What did Vanga predict?

It is unlikely that anyone now does not know the name of the Bulgarianpredictors of Vanga. Her prophecies have been written many books around the world. However, many authors, chasing profit, ascribe to Wang non-existent predictions. We decided in this article to be guided only by confirmed sources, so that you can find out what Vanga actually predicted.

Wang about the past and the future

To say that Wang waspredictions, apparently, is not entirely true. She rarely gave comments to her gift, but some scientists and researchers note that this is not entirely predictions. The fact is that Vanga saw all the events of the past and future of man, as a single film from beginning to end. Therefore, it is rather a vision, not a prediction.

So, before his death from the hands of terrorists in 1984year, Indira Gandhi, the Prime Minister of India, Vanga said that she would ruin the orange dress. And indeed, before meeting with the British journalists, Gandhi decided to put it on and took off the bulletproof vest that, it seemed to her, was a little bit full of her. The whole world was shocked by the events of October 31, 1984, when the Prime Minister of India was shot by a machine gun burst by Sikh fanatics. And so many prophecies of the Bulgarian clairvoyant have come true.

But for us, of course, the most interestingVanga's prediction about the future. By the way, maybe someone does not know the real name and surname of Vanga? So: her name was Gandia Pandeva. And one more comment. The fact is that Vanga herself never said that her prophecies will certainly come true. It only indicated the course of events in the event that everything will go as it goes. But man, and more broadly - humanity - can change the unfavorable course of events if he takes appropriate measures. Now about the future with the eyes of Vanga.

In 2018, according to the prophecies of Vanga, people will finda formula of some unique medicine that will significantly improve human health and give it tremendous power. The drug will contain the hormones of dogs, horses and turtles. Perhaps this choice will be made by scientists because the dog will be endurance, the horse - strength, and from the turtle - longevity. Who knows, maybe work on this drug is already under way.

The prophecy for 2024 directly concernsRussia. Vanga said that from this time the golden millennium will begin in Russia, the era of prosperity and peace. In 2050, discoveries are coming in the field of intangible technologies, which will allow spacecraft to reach light and superluminal speeds.

2170-2179 years. - the first real contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations. People will build special equipment, with the help of which they will catch signals from space from their brothers in the mind. What kind of civilization it will be and from which star system, Vanga did not specify. In the year 4000 the era of Aquarius will end and the epoch of Capricorn will begin.

Vanga predicted the end of the world: yes or no

No that's not true. Vanga did not predict the end of the world. She only said that around 7000 there will be a sharp change in the Earth's climate, there will be environmental disasters, earthquakes, other natural disasters on the planet. This will happen due to the collision of the Earth with another celestial body - most likely, a large asteroid. By the way, not only Wanga, but also other visionaries spoke about this, for example, Edgar Casey. Vanga did not say anything about the scale of the devastation, but her words were: "... I sometimes see such a picture: a burned, blackened Earth, along which a handful of people are moving ..."

At the same time, Wanga said that peoplecan change the future. By that time the era of wars must remain in the distant past, and humanity must approach these events fully armed - then the scale of disasters will not be so significant. Moreover, people will still survive, albeit few.

Here we are with you and illuminated what was predictedWang to the future of mankind. As you can see, not so much, but the most important is that we - each of us - can change this world. It is not for nothing that there is an ancient Latin saying: praemonitus praemunitus or "who is forewarned, he is armed".

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