We make epaulettes (epaulets)

You can always look beautiful and original, and at the same time you do not need to spend money on expensive items and unusual decorations. Unusual and original jewelry for clothes can be made with your own hands and they will look as good as purchased ones. Today, epaulettes are used in their brilliant costumes and world famous stars and women of fashion from around the world. In order to unusual decorate a simple sweater, denim or leather jacket, you can make your own epaulettes. They will be a very original addition to the image.
What we need for the manufacture of epaulets:
  • Shoulder pads (shoulder pads).
  • A piece of black satin fabric.
  • Needle with black thread.
  • Thin chains of two colors.
  • Decorative ribbon in dark blue.
  • Metal accessories for jewelry: bead hugging, fasteners for ribbons.
  • Any metal elements for decoration.
  • Scissors.

We begin to produce epaulets. First, you need to give the hanger the correct and desired shape. I cut my shoulders with scissors and gave them the shape of a rectangle.We verify that they are the same.
necessary for the manufacture of epaulettes

Next we take a piece of black satin fabric and cut off two identical pieces so that they are larger than the hangers. We wrap hangers with each piece of fabric and sew them in the middle. We try to sew tightly, so that the fabric does not crawl, and kept its shape.
a piece of black satin fabric

Here are two rectangles of black color. Now that the base is ready, it needs to be beautifully decorated.
two rectangles of black color

First cut off two pieces of ribbon. This ribbon can be purchased at the store of fabrics and accessories. You can take a ribbon of any kind and color, as long as you like it. Cut the pieces of ribbon sew with a needle and thread in the middle.
Cut the pieces of tape sew needle

Now, on both sides of the ribbons, we sew one embracer for beads. It seemed to me that they look very nice here.
look good

sew on one hugger

Next on the front corners of the epaulet we attach one fastener for tapes. They are good because they are perfectly and tightly fastened due to their teeth and have a ring on which you can still attach something. In our case, I put two chains on the rings and, additionally, one metal stick each, which also looks good.
we attach one fastener for tapes

It now remains to sew metal elements to the straps.I had a square shape. I first placed them on my shoulder straps, looked at how it would look, and then sewed them tightly.
Sew metal elements to epaulets

Ready shoulder straps you can sew tightly to a certain thing or put them on a pin and then you can take off shoulder straps and fasten to other outfits.
Make epaulettes

Doing epaulets with your own hands

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