Thermal springs in Abkhazia: reviews

Hospitable Abkhazia with a mild climate, picturesque landscapes and healing air attracts tourists who want to not only enjoy the beaches, but also improve their health. Throughout the region there are wells with medicinal mineral water, differing in composition and temperature. More than two hundred thermal springs in Abkhazia, which were discovered in antiquity, are in great demand among the guests of the tiny republic.

Medicinal waters

Health promotion places are always crowded, because hot water heals various diseases and relaxes. Sanatoriums in the open are open to every traveler. Despite the fact that there are a lot of thermal springs in Abkhazia, wells with mineral water in the villages of Kundyg and Primorsk are very popular. We will tell in detail about what they are.thermal springs in Abkhazia Kyndyg how to get

Healing source in the village Kyndyga

The hot spring in Kyndyg, located near the capital of the country, is the most famous.Water rich in magnesium, calcium, sodium, microelements and salts, smells strongly of hydrogen sulfide, breaking out to the surface. And this unpleasant smell still haunts tourists. Free hydrogen sulfide penetrates both through the respiratory tract and through the skin integument. The healing effect is manifested by reddening of the skin, and after it the blood is poured to the internal organs.

In just a few minutes of bathing, the distribution and flow of blood throughout the body changes, and metabolic processes are improved. Such ebb and flow, according to doctors, is very important for human health. The internal organs at this moment seem to be resting, not working with a full load. As practice shows, the majority of patients are cured of the afflictions that plagued them, and the advanced diseases are much easier.

Before visiting the thermal springs in Abkhazia, you should consult with your doctor, and after the treatment procedures you should definitely take a rest. It is worth knowing that patients with cancer, tuberculosis, blood diseases are strictly prohibited to take baths.

Description of the sanatorium in the open

The thermal spring in Abkhazia consists of wells with mineral water, which is used for drinking, and open spaces for bathing. The cost of a visit is 150 rubles.For the use of parking and a box for things will have to pay another 100 rubles.thermal springs in Abkhazia

A real geyser beats out of the ground, the temperature of which reaches 110aboutC. Flowing down the slopes, it cools down to 45 degrees. Therapeutic fluid flows from the 13 iron grooves embedded in the rock. And everyone who rises under the powerful jets pouring from a height of 10 meters gets a healing hydromassage, after which you can smear with curative mud coming to the surface. After it is recommended to swim in the pool.

Here there are several pools with mineral water, the temperature of which is comfortable for bathing, and all its useful properties are preserved. People come here with gynecological pathologies and diseases of the central nervous system, diseases of the joints, various injuries, skin problems.

The course of recovery is about 10 baths, and the effect is achieved two weeks after the last dose, but even after the first swim, people feel a surge of strength and energy, insomnia disappears, a bad mood.

How to get to the thermal springs?

Kyndyg (Abkhazia) is located 35 kilometers from Sukhum, and the easiest way to get to the source is in 20-25 minutes by car. It is necessary to cross the bridge, towering over the railway, to reach the intersection.Turning to the right will lead in the right direction.

In addition, from the central market of the capital to the village sent taxis. Ticket price - 80 rubles, and the travel time is about an hour.

Hydropathic in the village of Primorskoe

Where are the thermal springs in Abkhazia? Between the cities of Gudauta and New Athos there is another healing place that receives tourists all year round. If in Kyndyg people are in the wild, slightly improved by human hands, then in the village of Primorskoye 77 years ago a whole complex was built, including swimming pools with medicinal water and showers. For guests there is a miniature hotel with comfortable rooms, massage rooms and relaxation areas after bathing.

Description of sources

Hydrogen sulfide sources have a temperature of 36aboutC, and be in the water for more than 10 minutes is impossible. After bathing, it is recommended to smear with clay, although, according to tourists, it has more cosmetic effects than curative. From the very first dives, anxiety decreases in patients, the general tone of the body increases, and after 12 visits the maximum health effect is noted.thermal springs abkhazia reviews

Admission is 150 rubles, parking costs 50 rubles, and using a storage box will cost 20 rubles.

How to get there

Tourists who are going to improve their health are concerned about how to get to the thermal springs in Abkhazia. You can get to the complex in the village of Primorskoye, located 15 kilometers from Gudauta, only by private transport or a taxi, since city buses do not stop here. In addition, everyone will be able to come here as part of an organized excursion, the cost of which starts from 500 rubles.

Where else are the thermal springs?

In the vicinity of the town of Gagra there is a balneological center with a hydrogen sulfide source rich in magnesium, calcium and radon. The temperature of the water, which has a healing effect on all body systems, is 43aboutC. Patients most often come here to reduce the effects after chemotherapy.where are the thermal springs in Abkhazia

A new wellness complex with indoor pools and mud therapy and massage departments was built near New Athos. Baths can accommodate up to 15 people. The temperature of water enriched with calcium and magnesium reaches +47.aboutFROM.The medical complex is equipped with places for relaxation.

In Sukhum on the river Besletka a hydropathic establishment with seven wells filled with mineral water with a temperature of 42 is organized.aboutC. Immersions treat nervous and cardiovascular diseases, as well as joint problems.

Thermal springs of Abkhazia: reviews

As satisfied tourists say, they feel the magic effect from the very first bathing session. Swimming in the pools is very popular with both children and adults, who enjoy the incredible pleasure from the process. It is possible to come to the sunny region all year round, and even in cool weather the temperature of the water of the springs is very comfortable.Abkhazia thermal springs how to get

However, if we compare two popular places of health promotion, the guests of Abkhazia often choose swimming pools in the hospital in Primorsky, because there is no service in the village of Kyndyga.

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