What did it take for the child in the first three months

I share our experience, but everyone has it all so differently that this post is more likely to be remembered more - to be fully armed with the second kid)

1. Car seat.Conveniently, if it is installed on the chassis of the stroller, but we still use the tribal Cybex Aton Basic. In principle, we are happy with him, ttt. Sadly, I still see many photos from an extract where a happy mother sits in a car and holds an envelope with a newborn in her hands, and there’s no smell of a car seat (
2. Chaise loungeOr any other portable device in which the awake baby will be while you are eating, cooking, washing dishes, etc. We have a cradle-bouncer 3 in 1 Tiny love. In principle, you can immediately buy a highchair with a folding backrest. I know for sure that Peg Perego and Chicco have such, now we just have a Chicco Polly tribe. Conveniently, the child in it is not at the level of the floor, but “I sit high - I look away”, and it is convenient to move from room to room right in the chair, since he has wheels.
3. Sling.Especially he saved me in the first month - the child almost immediately fell asleep in it, and I could do something around the house. I have two sling scarves - cotton Ellevill and knitted Mum's Era. For newborns, a soft knitwear is more convenient, but literally the first month or two. So, in principle, it is possible to immediately shake cotton so as not to buy too much.
4. Stroller.We have a stroller 2 in 1 Stokke Crusi. This is one of the few wheelchairs that I like both in terms of parameters and in appearance. After a year I will write a detailed review about it (when we use the walking block). Rain cover and mosquito net included. It is important to measure the width of the elevator before buying a stroller and make sure that it corresponds to the width of the planned stroller.
We do not need a cot, because we sleep together. Accordingly, the mattress and baby bedding are not needed yet. The changing table is convenient in principle, but in practice I often change Lyonya on the bed, and we covered a large dining table in the living room for a massage, and then Lyon was hanging out there when it was cold at home and until we bought a comfortable floor mat.

Everything is very individual, each mother has her own preferences, as well as the baby’s wardrobe is very dependent on the climate and on the season. So just tell you what seemed convenient and what did not.We didn’t use much clothing during these three months.

1. Slips-bags for the night in the first month.I don’t know exactly what they are called, we got them from a nephew and I didn’t see such in stores - it’s like a knitted slip with sleeves, and not two legs at the bottom, but a bag for legs. In the first month, the legs of the children were always pursed, so the usual sleepy at night was not very comfortable - the legs always ran away from the trousers, or two legs turned out to be in the same trouser leg) We had bags with a hood, which is very convenient after the bath, when the kids wet head.
2. Slips for the night from 1 month.Slips are more comfortable with zippers, and not on a bunch of buttons that you torture to stretch and fasten, especially if you need to change the diaper at night. Just make sure that the zipper closure at the top is covered with a cloth and does not scratch the chin. At night, it is better to buy slipy with closed legs, so that the body of the baby rests from all sorts of gum, including socks.
3. Bodiki.With short and long sleeves, depending on the season and the temperature of the air at home. Although the buttons on the buttons are very comfortable, for me it was not a problem to use those that are worn over the head.In addition to the bodys, we also have knitted blouses, but the bodys are more convenient because nothing rides and does not interfere with the baby.
4. Pants leggings.If in one bodykit is cool. They are convenient to wear only on the body, because by themselves, they at first slip and carry along a diaper)
5. Socks.
6. Suits sweatshirt + pants.
In such suits, Leon went "to the people" and walked when it got warmer. He is in them such a cool little style)

Slips are convenient only for sleeping and walking, and during the day at home it is more convenient to wear socks with your hands, so as not to unbutton a bunch of buttons and not take your legs out of your trousers every time to change a diaper. I was inconvenient to put on and take off pants with straps with buckles on the shoulders.
The most useless, in my opinion, are “non-scratching” - firstly, they do not hold on to their hands and fly off, secondly, they are already “built-in” in many bodies for newborns, and thirdly, we still didn’t use them because did not want to limit Lena knowledge of his body. Yes, in the first days he scratched his cheeks a little bit, but there is nothing criminal in that. It is much worse when an adult four-month-old child spends the whole day in these “handcuffs” (for my acquaintance exactly like this).

We bought clothes from the 56th size, because all said that the 50th will be small at once. But Leon was born 51 cm tall and his 56th size was terribly big for him! So just in case, do not ignore the 50th size when preparing a dowry for a child - we got three unpacked bodysuits from a nephew, and they turned out to be very useful! Another friend gave us three Nekst slips of the size of Newborn, I really liked them - and fit them perfectly (in the Lyon's maternity ward, they only tusil in them, and the whole first month too), and they are excellent in quality, they don’t fade during washing, although they are colored (I even washed them together with white things at 90 degrees), there are “no scratches” on the sleeves (although we did not use them).
In terms of quantity, it took quite a lot of clothes in the first month and a half because of the diapers that were leaking, and when everything got better, the number of sets of clothes drastically reduced.
We buy clothes mainly in Lindex and H & M.

Lenya was born in the winter, so I bring the list for the cold season (in St. Petersburg it lasted until May :).

1. Thin cotton slip
2. Fleece slip
3. Thin cap or helmet
4. Winter hat
5. Warm jumpsuit

6Envelope in a carriage for strong frosts
It is very convenient when the jumpsuit has closed legs and handles - no need to additionally buy and wear gloves and "felt boots", children do not like to dress anyway, and it is better to try to avoid unnecessary items of clothing, especially for tiny hands and legs put it on. For the same reasons, a fleece slip is more convenient than a warm blouse and pants separately. It is also convenient when the overalls do not have two legs at the bottom, but a single bag, you just need to make sure that there is a slot for car seat belts, if you often drive with your child by car (but in general for better safety it is better to take off outer clothing when traveling in the car this applies to both children and adults).
Instead of a bonnet, a knitted “helmet” is more convenient, but for newborns I haven’t found one like this; they have been worn for about two months now. For the autumn and instead of a hat, we’ll buy a warm helmet - with it the neck is closed and there is no need for a scarf.

1. Bath.We did not buy it in advance, intending to immediately bathe the baby in a large bath. But at first he was so small that it was just a pity to pour so much water) Besides, three days a week, Dima was at work until midnight and I bathed Lenya alone,after a couple of standing upstairs booty my back said "Come on, goodbye!" and I bought a tiny bath that fits on the washing machine and everyone is happy) Now I calmly bathe Lenya alone in a large bath, and right after the birth it was hard.
2. Thermometer for water.We have the easiest, not electronic, and he does an excellent job with his task.
3. Bucket.Water the baby after bathing.
4. Towels.Not necessarily special children with a corner, you can just soft and suitable in size, and even more convenient flannel diapers - they are softer and better absorbed. We had enough 2 pieces.
We never boiled water for bathing, did not add any herbs and potassium permanganate, everyone is alive and well) My Lenya is still just some water without soap and foam, so recommended in the hospital so as not to disturb the natural protective layer of the skin. We will use soap when Lyonchik begins to crawl and collect all the dirt on himself) Only the very first time after the maternity hospital washed him with Aikhorbovsky soap.

1. Cotton pads.To wash the eyes and face, now I also rub the handles with them, because they are constantly at Leni in the mouth)
2. Thermal water.To wash, so as not to run every time in the kitchen for cooled boiling water.
3. Scissors for nails.I cut nails on hands a couple of times a week, on my legs less often.
4. Disposable diapers.Leon on them golopit, and also we take them with us to the doctor. The first time I put them on the bed at night, too. diapers leaked. The size of 40x60 cm is most advantageous, but for massage I bought large ones, 90x60 cm. For boys' holopopenia, it is also better to take a larger size (I take 60x60), and for girls, I think 40x60 will do.
5. Diapers.Through long trials and mistakes, we stopped at Japanese diapers, Moony likes the most, they are the softest and have a convenient indicator of soiling. For the price, they are not much more expensive than the Pampers, which are saturated with some kind of flavoring and terribly stink, and Lenya was irritated by them (and they are given and given to us as luck would have it). In general, in the first two months they encountered such a problem that all the diapers periodically flowed through the top. Then finally everything worked out, otherwise it terribly depressed me)
6. Wet wipes.They became especially relevant when the baby has grown up and has become so heavy and fidgety that it is no longer possible to undermine it under the tap.You also need to have a mini-pack of napkins to take with you on trips and to the doctor. And the packaging of antibacterial wipes for hands, too.
The doctors told me not to climb into the children's nose and ears, so the morning Ritual of Lyonchikova hygiene consists only of washing with a cotton pad moistened with thermal water and washing away the priests. We do not use any powders and creams for the diaper. The comb is also not useful, because hairs are still very short.


1. Peroxide for umbilical wound treatment.
2. Cotton swabs.
Wet the navel from peroxide. Optional with a limiter.
3. Zelenka with a spatula for the navel.Such packaging is very convenient because can be smeared directly with this spatula.
4. Ointment Bepanten.A couple of times he smeared Lena on his ass when redness was observed.
5. Aquamaris for babies.
6. Aspirator Otrivin Baby.

The aspirator and Aquamaris were needed only when Lenya got sick, until 2.5 months we didn’t touch the nose at all. An aspirator-pear is inconvenient, it may be possible for someone to suck snot, but not for me). And the aspirator Otrivin with a tube through which the parent sucks the snot by mouth. Do not worry, while they do not get into the mouth - there is a sponge barrier)
Thank God, Lenya was not bothered by colic and gaziki, so we did not buy any anti-whelming drugs, venting tubes and enemas.


1. Diapers.I prefer thick flannel. It is convenient to lay them everywhere under the baby, cover him instead of a blanket, and even wipe the child instead of a towel, and we also use them as a bed sheet over an ordinary adult, so that the child always sleeps on a clean one (you will not change the adult bed every day) and not soiling a large sheet with rygulki) For summer, I think, thin diapers will be more relevant, at least it is convenient to close the carriage with them from the sun.
2. Small towels (we have Ikea).Wipe the baby's ass after washing, wipe the regurgitation and drooling (and I thought that the saliva begins to flow copiously only closer to 6 months due to teething), and also cover the second breast with them, because milk is leaking from it.
3. A small duvet (we H & M).Sooooo I like it! It is light and soft, on the one hand knitted, on the other - fleece, and the size is perfect for such a baby. We even have two of them - home and in a pram.
4. Fleece blanket or warm blanket.Cover the baby in a stroller for a walk, if the weather is incomprehensible (and in St. Petersburg it is always incomprehensible), cover the baby in the car seat to bring down the street to the car (we do not carry the child in the car seat in warm overalls for security reasons).

I am not a supporter of "reading from the cradle," cards, and other "early development." In the first three weeks we did not torture Lenya with any toys. After the birth, the kids have enough impressions, because they adapt to a completely new world and do not need to overload their psyche with all sorts of mobile phones. The period from birth to three months, I would call "observant", respectively, and all the toys in this series.

1. Black and white pictures.We just downloaded and printed them from the Internet and hung them near the changing table and by the bed. The contrast of black and white is one of the first combinations that babies are beginning to be interested in. Leon looked at them with interest.
2. Balloon. Only not rubber, which can burst out loud, but from foil. We tied it to Lena on the handle and he pulled the ball back and forth, first unconsciously, and then purposefully)
3. Tumbler.The perfect toy for kids, becauseshe has a pronounced face (and a human face is one of the first things newborns are interested in), bright and contrasting, and also musical. We also have a classic big doll-girl and a small doll-bear, which helped us very much during the massage, entertaining and distracting Lenya)
4. Bell.You can hang it over the baby so that he hits the handle with it, or you can tie the baby on the handle - he will wave to her and be surprised that his movements make the object sound)
5. Mobile.We have instead a musical flower with toys on the cradle. When we noticed that Leon became interested in the outside world, we installed him on the cradle, but first without hanging toys. Later, they also hung up toys in order for Lenya to learn to beat them with his fist. And now he is full of them, pulling and rustling. But we also have an ordinary mobile, which I sometimes turn on to Lena while I hang out the washed laundry. If you want your baby to be lying under a mobile for a long time, better buy an electronic one. The mechanical is quite enough for us - it plays for about three minutes, and since I'm at this time with Lena in the same room, it’s not a problem to start it again.I specifically looked for a mobile, where there are not very many toys, otherwise the brain explodes even in me, what can we say about the child)
6. Rattles.The first rattles should be light, because at first the baby will often beat themselves on the forehead with them) And it is better that the handle be round (rattles-dumbbells) - it is more convenient to learn to hold such rattles yourself.
7. Fitball.Lyonya loves to roll back and forth on it, and I don’t mind pulling on his tired back)
8. Carpet on the floor.Of course, while the baby is not crawling, you can just put it on a blanket (so that he learns to raise his head, lying on his stomach, and then himself turn over from his back to his stomach), but for example on our laminate the blanket slides, and on the sofa or bed the child does not very convenient because the mattress falls through. So it's easier to immediately buy a rubberized crawling mat, anyway, then it will be needed for a long time. I am terribly disliked by the multi-colored puzzle mats "pluck the eye", and I was very glad to find a plain-colored rug in Kidster, and even at a low price - because we have cats that love to sharpen about all claws (only we have green, and not yellow).
The developing mat was given to us, but we do not use it, and I myself definitely would not buy it.
And I also downloaded children's songs from cartoons on the phone and Lenya just adores when I sing to him) He even has a favorite song about a smile that makes everyone warmer)

1. Night light.We have an electric candle instead of a night lamp. At night, for feeding or changing a diaper, sometimes we need light, but it is completely dim, so that we don’t wake up completely and Dima will not be awakened.
2. Gel for washing children's clothes.We have Eco Max gel. He has such a natural composition that in my opinion you can even drink it))) But I will look for something cheaper.
3. Box under the diapers.To store a supply of diapers on the bedside table for changing clothes at night.
4. Clutch on the handle stroller.So that the hands are not cold on a long winter walk)
5. Backpack or bag for trips to the doctor.Backpack is more convenient, because he does not hold hands. I use the same backpack with which I went to the pool during pregnancy.
6. Multivarka)Greatly makes life easier with the baby, threw food and forgotten.

1. Gaskets.For me, it was enough ordinary, but not special postpartum. It took the first three weeks.
2. Orthopedic pillow.I used to have it beforeand now it is very convenient to lie on it during feeding - nothing leaks, even when Leon eats long before bed (and in the first month he never ate less than 40 minutes).
3. Bras for feeding.For me, the most comfortable were seamless tops like sports, only from natural fabric - they are not tight and do not rub anywhere, if you need them, you can even sleep without fear of chest squeezing and make lactostasis, they support the chest well so I don’t know if they are suitable for everyone), it’s convenient to lower or raise for feeding. And special bras for feeding with detachable cups seemed to me quite uncomfortable, crushed and rubbed.
4. Inserts in the bra.It is more convenient to those that are on stickies (for some reason they are not all default with stickies). At first, a lot of money was spent, but now I have the same bundle for a couple of months and she doesn’t even think about running out. I use liners only "on the way out" for safety net.

I also always have a small rezinochka on my hand, so as not to forget which breast to feed next time))) In principle, there are even special ones for this purposefeeding bracelets.
Lena does not use a pacifier, because of breastfeeding, we do not need bottles, sterilizers and heaters, I have never decanted and never used a breast pump, I do not freeze milk as a reserve, because I do not plan to part with Lenya for a long time.
It is very convenient to use children's online stores, our favorite - Lapsi, Kidster, Votonya, Mamasandpapas.
Experienced mothers who already have such posts - you can leave links to them in the comments)
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What did it take for the child in the first three months 50

What did it take for the child in the first three months 67

What did it take for the child in the first three months 1

What did it take for the child in the first three months 97

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What did it take for the child in the first three months 64

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