What are KFC Business Lunches

KFC is probably the only fast-food chain that launched business lunches for its visitors, they are modest, but this is, after all, a kind of combined offer that you can talk about. Therefore, I honestly went, looked at them and even ordered and tried and was ready to even add this business lunch to my rating.

Address:any KFC restaurant
Time: around the clock
Prices:199 rubles for a potato, a sandwich, a drink, chicken meat, which, somewhere, is 30% more profitable than it would be if you ordered it normally, or 299 rubles for the same, only a sandwich a little better, where the savings will be 20%.
Kitchen:the american

Menu:there is no choice as such, you can choose only 2 types of pepsi - cherry or regular, as well as a sharp or regular twister sandwich, if you choose lunch for 199 rubles
Portions: small
Lead time: 3 minutes
Atmosphere: just tables and chairs and the smell of chicken from trays of people passing

Wi-Fi: there is
Food:3 points
Product quality:4 points
Situation:3 points
Prices:4 points
Author's:3 points
Overall rating:17 out of 25 points
Overall impression:Lunches appeared in KFC quite recently and were originally, like in other places, until 4 pm, then a more expensive lunch appeared for 299, it was round-the-clock, and soon the first offer for 199 rubles became available at any time. How much this temporary offer is a question, but if it is in demand, it should be left. The rest is a usual snack, quite profitable, although there were many similar offers in KFC before, they were simply not tied to lunches. If we talk about comparison with lunches in other places, then 199 rubles is inexpensive, comparable to lunch in the dining room or very inexpensive establishments, but it lacks diversity and by so many indicators there is a minus, from comfort to serving dishes. Therefore, this lunch is suitable only for those who run and run past.

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