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It is believed that Russian cinema is quite inferior to foreign cinema. But over the past ten years, the situation began to gradually level off. The government allocates substantial money to create truly high-quality and large-scale works that are not ashamed to show the audience. Often, these films become hits of hire and acquire the status of modern classics. Of course, first of all, all of this is the merit of young and talented directors who raised feature films and television from their knees. But it is unlikely that all of them would be successful without talented actors who have become a worthy replacement for the past generation of stars. One of the brightest personalities of contemporary cinema in Russia is Alexander Ustyugov. He began to get roles fifteen years ago. During this time, he embodied about two dozen noticeable and vivid images on the screen. About this talented actor and will be discussed in this article.

Ustyug Alexander


Ustyugov Alexander was born on October 17, 1976 in the Pavlovsk region. It was there that he eventually received an education. First, Alexander graduated from school, after which he entered the local vocational school for the profession of an electrician in repair, installation and dismantling of mining equipment. As a result, he managed to become one of the best students of the course and finish vocational school with honors. Among other things, Alexander also learned from art school.

So how to achieve serious success in life in such a sparsely populated area is not so easy, Ustyugov decides to move to Omsk. There he continues his studies and enters the academy at the car building department. In parallel, the hero of our article today works in the local TYUS illuminator. It was there that Ustyugov Alexander finally got the opportunity to first appear on the stage in one of the performances. Despite his lack of experience, the young actor was remembered by many viewers. Finding in his acting talent, Ustyugov decides to move to the College of Culture and Art. He also graduated with success, after which he went to conquer the capital of Russia.

In 2003, the future star of cinema and TV graduated from drama school, after which, finally, Ustyugov Alexander gets the opportunity to demonstrate his acting talent in practice.He almost immediately receives an offer to join a fairly well-known theatrical troupe, which is still part of. But the theater to Alexander Ustyugov was not enough. That is why he began to try his hand at films and TV shows. In the end, it gave serious fruit. Now the actor is at the peak of its popularity. You can see the photo of Alexander Ustyugov in the article. He has a considerable number of amazing roles in large projects. Next, we invite you to familiarize yourself with a list of his best acting work.

Alexander Ustyug films

Alexander Ustyugov: movies. "Countdown"

The action of the film takes place in Moscow. One day, after his next assignment, a mortally wounded agent returns. Before his death, he manages to say only a few words, from which it becomes clear that within two days an explosion will thunder in the city, capable of taking a considerable number of human lives. As a result, the government decides to take drastic measures. They charge to investigate this case with a new task force, which included only first-class operatives with the necessary experience.They have only 48 hours to prevent an explosion and save many human lives. Will they succeed?

Alexander has a very small role here, while in the foreground such stars as Merzlikin, Yarmolnik and Akinshina shine. The film will please every lover of action-packed action films.

Alexander Ustyugov films

"Leave to stay"

The filmography of Alexander Ustyugov contains such a wonderful film as "Leave to Stay." In the center of the plot - a young writer named Andrew. He was tired of the city bustle and once decided to move from the metropolis to a secluded house in the forest, which is located near the lake. It is there that he begins to draw his inspiration. But everything changes after he meets a beautiful girl who falls in love at first sight ...

In this TV drama Ustyugov Alexander played a much more significant role. He was given a large amount of screen time, so that fans will be able to fully appreciate the acting talent of Ustyugov.

photo by Alexander Ustyugov


Films with Alexander Ustyugov are very popular. Especially one of the main blockbusters of this year, on which a huge amount of time and money was spent. A considerable number of stars of contemporary Russian cinema have been shot in it.Ustyugov also appeared on the screen and played the role of Yaropolk.

The action of the film unfolds in ancient times, when bloody battles regularly took place in Russia. Brave warriors were forced to go to battle for their people. Far from all returned from the battlefield. In the center of the plot is Vladimir, on whose shoulders lies the fate of all Russia. Will he cope with the responsibility? Will he be able to lead his people to victory?

Alexander Ustyug roles

"28 Panfilov"

The films of Alexander Ustyugov found their grateful viewer. Particularly noteworthy movie "28 Panfilov." This motion picture is based on a true story that happened during the Great Patriotic War. The German army marches triumphantly on the territory of the USSR. Anyone who stands in her way is subject to complete destruction. And now it is only a few kilometers away from Moscow along a direct highway. It seemed that no one could stop the Nazi army, whose strength was extremely impressive. And only Panfilov’s rifle division was not afraid to engage in an unequal battle with the enemy. Will they be able to win this battle and stop the intruders?

This film has also been created long enough. Initially, the money for filming movies gathered on the Internet. It happened about a year. After that, preparations for the shooting have already begun. But in the end it turned out that this amount was not enough. And only then did our film companies offer their help. In this way, we received an impressive military drama that every citizen of our country must see. The director was able to create a real masterpiece, which will be rather difficult for our cinematographers to surpass.

filmography of Ustyug Alexander

TV series. "Cop wars"

Perhaps the most famous role of Ustyugov, which made him a star of national television. In the center of the plot - an experienced law enforcement officer by the name of Shilov. Despite his young age, he is a man, not the first year leading the confrontation with a local criminal gang. And once he had a great opportunity to send several gang leaders to jail. And all this thanks to the killer, who decided to surrender their own. As a result, a huge burden of responsibility falls on Shilov’s shoulders. On it begins the real hunt from the bandits, who will not stop at nothing to escape punishment for their crimes.Can the main character alone deal with the whole group?


Another significant role of Ustyugov on TV. This television series tells about a rather difficult period of our history. In the 90s an event occurred that forever changed the lives of all citizens. In the end, this led to a sharp increase in crime rates. The oligarchs were getting richer while the people were impoverished. The main characters of the film could not stay away from these events. But which path will they take?

films with Alexander Ustyug

"Hello from Katyusha"

The events take place during the Great Patriotic War. There were endless battles with the Germans who were trying to seize the USSR. In the center of the plot - a group of brave Soviet soldiers who have to perform an extremely dangerous mission, the outcome of which will depend very much. They need to find and destroy extremely powerful weapons that can fall into the hands of the enemy. Ahead of them will wait a lot of serious tests.

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