Unique decoration: beads, earrings

I think no one will deny the fact that all women love jewelry. I, for example, prefer for each side to have their own unique decoration. Moreover, not just beads or separate earrings, but a whole set. I offer you a master class on making such a bright set of beads and earrings.
unique decoration

Getting ready for work:
• Pliers
• round pliers
• side cutters
• earrings 2 pcs
• round large orange beads 2 pcs
• diamond large orange beads 4 pcs
• 4 large rectangular large orange beads
• carbine
• connecting rings with a diameter of 5 mm
• round faceted black beads (I have different sizes, you can take all the same)
• Hunters
• chain
• pins with eyelet on the end
• pins with a round hat
take a pin with a loop

Let's start with making earrings. To do this, we take a pin with a loop at the end, we put on him a hug, a black bead, again a hug, and bend the pin with our fingers. Huggers play an aesthetic role, in this case they do not carry a practical function. Therefore, if you do not have them, you can safely do without them.
we put a hug on him

Use a side cutter to cut a pin, leaving about 1 cm.
earring assembly process

Making the second loop. Round-nosed pliers grasp the edge of the pin and bend it to the side opposite to the one where you pinched the pin. The newly formed loop does not close until the end, we close it a little later, in the process of assembling the earrings.
with the second bead

Do the same with the second bead for the second earring.
large diamond shaped beads

We repeat the procedure for two diamond-shaped large beads with the only difference being that for these beads use pins with a round cap, and not with spikers.
closed with round pliers

Using a slightly open loop attach the black beads to the orange, loop tightly close the round pliers.
Take the connecting rings

We take the connecting rings, which will help us attach the earrings to our earrings. We fasten rings tightly closed. 5 minutes have passed, and the earrings are ready!
close the rings tightly

Go to the beads. We string black beads on pins and make loops with round pliers. Remember that we are not closing the loop until the end. I wore hugs on all beads. You act on your own. Whom like more. For one of the beads, use a pin with a round cap.
use a pin with a round hat

Do the same for round orange beads.
round orange beads

And for the rest of the orange beads.
beads in that order

Lay out all the beads in the order in which we will collect them.
tight loop pins

We start the assembly with the help of those loops that we left ajar. You can start from anywhere (from the edge, from the middle). I start from the middle. Do not forget to close tightly loop pins, so that the beads do not spread out in the process of socks.
We continue to build

We continue to build, fasten round beads.
fasten the remaining beads

Go ahead and fasten the remaining beads.
make them the same

Now with the help of connecting rings fasten the chains to the edges of the beads. At me one chain in 2 times is longer than the second. You can make them the same if you wish.
finished product

To the chain that is more authentic, with the help of a connecting ring I fasten the last black bead, which I planted on a pin with a round hat. This is not necessary, it will still be on the back and it will often not be visible, but it seems to me that it gives some finished look to the product.
To the second chain with the help of the connecting ring fasten the carbine.
finished product

Due to the fact that my first chain is long, I can adjust the length of the product.
unique decoration

Our kit is ready!
unique decoration

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