What does the name Islam mean?

February 5, 2015
What does the name Islam mean?

Some names are very rare. For example, the name Islam is not popular even in Arab countries. However, it is very honorable - this is easy to see if you know what it means and where it came from.

Therefore, further we will talk about what the name Islam means, consider its origin and find out what characteristics the person bearing this name has.

The meaning, origin and characteristics of the name Islam

Islam is one of the male Muslim names. The name is of Arabic origin and is translated as follows:

  • it matters - “devotion”;
  • the name means "Muslim";
  • the name suggests that the person is healthy, strong and brave;
  • the name can also be translated as “Devotee to Allah”, combining the first and second items of this list at once.

However, this name is carried not only by believers who keep the covenants of Islam. It can be worn by people of other religions.

A person who has this name has several basic characteristics attributed to him:

  • Brave and prudent.A man named Islam always strives to become a leader, which in childhood often brings a lot of trouble to his parents because he is restless. When Islam matures, it often shows courage than prudence in actions because of its recklessness and strong dedication to work.
  • Islam can also often be reckless because it is a passionate person. Any favorite thing can overshadow prudence. That is why such a person needs a mentor who will guide and guide him. Then Islam can achieve genuine success.
  • Despite the qualities of a leader, the courage and dedication of Islam is often a vulnerable person and does not accept criticism. That is why he needs support.
  • In a state of anger and irritation, Islam becomes capricious, arrogant and selfish. However, this does not prevent him from taking care of his close people and being peace-loving and kind;
  • Islam is quite an economic person and loves order. At times, this can turn into perfectionism and fanaticism in relation to purity. Therefore, it is worth getting used to this state of Islam in order to avoid quarrels and problems in the family.

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