"Vikasol" tablets: instructions for use, indications, dosage, reviews

The drug belongs to the group of vitamins that are produced by artificial means.Vikasolis an analogue of lipophilic forms of water-soluble (fat-soluble) and hydrophilic vitamins, which are necessary for the combination of proteins, providing the desired degree of combining small dispersed particles into larger ones (vitamin K). The trace element is involved in the formation of a protein that stimulates the formation of a blood clot. Normalizes the blood clotting index. An insufficient amount of vitamin K can lead to increased bleeding.

vikasol tablets instructions for use

Release form, composition

The drug is available in pharmacies in the form of tablets and solution for injection.


  1. Active trace element - sodium menadione bisulfite (0.015 grams).
  2. Additional components:
  • white sugar (35 milligrams);
  • potato starch (43.2 milligrams);
  • sodium metabisulfite (1.8 milligrams);
  • octadecanoic acid;
  • talc;
  • silicone emulsion;
  • Povidone.

Tablets: packaged in blisters, in a package of 25-50 pieces.

Ampoules: solution for pricks (1%) - in ampoules in one milliliter, in a package from 10 to 100 doses.

Tablets "Vikasol": a recipe in Latin


Rp.:Tab.Vikasoli 0.015

D.t.d. No. 15

S. By 1 tab. 2 times a day.


Vikasolhas a reversible effect (the drug acts for several hours) on the blood clotting system, it is recommended to take with the following diseases and symptoms:

  1. Abundant uterine bleeding.
  2. Allowed in late pregnancy.
  3. Widely used in veterinary medicine.
  4. For serious liver diseases:
  • non-inflammatory liver diseases caused by exogenous or hereditary factors (fatty liver, steatosis);
  • inflammatory diseases having a different nature;
  • fibrosis - the growth of connective tissue with the appearance of scarring changes in the liver;
  • cirrhosis is a chronic liver disease that has an irreversible replacement of the liver parenchyma by fibrous tissue, or the basis of a parenchymal organ;
  • liver failure - a condition in which the liver partially ceases to perform its function;
  • malignant tumor.

vikasol reviews

What are the pills used for?Vikasol? They have an effective effect in the treatment of a complex of diseases and symptoms that depend on the composition of the blood and its clotting:

  • lack of vitamin K;
  • inflammation of the colon;
  • peptic ulcer disease;
  • bleeding from the duodenum;
  • bleeding from the stomach;
  • malfunction of the pancreas;
  • violation of the human small intestine;
  • chronic inflammatory diseases of the stomach or intestines, which are characterized by the occurrence of granular inflammatory process;
  • prolonged bleeding from the nose;
  • prolonged bleeding with hemorrhage;
  • to stop bleeding in the last stages of pregnancy;
  • for the prevention and treatment of bleeding in infants;
  • a disease that occurs as a result of exposure to various types of radiation and is characterized by symptoms, depending on the type of damaging radiation, its dose, localization of the radiation source, dose distribution in time and body of a living being;
  • diarrhea;
  • dysentery (an infectious disease characterized by intoxication and gastric and intestinal damage syndrome);
  • in preparation for the operation and after it.


Drug "Vikasol"begins to actively act after 9-24 hours (depending on the form of the medicine) after the first dose according to the following scheme:

  1. Penetrating into the blood, connects with plasma proteins.
  2. It accumulates in the liver, myocardium, skeletal muscles, stimulating the formation of a protein that affects the formation of a blood clot that affects the production of proconvertin (blood clotting).
  3. Converted to vitamin K.
  4. Excreted in the urine.

Instructions for useVicasolain tablets does not contain a direct indication of the possibility of taking the drug with heavy periods.

The medicine in veterinary medicine is applicable for the treatment of postoperative injuries, food poisoning of animals.

vikasol instructions for use during menstruation


A drugVikasolhas a number of prohibitions. For example, the drug should not be used with:

  • hypercoagulable syndrome (increased activity of the blood coagulation system);
  • thromboembolism (acute blockage of a blood vessel by a thrombus, detached from the place of its formation);
  • jaundice (liver disease accompanied by yellowing of the skin) in newborns;
  • hypersensitivity to the composition of the drug.

With particular caution it is necessary to treat the drug intake during pregnancy and with liver failure. It is not recommended to take hemostatic tablets.Vikasolwith high doses of alcohol.

Side effects

If you overuse the drug, the following adverse reactions may occur:

  • itching, dermatitis, redness of the skin;
  • bronchospasm (bronchoconstriction caused by muscle contraction in response to a number of factors);
  • with the appointment of injections - redness of the skin near the injection of injections, allergies;
  • migraine;
  • dizziness;
  • drop in blood pressure;
  • tachycardia (painful palpitations).

In rare situations, newborn babies develop convulsions.

Vikasol hemostatic pills

Instructions for use

PillsVikasolappointed according to the instructions for use:

  1. The drug must be applied two tablets per day. The daily dose for an adult should not exceed 60 milligrams. A single dose is thirty milligrams.
  2. Children should use no more than 15 milligrams per day (age from 10 to 15 years).
  3. Older people need to take half the medicine (30 milligrams per day).
  4. Course duration is five days.

In severe diseases it is allowed to increase the dosage.Vicasolain the form of a solution for injections, it is necessary to additionally apply hemostatic drugs.

Methods of use of the drug and its dosing are assigned individually in each situation, depending on the complexity of the course of the disease and its duration.

pills vikasol from what they apply

The use of "Vikasola" in gynecology

The drug is often used by women to stop menstruation, with heavy discharge. Appointment onlyVicasolaallowed and safely under the supervision of a doctor for the treatment of:

  • pathological bleeding from the uterus, associated with impaired production of sex hormones, which are based on vitamin K deficiency;
  • endometritis (inflammation in the inner mucous membrane of the uterus);
  • endometriosis (a known female disease, in the event of which the cells of the uterus develop beyond this surface);
  • with prolonged bleeding after abortion and medical abortion.

According to the instructions for use,Vikasolduring menstruation can lead to serious problems in the reproductive system (the system of organs of multicellular living organisms, responsible for their sexual reproduction), to disturbances in the work of the heart and blood vessels, to a fall or increase in blood pressure. Dose increaseVicasoladuring menstruation - to regulate the abundance of secretions - is strictly prohibited and life threatening, as stated in the instructions for use.

Vikasolwith monthly helps to reduce the amount of discharge, if they are abundant. But the drug during menstruation does not always bring the desired result. Therefore, it is impossible to prescribe this medicine yourself, before usingVicasolayou need to be examined by a gynecologist.

vikasol tablet recipe in latin

In the instructions for use of tabletsVikasolit is indicated that during menstruation, to obtain the desired result, it is necessary to take the medicine at least one week before the onset of discharge, since the drug does not act immediately, but seven days after taking it.

The medication must be taken orally after the completion of a meal several times a day. Consuming pillsVikasol, instructions for use always keep in a conspicuous place, so as not to confuse the dosage.

It is important to know!

The medication itself and the dose can be prescribed only by a medical professional. It is better not to prescribe yourself the treatment with this drug, because the unnecessary blood that comes out during critical days should be eliminated from the woman’s body. And if it is not eliminated in the right way, it will remain inside, and then the process of decomposition will begin.


The cost of this drug varies from 45 to 90 rubles:

  1. Twenty pillsVicasolawill cost about 45 to 60 rubles.
  2. PriceVicasolafor intramuscular injections - from 75 to 90 rubles.


Vikasolhas a negative effect on patients who are hypersensitive to menadione.All women who self-prescribed this medication leave a wide variety of reviews of the drug. However, many reviews about taking the drug during menstruation are still positive.

vikasol testimony

Reviews of "Vikasole" are positive. Patients note the rapid action of the drug and its good efficacy. Women respond positively about taking the medication during menstruation. They note that this drug acts fairly quickly and efficiently. And gynecologists warn that by takingVikasolduring menstruation, it is necessary to take into account the dose of medication and not to self-medicate, otherwise negative reactions may occur.

If you are going to a wedding, to travel or just to swim in the pool and knowing that the monthly is about to come, it will be better to postpone such an event. Of course, using this medicine, you can reduce the amount of blood, but the body will necessarily respond to such an invasion of its natural purpose. The opinions of some women and doctors say that sometimes gynecological diseases that occur after using Vicasol can be treated much longer than regular menstruation lasts.

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