planned KS) it was necessary to lay down on January 2. On December 31, at 22.30, I got a kaaaaaa! I bent from the pain and laugh, tears in my eyes. The husband observes all this attentively and asks: - "Th you cry - from pain or from laughter ???". I answer - I am crying because I have all the chances to meet NG on the operating table! Next - calmly met NG.

January 1 - from the very morning nagging pain in the abdomen. And I have an operated uterus with a scar. A husband with a small man is going to go with his mother and grandmother, and this is 6 hours on the road (in two directions) + while they load their grandmother and things. The husband categorically does not agree to leave me alone at home. Call the doctor. The doctor says - if discomfort - come. In the morning, January 1 and food. The doctor examines me, puts in the RD and plans the operation not earlier than the 6th. I'm just in shock.Reva, I miss a little, and I don’t understand how I will spend so much time without my child, to whom I have simply grown.

Bags - I had 3 big bags (or 4?). The doctor ofigel - "SHO YOU HAVE DECORATED! ??? Come on gloves! NO ???? ???? There are no clothes and gloves ??" Well I was planning to buy everything upon receipt. So, the gloves did not go there. You need a lot of gloves. Par 10 is at least (it took me about 15 pairs). I haven't gained a lot of things. Strictly according to the list. But what to do if a baby blanket + robe (fluffy) is already 1 big bag.

January 1 - I lie in the prenatal, January 2 - in the same place. January 2, I can not sleep - pulling pain. January 3 - nagging pains - it is difficult to walk, with each step pain in the lower abdomen. My doctor is off. I go to the doctor on duty. She looks at me and says that she will operate in an hour. I - quickly on CTG with a uterus sensor, check if there are contractions. I lie on CTG, I worry and receive SMS from Svetr :-). There was no time to answer. A doctor arrived. There was still no contraction, but they decided to operate - a scar on the uterus - you never know that it pulls it there (I overslept for about 3 hours because of the pain at night). I'm in the shower, on an enema, to collect clothes, again in the shower (I threw it into the sweat mercilessly). The doctor waited for me for more than an hour ....

Epidural anesthesia, CS.I will not describe the process itself. My girl is very large, I, too, my mother is not small, my belly is big. The doctor had to sweat. When they got the little one, I asked to put me to sleep. There was no strength to endure. I DO NOT know why ... With the first child I survived 2 hours of operation. This time the whole operation lasted an hour. I barely survived 30 minutes. Then they added something and I swam. Did not fall asleep, but also did not say so in their right mind :-). Then a day of resuscitation with a sleepless night - gave birth nearby. Try to sleep when you are constantly giving birth next to you. And this is the second sleepless night. By the way, with the operating room I was taken at 16.00. It was necessary to rise after 8 hours, I went after 5 hours - normally. On the trail. Day at 12.00 I was transferred to a paid chamber (1 RD). I liked everything very much.


I had 2 mobile phones with me, charging, money - about 2400 UAH, with a big pack (I took 5,10,20, 50,100). I got the money from the bag, took as much as I needed - or gave me little bags with a bundle of money, I counted and gave back - this was when I could not get up yet, but I had to give UAH 370 for medicines, to the anesthesiologist 800, etc. Not lost a penny. The same thing is with the girl who was lying with me.

The first acquaintance with the child - I do not know which side to approach, how to take it - even though the second child. But, after a sleepless night (for me the third in a row) - I learned everything quickly.

From the legs just fell.The husband took the weekend and was with me, helped in everything. In the afternoon with me, evening and night with the eldest child (grandmother could only be with the elder in the afternoon). We were prepared for discharge at least for tomorrow, if all goes well. But I was very spontaneously discharged today, despite the child’s weight loss - I was very much asked. And the loss is due to the fact that we switch from the mixture to the HS.

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The story of the birth in 1 maternity hospital in Kiev image, picture, imagery

The story of the birth in 1 maternity hospital in Kiev 97

The story of the birth in 1 maternity hospital in Kiev 16

The story of the birth in 1 maternity hospital in Kiev 82

The story of the birth in 1 maternity hospital in Kiev 73

The story of the birth in 1 maternity hospital in Kiev 28

The story of the birth in 1 maternity hospital in Kiev 28