Treating the thrush with folk remedies.

Treating thrush with folk remedies can be quite effective. This disease is a pathological reproduction of yeast-like fungi on the surface of the skin, and more often on the mucous membranes. Fungi called Candida are almost all healthy people. But under the influence of various unfavorable factors, their growth ceases to be controlled. The thrush usually provokes the use of drugs, in particular antibiotics, which kill the natural microflora.

Many women are interested in how to get rid ofthrush with folk remedies or with the help of traditional medicine. In fact at them the given disease usually comes to light in the chronic form and very longly proceeds. Before you figure out what is the treatment of thrush folk remedies, you need to understand how to recognize it. Symptoms of this disease are known to almost every woman: itching, pain, burning in the genital area and, of course, curdled discharge. Candidiasis, as the thrush is also called, can pass into more severe forms. In such cases, pain also arises with urination and sexual intimacy. Thrush occurs in men, but it takes place in a lighter form.

Candidiasis can begin to actively develop togetherwith a change in the hormonal background of a woman, that is, concomitantly with taking oral contraceptives, before critical days, during childbearing, with hormonal disorders, for example, diabetes mellitus.

How to cure thrush with folk remediescan prompt and the doctor. Therefore, do not immediately start self-medication - ask for advice to a specialist. First of all, you need to understand that it's time to stop eating sweet. In such an environment, Candida fungus is especially active. And, of course, in your diet should be a sufficient number of vitamins A and C.

Treatment of thrush with folk remedies hasa lot of options. Good help to remove the inflammation of the grass. Use chamomile, oak bark for cooking broth. It is necessary to mix these herbs and put two tablespoons of this mixture into one liter of boiling water. Such a decoction is used for syringing or wetting tampons for insertion into the vagina for three hours.

The thrush usually accompanies a dysbacteriosisintestines. It is necessary to exclude from the diet not only sweet, but also spicy, fatty and necessarily alcohol. You can normalize the microflora by taking 100 grams of infusion daily three times a day. Prepare it from sage, chamomile, yarrow and St. John's wort, taking only one part.

Treating the thrush with folk remedies successfullyis carried out with the aid of baking soda. It is necessary to douche with a special solution twice a day for a week. Add in a liter of boiling water two tablespoons of table salt. Now it is necessary to strain the solution through the cheesecloth folded twice and cool to 40 degrees. Then add to it 12 drops of iodine and one tablespoon of simple baking soda.

Oils are also able to help with thrush. You just need to add two drops of tea tree oil to a teaspoon of olive or corn oil. This mixture is introduced into the vagina in the supine position in the bed before going to sleep from the syringe, naturally without needles. To keep the laundry clean, use a sterile swab.

But to treat thrush is only half the job. It is important not to let it appear again. Less wear thongs, do not puff for long on the beach in a wet swimsuit. Linen should be made of natural fabrics. Try to eat less sweets, it is better to replace them with kefir or natural yoghurt. If you suspect that you have thrush, always consult a doctor and then start treatment.

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