The value of the flower orchid - features, characteristics and description

Orchids are the most beautiful flowers, personifying refinement, aristocracy, harmony, tenderness, wisdom, passion and many other qualities. They are often used as a gift to loved ones, relatives and close people, they decorate the living quarters and offices. What is the meaning of orchid flower? This is described in the article.

Special features

The advantage of orchids over other plant species is that they are capable of not falling off for a long time, sometimes for two or three months. The places of flower growth are different. These are the raw forests of the tropics, the rocky terrain of rocks. In climatic conditions with alternating rains and dry periods, orchids adapt to life without water. Growing flowers indoors, it is difficult to create, and even more maintain, the natural conditions of growth. For this reason, less capricious varieties are used for home breeding.

Orchid in the house

This flower is a favorite home plant for growers. Regardless of the species, all orchids exude positive emotions. These flowers are considered the most beautiful of all house plants. But, besides the aesthetic side, they are able to create a background that influences the events taking place in the house and the fate of its inhabitants. The value of orchid flower for homeis huge. No wonder this plant is considered healing. It brings harmony to the upset energy of the room. Next to the orchid, thoughts quickly come in order, the thirst for a new life opens. If the interior of the house or office contains these flowers, the room is filled with freshness, the mood improves, as the negative energy is absorbed.

The value of the flower orchid

Orchids are reliable protectors of the home. They have the ability to feel the mood of others. Maliciously minded people they calculate and punish. They may have weakness, pain in the head or other symptoms that impair health. It is important to know that the flower is endowed with such abilities only during the flowering period.

Orchid flower - male or female?

It is believed that this plant is created for the fair sex. The value of the flower orchid for women is great.The plant gives them health, beauty, tenderness, charm. Acts on them as well as anti-aging cream. A flower will only care for a woman if she takes good care of her. We can not allow the orchid sick or start to fade.

Orchid flower value for home

If a man lives in the house, even if he is still a child, the orchid should not be bred. She spoils his aura, suppresses the masculine. He becomes like a woman. The flower should not be placed in the bedroom and children's room for boys.

Feng Shui and Orchid

According to the teachings, it is allowed to use a flower in the interior of any room, as in its presence there is harmony. The value of the orchid flower in Feng Shui is enormous. The plant symbolizes the pursuit of excellence, is the personification of inner harmony and tranquility. Orchids for the people of China symbolize patronage. In Vietnam, for example, the buds bloom on the eve of the New Year, so the meaning of the orchid flower is different here. It symbolizes spring, love and youth. Depending on the location relative to the cardinal points, the orchid has a different meaning.

  • If the plant is located in the southeast of the room, then it brings prosperity, success and good luck. This type of flower placement is suitable for office.
  • When the location of the orchid is south-west, for family relations, you can be calm: agreement will be established, the lost passion between the spouses will return. This option is suitable for home. It will be appropriate to pick up orchids with a shade of red.

Orchids flower value for woman

  • The location of the flower in the eastern part of the room is associated with health. It is believed that orchids can improve their health, cope with diseases, restore vigor to a person. Flowers with white and light tones of petals are best suited.
  • The location of plants in the north direction is used for meetings with business people. The value of the flower orchid in this case is promising. It is believed that a successful career will develop, income will become stable, and business will be successful.
  • The arrangement of orchids in the northwestern side of the room promises to help to improve the spoiled relations with close people.

Orchids as a gift

These flowers have long symbolized youth, spring, elegance.The value of a flower orchid as a gift is great: aristocracy, harmony in all respects, comfort in the family circle and intimacy. That is why this delicate flower is most often given to people who are considered the closest and loved ones.

Jrhideya the value of a flower

The value of the orchid flower for women is great. A plant presented by a man means that he feels a strong feeling for a girl (woman), and his intentions for their future relationship are very serious. If the donor does not have such feelings, you should not choose this flower as a gift, which is the personification of purity and sincerity.

Reasons for giving orchids

Florists flower shops recommend giving women these flowers. The reasons for doing this are as follows:

  • Not all women and not always happy expensive gift. The fair sex often want something original. Orchids come to the rescue, symbolizing sensuality, luxury, perfection, beauty, devotion. This flower excites the imagination, there is something mysterious and mysterious in it. In Europe, for example, the 55th wedding anniversary is orchid.
  • These flowers, planted in a pot, are a durable gift.Cut flowers in a vase will fade very soon, only a short-term memory will be left. Orchids, growing in a pot, for several decades will produce new buds and delight in their flowering. In this case, they symbolize the duration and strength of the relationship.
  • An orchid presented to a woman causes a reciprocal feeling in a man.

The color value of orchids

Coloring these extraordinary plants makes sense. Each color has its own meaning.

  • Yellow orchids symbolize friendship, new beginnings, as well as hope. They are received as a gift by real friends.
  • The embodiment of elegance and beauty is the white orchid. The meaning of a flower has a certain meaning. White orchids are endowed with wisdom, sublimity. They give dear man.

White Orchid Flower Meaning

  • The symbol of uniqueness and rare beauty is blue and blue orchid. The value of the flower is endowed with meaning, which lies in loyalty, nobility, high spirituality, striving for constant perfection. Blue Orchid decided to give the mother.

Orchid Tattoo

This flower is an ancient symbol for many nations, but is especially significant for residents of Eastern countries.Here he is a symbol of wealth, luxury and prosperous life. An orchid in the form of a tattoo for a Chinese person means perfection, inexhaustible energy, inner charm, female beauty, harmony and many children.

Blue Orchid Flower Meaning

Europeans have a white orchid tattoo - a symbol of friendliness, conflict-free, openness. A man with such a tattoo is full of creative energy. Newlyweds often make paired tattoos. It is believed that this has a beneficial effect on the couple, symbolizes the passion, the intimate side of the relationship.

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The value of the flower orchid - features, characteristics and description 1

The value of the flower orchid - features, characteristics and description 55

The value of the flower orchid - features, characteristics and description 46

The value of the flower orchid - features, characteristics and description 54

The value of the flower orchid - features, characteristics and description 85