Treatment with food poisoning. Treatment of poisoning in children

Health problems often cause us to get lost. In difficult situations, we do not know what actions should be taken, we panic, which can lead to extremely negative consequences. Often we have no idea even how to cope with the most common diseases. Do you know which treatment for poisoning will be most effective as a first aid? We will try to develop the correct algorithm of actions for this situation.

Basic treatment rules for poisoning

Treatment for poisoning can vary considerably depending on what caused it. However, a certain general list of actions does exist, and should be followed. So, the basic algorithm includes such steps as:

  • identifying the type of poison and the method of its penetration into the body, possibly stopping its receipt;
  • checking basic vital signs, heartbeat and respiration; if anything is difficult, first aid measures;
  • neutralization of the poison by cleansing the stomach;
  • neutralization of the action of the poison through the adoption of special tools (antidotes, various binders, sorbents);
  • the introduction of drugs that contribute to the restoration of salt balance - this measure is necessary in the event that dehydration is detected;
  • symptomatic treatment;
  • restorative therapy.

poisoning treatment

Poisoning with plant substances: a list of dangerous representatives and symptoms

Treatment for poisoning may be required, even if you have used harmless at first sight substances. Perhaps you did not know, but the following plants are not safe:

  • Potatoes. Categorically you should not use its leaves, berries and flowers.
  • A tomato. Poisoning can cause leaves of tomatoes.
  • Rhubarb. Provoked a very negative reaction leaves of this plant.
  • Apricots (and many other fruits). Deciding to eat a fairly large number of bones, you will receive a lethal dose of the strongest poison - cyanide.
  • Aloe. It is not recommended to use inside.

If you or your child have tried something of the above, then unfortunately, certain health problems cannot be avoided. What symptoms will be most characteristic in this situation? The simplest cases are usually characterized by the urge to vomit and vomiting, irritation of the skin and mucous membranes. With severe poisoning, the patient may experience convulsions and heart rhythm disturbances. In severe cases, death is not excluded.

food poisoning treatment

The main difficulty with such poisoning is that it is rather difficult to determine, special symptoms or signs are completely absent. That is why the only possible treatment is the use of general measures. To begin with, flush the stomach, take any means that removes, binds and neutralizes harmful components. The most simple and universal method is taking the drug "Enterosgel".

Drug poisoning: treatment

Treatment of poisoning medications should begin immediately. As a rule, their effect on the body is extremely negative. This situation can happen in a number of precedents.The main reasons are usually attributed to:

  • improper prescription;
  • accident (for example, poisoning a child, taking the wrong dosage unknowingly);
  • intentional desire (for example, attempted suicide).

Drug poisoning: how to determine and how to help?

Signs of drug poisoning can be divided into several groups. At the first stage, the victim feels a loss of orientation, drowsiness, does not give an account of his actions. Further, the situation can develop quite badly, the patient's heartbeat quickens, he may lose consciousness, and breathing may be difficult. In the most severe outcome there is a state of deep coma. The final stage refers to the recovery phase.

How to help a person who has been poisoned with medicines? The first hazardous substances should be removed from the body. Encourage vomiting or give the victim laxatives. Do not forget about the need for frequent and abundant drinking. Carefully observe the state of the poisoned, if dangerous symptoms are observed, you should act immediately. So, when slowing the heart rate, an indirect massage should be done, and if breathing is difficult, artificial ventilation of the lungs should be poisoning treatment

Food poisoning: symptoms

Treatment with food poisoning is something that everyone must know. Why do such deplorable situations happen when using ordinary and safe food? In fact, everything is quite simple, often without noticing it, we violate the necessary mode and shelf life of products. Such negligence is also expressed in the improper preparation of a number of edible components. It is useful to mention the vegetables and fruits, which, in addition to the useful components, included a huge amount of dangerous nitrates.

What symptoms should prompt you to start treatment in case of food poisoning? These include:

  • suddenness (sensations occur fairly quickly after ingestion of poor-quality food);
  • sharp pain in the abdomen;
  • the urge to vomit and vomiting;
  • fever, significant increase in body temperature;
  • chills, the patient may feel cold, with his body burning;
  • stomach upset;
  • redness of the skin on the face, as well as headaches.

If several people ate the same food, the phenomenon may take on a mass character.However, it can also be used to determine the cause of a health condition.treatment for poisoning drugs

Food poisoning: treatment

Treatment with food poisoning is gastric lavage. Initially, you can provoke vomiting, and then consume a significant amount of slightly brackish water. The following steps should be directed to the elimination of possible local symptoms. Be sure to take the agent - an absorbent and a drug to restore the water-salt balance in the body.

Treatment for food poisoning may vary depending on what you eat. So, special attention will need to be paid to mushrooms. Even if a fly-agaric and grebe has not fallen into your diet, the outcome of such an event can be quite deplorable. A frequent consequence of this poisoning is death. Try not to waste time, immediately call the ambulance and begin prompt action on your own. Remember, you must first call a doctor, this is extremely important! What actions should be taken at home? Instill vomiting and give the victim plenty of water with potassium permanganate.Do not forget about the use of special agents that neutralize the action of poisons.diarrhea in case of poisoning treatment

Treatment with food poisoning, such as milk or cottage cheese, should also be fairly prompt. Symptoms of this phenomenon may not begin immediately, but approximately 6 hours after eating poor quality dairy products. These include indigestion, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain. Do not be afraid of the symptoms, you should know that in this way the body itself is trying to cope with a difficult situation, our main task is to help him. Ensure the following mandatory steps are taken:

  • drink plenty of water;
  • stomach cleansing;
  • use of special sorbents.

How to help your baby? First necessary actions

Proper treatment for child food poisoning is especially important. The fact is that babies are much sharper and harder to suffer such health problems. Due to their low weight, harmful toxins spread too quickly through the body. The main task of the parents of a child who has signs of indisposition is to correctly assess the state of his health.Remember that any illness develops in a child extremely quickly. If you have the slightest doubt, immediately call child emergency care, the staff of this service will not only quickly arrive at your home and provide assistance on the spot, but also prompt you what steps need to be taken to normalize your crumbs.

If you consider the condition of the child to be satisfactory, then first aid measures can be taken and relying only on yourself. The action algorithm is almost classic. Treatment for poisoning in children consists of:

  • Cleansing the stomach and drinking plenty of a very weak solution of water with potassium permanganate.
  • The use of activated carbon every three hours at a certain dosage. It is determined quite simply: there should be one tablet per 1 kg of weight of a child.

Poisoning in pregnant women: what is dangerous and what to do in this case?

No less dangerous, and poisoning during pregnancy. Treatment in this case should begin immediately. Signs of poisoning in women in an interesting position are not much different from the symptoms in ordinary people. However, it will not be superfluous to repeat them.So, during a similar ailment can be observed:

  • discomfort, pain, pain in the stomach;
  • increased gas formation;
  • vomiting and diarrhea;
  • temperature increase;
  • general weakness;
  • dizziness, fainting;
  • sharp decrease in pressure.

What is the main danger of poisoning while carrying a child? There are several pretty good reasons, here are the main ones:

  • blood that condenses during dehydration leads to the formation of blood clots;
  • an increase in the hormone oxytocin leads to a reduction in the uterus, and as a result - to miscarriage or premature labor;
  • loss of a large number of useful components necessary for a normal vital future mother and fetal development;
  • in some cases, it is possible for strong poisons to enter the placenta.

Severe frequent vomiting, general weakness of the body, fever and low pressure are the reason for the immediate hospitalization of the expectant mother. Do not self-medicate and do not risk your health, the consequences can be very deplorable. In the case of high uterine tone or the threat of miscarriage, it is not recommended to provoke gagging in a special way.The only way out of the situation is to rest on permitted drugs that neutralize the effects of toxins, and to wait for the natural resolution of the process. After the active phase of the poisoning is over, care must be taken to restore vitality. To do this, you need to fill the water-salt balance, it is best done with the help of special pharmacy tools. In addition, you should drink more fluids, follow a certain diet (chicken broth, crackers, sweet tea).

Specific poisoning: attention, danger!

There are also more complex, specific situations, such as, for example, zinc poisoning during welding. The treatment in this case is rather specific and not many people know it. Such cases are quite rare, but there are places to be, therefore, it is also worthwhile to stipulate the necessary security measures. Zinc poisoning occurs in two ways:

  • with internal use;
  • through the respiratory system.

The symptoms of this condition are quite characteristic and easily recognizable. So, the patient feels:

  • taste of metal in the mouth;
  • constant desire to drink;
  • general tiredness, desire to forget, take a nap;
  • he is tormented by severe vomiting (maybe mixed with blood), diarrhea;
  • there is a sharp and severe pain in the abdomen;
  • dry cough;
  • convulsions;
  • a sharp rise in temperature, high fever several hours after poisoning.

Contact of zinc with external covers is also fraught with unpleasant consequences. When this substance gets on the skin, ulcers form, and in contact with the mucous membrane - burns.

If zinc is ingested through the respiratory system, the following measures should be taken immediately:

  • alkaline inhalation;
  • the introduction of glucose solution with a dropper;
  • the appointment of special drugs (including heart);
  • respect for peace;
  • dieting (heavy drinking, chicken broth).

It is almost impossible to take such measures at home, therefore it is recommended to go to the hospital as a matter of urgency. The situation is even more complicated if the substance enters the body in the first way. The stomach must be immediately washed with a special probe, and the pain removed with any strong acceptable means.treatment for stomach poisoning

Choosing medicines in the first-aid kit

Now you know what the treatment should be for poisoning.Preparations intended for this must be present in any home medicine chest. They must perform two main tasks:

  • elimination of toxins entering the blood;
  • elimination of toxins that have not yet entered the blood.

What to do with the phenomenon of vomiting in case of poisoning? Treatment may include the use of special solutions that are taken in large quantities internally. Then they artificially provoke cleansing of the stomach. It is not recommended to stop vomiting in a special way, since this process is natural and allows the body to cope with poisons itself. For washing the stomach, it is recommended to use a weak soda solution or a mixture of a couple of drops of potassium permanganate and a large amount of water.

The main treatment for stomach poisoning is to take special substances - sorbents. The main principle of their action is that they bind together various toxins and promptly remove them from the body. The most preferred drug in this category is Enterosgel.It is permissible to use well-known activated carbon. However, this tool has a number of contraindications, which many do not know. So, coal is contraindicated for ulcers and hemorrhoidal bleeding.

treatment for acute poisoning

What to do with the phenomenon of diarrhea in case of poisoning? Treating an upset stomach also involves taking certain medications. The most preferred drugs are considered to be Smekta and Enterol. But such a drug as "Imodium" is allowed to use only after a doctor's prescription. The fact is that if used incorrectly, it causes a backlash, that is, it provides faster absorption of toxins into the blood and a sharp deterioration. Do not immediately turn to the help of antibiotics. If your well-being is satisfactory, then symptomatic treatment will suffice. However, if you understand that you are feeling downright ill, your body will need to be supported.

Recovery Tools

Treatment for acute poisoning involves another step aimed at restoring the strength of the patient. The first task is to restore the balance of the fluid, especially for small children.Purchase Regidron powder at a pharmacy to prepare a special saline solution. It must be used according to the instructions after each stool or vomiting. The analogue of this medication is the tool "Humana Electrolyte".

Hilak Forte or Linex will help restore the seriously injured intestinal microflora. To support the liver, it is recommended to use Karsil.

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