Travel online. Day 5: Krasnoyarsk

The view from the hotel window ...
Today is the fifth and last day of travel with (that’s where tickets should be searched for), and I wake up in Krasnoyarsk! Went yesterday at 5 am local, woke up at 10.
04:30Since I was very tired yesterday, I did not tell you about an interesting incident with which Krasnoyarsk met me. My taxi pulls up to Novotel on Karl Marx Street, while the taxi driver is looking for a race, a girl runs up to the car and yells something. As it turns out, she screams for the car to stop. The girl is quite frankly dressed and very drunk. She screams that she needs a taxi. Soon there is a girlfriend, bad walking on heels and a campaign of 6 !!! young people. The girls get into the car, without asking for the driver’s permission and not noticing me, the guys are laughing at something and asking if it’s possible to go there. Between girls and boys begins some sort of bickering. Judging by the conversation, they are well acquainted (in their appeals they use nicknames, they recall some cases from the common past).Girls want to leave together, guys do not want to let them go. I give the money to the taxi driver and depart to observe what will happen next. You never know, help is needed.
Soon the guys leave, shouting insults at the girls, and the driver drives the girls out of the car, saying that he will not be lucky with anyone.
Girls stay on the street and literally rush to each car. I go back to them, asking if there is money. I thought to give them a taxi. They had no money. But the cars began to stop in order to meet! That is, some dull men, seeing drunken half-naked girls on the road, began to drag them into their cars. They then sat down, then ran out. It is not clear what to do in this situation. One of the stopped men offered me to SHARE GIRLS !!! Here I must say that the girls were very aggressively disposed towards all the males and my attempt to give them money was perceived as a desire to meet. Although I didn’t want to meet at all, I wanted them to get into a taxi faster and I went to sleep.
In general, they never took the money, found some kind of car and left. Hopefully got there.
Do not drink like that ...
10:39Shower and you should already be going for a walk. Where to drink coffee in Krasnoyarsk? Tell us in the comments.

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