Types of business activities

The term "entrepreneurship" means anyactivities aimed at obtaining a constant profit from the sales of certain groups of goods, the production of any products with subsequent sales and services. At the same time, persons engaged in any type of entrepreneurial activity must be registered properly as an entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur or a businessman at presenttime is considered to be any person who carries out any economic activity independently and solely by his own will, entering into relations with other subjects of economic activity.

Types of business independing on the content, direction, object of capital application, as well as obtaining concrete results, are different. So distinguish enterprise industrial, financial and credit, insurance, intermediary and commercial-trading.

Under the production enterprise inbroad sense of the word means the creation or production of any product that is necessary for the consumer and can be sold or sold as an exchange for other goods, that is, it can be about the production of any product, goods, information, knowledge, spiritual values ​​or services that the entrepreneur is directly employed with the use of the means of production in his possession or leased. All produced values ​​are intended for further implementation.

Industrial entrepreneurship in Russia is the most risky business due to the almost complete lack of conditions for this type of activity.

There are other types and formsentrepreneurship, the most famous of which is commercial, or commercial, with which the manufacturing business is closely related. Commercial entrepreneurship is developing very rapidly in Russia. The principle of its organization is quite different from the production one, because the entrepreneur here does not produce material values, but only sells finished goods to the end user, previously acquiring them from other persons, including from direct producers.

Attractiveness of commercialentrepreneurship lies in the apparent opportunity to sell the product at a higher price than it was purchased, while gaining quite a considerable profit. However, in practice, to realize such an opportunity is not so simple - often the huge work of a businessman-trader is in the shadows. In addition, for the successful conduct of a trading business, it is necessary to study and constantly know the unmet demand of potential buyers and be able to respond quickly to all changes in the market situation by offering consumers the goods or their analogues. This is the main difficulty of commercial entrepreneurship.

There are other species on the marketbusiness activity is financial and credit business, as well as intermediary and insurance business, of which the most risky is, perhaps, the intermediary.

How types and forms of entrepreneurship differindividual enterprise, partnership and corporation. Individual enterprise, as the name suggests, is a business of one person, who owns material resources and equipment necessary for production activities.

Partnership is a natural continuation of one-man business when two or more partners start to work.

And, finally, separated from specific ownersform of ownership is a corporation. This is usually a legal entity on behalf of which specific people are acting in the market, buying and selling assets, providing loans and so on.

Among the forms included in the larger form of the corporation, a small enterprise, a joint-stock company and a joint venture are known.

Here, perhaps, and all types of entrepreneurialactivities. An important factor affecting business success is the culture of entrepreneurship. This concept can include compulsion, honesty, conscientiousness and decency. The culture of entrepreneurship is also the ability to negotiate, communicate with partners, the press and much more.

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