Vladimir Gusev, actor: biography, personal life, filmography

Biography of the actor

The childhood of the future artist was spent in a wooded area, in the urban settlement of Sobinka (Vladimir region, Russia). The boy lived there with his family until graduation.

Natural beauty, assertive character, artistry from God - all these qualities awakened in young Vladimir a desire to link his life with cinema. A graduate of the Sobinovskaya school easily entered the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography named after S. A. Gerasimov (Moscow). Since 1952, the student has studied acting skills from the director of the director's and actor's workshop Yuli Yakovlevich Raizman.

Vladimir Gusev graduated from VGIK in 1957. From 1959 he began to play in the Studio Theater of the cinema (now the State Theater of the Film Actor). He devoted almost thirty years to theatrical skill.

In everyday life, Vladimir was a modest man, but demanding of himself.In 1989, he received a state award - the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR.

Vladimir Gusev actor

Actor Gusev Vladimir: personal life

A talented young man met his future wife Valentina (born 1934) while preparing for the university entrance exam. In 1958, the young people got married, and on May 4, the couple had a son, Sergei.

Vladimir Gusev is an actor who was surrounded by the attention of many famous film actresses. He repeatedly cheated on his wife. But the flexible nature of Valentina Ivanovna and her ability to forgive helped save the marriage.

Despite treason, for Vladimir the only lover was his wife. Gusev was often jealous of Valentine. The position of the director of the CSDF (Central Documentary Film Studio) obliged her to communicate with the country's first state officials.

Vladimir Gusev attributed his wife a romance with General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev. However, all this could not destroy a strong family. The couple lived together in love until the golden wedding, which she celebrated in 2008.

During his successful career, the actor has appeared in many films. Let's get acquainted with the most popular.

actor gusev vladimir personal life

Vladimir Gusev: films in which the actor starred

  • "Footprints in the snow" (1955). The detective film was shot on the basis of G. Bryantsev. Postwar time. Led by State Security Lieutenant Petrenko is under investigation. In the small village of Taiga, the expedition head of geologists was killed. The saboteurs are trying to slip away on an American plane. State security officers detain the killers.
  • "The Man Was Born" (1956). Soviet melodrama tells the story of the life of a provincial girl in the capital. After parting with her beloved, pregnant Nadia finds a job, rents a house. Fate presents a difficult test girl. But soon Nadezhda Smirnova will meet a new love that will change everything.

vladimir gusev movies

  • The Four (1957). Soviet drama. The times of the great Siberian construction. A group of scientists led by laboratory assistant A. A. Knyazev is developing a remedy for treating a terrible disease - endemic fever. Experts create a vaccine by finding the source of the infection.
  • “The Corrected Believe” (1959). Detective story. The main character Andrei Kovalenko is substituted by the criminal Green. Favorite girl believes in the innocence of Andrew. The investigator will have to unravel the methods of crime, and the hero will prove his innocence.
  • "Kiev woman" (1960). War drama. In the film you can see the dramatic story of the family of Kiev on the background of the historical events of 1917-1957. Matvey Doroshenko (Vladimir Gusev) - the main brigadier of the group, which decides to regain the title of the brigade of communist labor.
  • "Diamonds for Mary" (1975). Crime detective Ivan works with the bride Maria in the diamond factory. The couple is about to get married. The main character is tormented by remorse. He cannot tell the bride a secret about the bag of diamonds that he keeps.
  • "Talking spring" (1985). Tajik drama production. The actor starred Zubov.

Vladimir Gusev biography

Movies with supporting roles

Among the early works with the participation of Vladimir Mikhailovich is the film "Soldier Ivan Brovkin" (1955). The actor plays the role of a mechanic Bukhvalov, after which the image of a blue-eyed handsome man has been attached to him.

The melodrama "The Trial of Loyalty" (1954) tells about love and devotion, about the ability to forgive.

Adventure detective on the basis of real events "On the Island of Dalny" (1957) tells about the journey of six sailors in the open ocean.

Famous films of the 60s with the actor:

  • the French-Russian film Normandie-Neman;
  • Soviet adaptation of the novel “Resurrection” by L. Tolstoy;
  • screen version of the work I.Turgenev "First Love";
  • film production studio Dovzhenko "stitches";
  • children's film "Pavlukh" and many others.

It is worth noting that Vladimir Gusev, whose films were loved by millions of viewers,highlyplayed professionallythe role of the pilot-commander of the Gypsy in the movie "Inaccessible".

Vladimir Gusev

Movies of the 70s

The historical militant "The End of Ataman", revealing the military events of the 20s in Kazakhstan, the military drama "A Minute of Silence" about the incredible story of a soldier's deed during the Great Patriotic War, the military thriller "Fight after Victory" , the SOS over Taiga stereo film, the Soviet fighter “Risk is a noble cause”, the drama “Gulls did not fly here” - films in which Vladimir Gusev showed his talent, played the role of a noble and strong man.

80s movies

The two-part TV movie “Chief Designer”, based on real events about the creation of the T-34 tank, the military drama “The Messengers Hurry” (the history of military actions of the conquerors of the “Dzungar” in Kazakhstan) of the brave Major General Vashurin - these are not all the films in which the famous Soviet actor starred.

Vladimir Gusev actor

Last motion picture

Since the early 1990s, Vladimir Gusev has practically ceased to appear on the screens. After filming in the film "Ermak" Vladimir Mikhailovich forever left a movie.

Films in which Vladimir Gusev starred in his life - actorwith a capital letter, became the classics of the national cinema.

The last years of his life the film actor was seriously ill, was bedridden. He was courted by his faithful wife. Despite her old age, Valentina Guseva refused the services of a nurse. She wished to take care of her sick wife.

February 7, 2012 at the 79th year of life of the great artist was gone. They buried the people's favorite at the Troyekurovsky cemetery.


A bright and kind person, ready to extend a helping hand even to a stranger, - the actor Gusev Vladimir remembered to his fans and close people. The personal life of a movie hero is considered a role model. After all, the ability to love and forgive each other is not given to many.

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