Types of massage and their features

Massage is a universal remedy. It helps to restore the spent forces, to prevent the development of various diseases and to contribute to their prompt cure, to get rid of many skin problems, including cellulite. There are a variety of types of massage. Depending on the technique, they can be shown in various cases. Today we will only get acquainted with some species - the most frequently used and effective ones.

Types of massage and their features

  1. Classical massage. Its purpose is to strengthen the general condition of the body, prevent the development of diseases. Experts advise to conduct a classic massage in the morning, which will wake up the body and start working in a normal mode. At the same time, classical massage can help to relax after a busy day, perk up when the mood leaves much to be desired.
  2. Hygienic massage. It is intended for the prevention of a variety of diseases, in order to prevent age-related skin changes. It can be shown for the whole body, as well as for its individual parts. A kind of hygienic massage is cosmetic.
  3. Massotherapy. It is common for a person to get sick, and sooner or later each of us finds himself in such a situation, when a physician prescribes a therapeutic massage. Its goal is to help cure the disease, whether it's radiculitis, muscle problems or something else. It should be noted that the medicinal massage can be carried out by the hands of the masseur, and with the use of additional funds. Medicinal massage very often replaces therapy with pills, eliminates the need for surgical intervention. It is very important that it is conducted by an experienced specialist who is well versed in all techniques and the need to use in each specific case.
  4. Sports massage. First of all, it is used to prepare athletes for competitions, it is shown when those have traumas. Undoubtedly, all types of massage are good, but the main difference between sports is that it allows you to cope with serious physical stress, improve physical qualities. Important: this massage should be carried out only by an experienced specialist, independently, especially without certain skills, it is not recommended to conduct it.
  5. Children's massage. The types of massage described above are used to treat and improve adults. For children, a slightly different approach is used, the methods of massage are also somewhat different. It can be shown to children who have decreased or, conversely, increased muscle tone. Helps children's massage improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract, the general condition of the child's body.
  6. Anticellulite massage. Its purpose is to destroy the orange peel, which causes many problems, first of all, for women. Thanks to this massage, the general condition of the skin improves, it becomes more taut and elastic.

Types of face massage

A person is said to be a business card. If it is well-groomed and beautiful, then the attitude towards the person is quite different. Improve the complexion, tighten the problem areas and help combat age-related changes can special types of massage. These include:

  • Classic (improves blood circulation, increases muscle tone, removes bruises and circles under the eyes).
  • Cosmetic massage (improves skin condition - cleans it, increases tone and defensive reactions).
  • Plastic (helps to cope with the streak of skin of the face).
  • Lymph drainage (soothes, increases immunity, helps to get rid of skin inflammation).
  • Acupressure (removes wrinkles, makes the skin young and radiant).
  • Plaque (improves the metabolism of the facial skin, helps to eliminate acne).

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