Tradition "How Badynoko defeated the one-eyed giant": summary, main characters, author

Every nation has tales about its heroes, which are truth and fiction at the same time, an echo of real events, complemented by fabulous fantasies of unknown authors. There are similar legends among the Abkhaz-Adyg peoples inhabiting the territory of the North Caucasus. A striking example of this is the Nart epic, which tells about the adventures and exploits of heroes, called narts. One of the stories tells how Badynoko defeated the one-eyed giant, a summary of which may be of interest to children and adults.

On the formation of the traditions of the peoples of the Caucasus

The epos of narts has deep ancient roots, and its history is estimated, according to experts, for almost three thousand years.At the beginning of their formation, such tales were scattered stories. And only much later, in the Middle Ages, they began to be grouped into special cycles devoted to certain events and names. An important hero of the Circassians was the fearless and strong Badinoko. The story of how this bogatyr conquered the one-eyed giant gained popularity and fame among countless peoples throughout the world. There are many other bright characters of the Nart epic. For example, among the Ossetians it is Warhag and Akhsar, among Balkarians - Alaugan, Tauso and others.

as the one-eyed giant Badynoko won a brief summary

Among scholars there are disputes over the meaning of the word “nart”, but the majority are inclined to believe that it comes from the Iranian word “man”, and it should be understood in this sense: a person who is famous for his exploits.


This character belongs to the most ancient archaic heroes of the ancient epos. The creation of stories about similar names in different nations is dictated by the creative desire to transform the world, the goal of ordering it, improving and arranging it at least in myths, making it comfortable for people’s life, achieving justice and achieving an imaginary ideal.In the story of how Badynoko defeated the one-eyed giant, the main idea is the triumph of good over a merciless strong evil.

how badynoko defeated the one-eyed giant

Understanding the imperfection of being and the cruelty of human laws, this hero in other legends performs many noble deeds. He saves his elderly father from death, and in return receives his wise advice about honoring the elders and the highest justice of the gods. Thus, the hero is opposed to the erroneous opinion of the majority, constantly defeating injustice.

Mythical characters of the epic

The era of narts belongs to mythical times. They themselves appear to modern fictional scientists, like many other heroes of the national epic. Among others, it is possible to call his confessions and iniji (that is, dwarfs and giants), as well as all sorts of monsters, dragons, an old woman called a naguppress, personifying evil forces. Heroes of narts are presented in the popular rumor as real. At the indicated times, according to the epic, there was a fierce struggle between the mighty warriors and the dark forces.

the legend of how the one-eyed giant wins

Listing the main characters (“How Badinoko defeated the one-eyed giant”), one of these mythical personalities should certainly be mentioned.It is inyzhzh, possessing absurd and cruel character, fantastic power, which is used to create in the world violence and evil.

Art techniques in the character description

All forces hostile to narts are usually endowed with magical features. Hyperbole (exaggeration) first of all refers to artistic methods of their description. For example, the one-eyed giant in the said tradition, folk fantasy, endowing with enormous, incredible physical strength, does not leave without fabulous details, emphasizing its characteristics. The rumor says that he is capable, throwing himself at the rocks, amusing himself like balls. The one-eyed giant allegedly caught them on the fly and again threw up his heels.

He lived in the Black Ravine, which was so deep that even the high mountain in it, at the foot of which the mighty villain loved to sit, did not reach the edge of the earth with its peak. And the cauldron hanging over the hearth at the entrance to the dwelling of the giant was incredibly heavy, and seven brave brothers could not move it. All of them are heroes of the specified narration.

Seven brothers

The story “How Badynoko defeated the one-eyed giant” tells in detail, how a criminal villain killed six of his guests, who accidentally wandered into his lair of travelers,and only one of them, Haguru, managed to escape. The brothers were guilty of not being able to fulfill the task that the giant gave them. He told them to cook dinner for themselves, but the poor fellows could not lift the villain’s huge ax to chop firewood and make a fire. And the agile sheep, which the unfortunate wanted to cook, all fled.

the story of how the bad-eyed one-eyed giant won

When the cruel giant returned, the tip of his little finger filled up the cave entrance with a fantastically huge stone, which his captives could not even move a little with their joint efforts. But when six of the brothers nevertheless seized the moment and tried to escape, the vicious tormentor caught up with them and killed one by one in front of the seventh hero of this story.


We continue to describe how Badynoko defeated the one-eyed giant. The summary in detail stops on one of the positive characters playing far from the last role in this narration. His name is Hagur, and he is the one who escaped from the giant, the seventh brother. He turned out to be a bit more cunning than his relatives and tried to deceive his tormentor. When the giant fell asleep, he poked out his one eye, and then,hiding under the belly of a long beard, overgrown with shaggy wool, the goat slipped out of the cave with the flock that had gone to pasture in the morning. The treacherous blind villain felt back the sheep, but did not guess to look below.

Retaliatory giant cheating

What does the story tells us about how Badynoko defeated the one-eyed giant? The summary does not end there, because after the events described, Hagura's misadventures continue. Still, he was a victim of the cunning of an insidious blind villain. Giant pretended to admire the feat of this man. He offered him a gold ring in reward, which allegedly contained his the one-eyed giant Badynoko defeated the main characters

In fact, it was a trap. Wearing a gift from the offender, Hagur heard the ring. These sounds were made by a huge ring of a giant that a man could only pull on his hand. Upon ringing, the blind man could already find his opponent, so Haguru had to chop off his hand to get rid of the ring. Then he ran away, but swore revenge on the brothers murderer.

Wild goat

The story of how Badynoko defeated the one-eyed giant, a brief summary of whichand also the personal involvement of the famous narta in this story begins from the moment when the hero, returning from a hunt, saw an amazing wild goat on a path in the forest. She was unusual and remarkable in that her gray wool played in the sun. On this day, Badynoko was unlucky at the hunt, and he ventured to return home without prey, therefore, firing an arrow, he decided to hit the target, but missed. Such a nuisance was the first in his life, so Badynoko was seriously upset. He repeated the attempt two more times, but with the same result.

The reason for the failure is that the goat turned out to be truly extraordinary. It was the daughter of Hagur, but the apt hero did not know about it, so he was even more upset. Pursuing a sly goat, he ended up in the home of one of seven brothers. And there from Hagura himself, as an eyewitness and a participant in the events, he learned the sad story of the death of six worthy people.

Revenge of the Giant

To punish the villain was for the mighty Narta a matter of honor Further, the story tells how Badynoko defeated the one-eyed giant. He went to the Black Ravine to the cave of the treacherous murderer.The giant was powerful, fast and cunning, but the famous nart was superior to the villain in all qualities. In a fight, he drove the enemy into the ground to the neck and cut off his head. He brought this trophy to Haguru as proof of his next feat.

as the one-eyed giant Badynoko won the author

As a reward, the host of the hospitable house, where Badynoko had spent the night before, and in the morning found out the sad story of the six dead brothers, offered his daughter to the powerful nart. But the bogatyr nobly refused, because he wanted the beautiful woman to marry the one she fell in love with. And in gratitude, Hagur laid down a song about the hero. The great sledge did not lose in its disinterestedness, because the story of Badynoko defeating the one-eyed giant, the author of which was the seventh brother who escaped (as the rumor testifies), went through the centuries.

Hero fame

In the song, which composed grateful talented Hagur, miraculously escaped, but revenged his offender, exalted the power, disinterestedness and courage of Badynoko, as well as glorified sharp mind, boundless kindness, selfless courage and desire for justice of the hero. True, here again, not without artistic tricks and exaggerations. It was said that the horse of the great sledge was the fastest in the world, and no one could compete with it.And one stroke of Badynoko’s sword was compared to a hundred blows of the strongest heroes. The song tells about the exploits that the hero accomplished in the fight against the chints (the people hostile to the people of Narts), and about the numerous victories that glorified him, that have flown around all the forests, surrounding gorges, high mountains and boundless valleys.

how the one-eyed giant won the main idea

So, we reviewed the story of how Badynoko defeated the one-eyed giant. Analysis of the work helps us to notice the following: it is very possible that ancient folk legends are an echo of real events, but occurred in deep antiquity. If we drop all the magical transformations and fantastic statements, the facts seem quite real and reflect the life and people of those times. Although it is impossible not to notice the extreme resemblance of this story with the more famous from ancient Greek literature adventures of Odyssey. This hero is also cunning, courage and resourcefulness defeated the mighty one-eyed giant Cyclops. Similar myths and tales can be found in many nations.

In the Adyg epic, there are more powerful inije. Some of them have several heads, endowed with outstanding ingenuity and, of course, incredible strength. An example of this can serve Sauseyko.But all villains are surely conquered by heroes. Despite the fabulousness of the narrative, along with the magical transformations in the Adyg epic, faith in reality can be traced, and in the presentation you can feel the authenticity of events and images. Therefore, such folk legends cannot be called a pure fairy tale.

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