What is the toilet dreaming about?

Elena Sobol
Elena Sobol
August 6, 2012
What is the toilet dreaming about?

One day, Sigmund Freud said that the stranger the dream that you had, the more sense it had. And, probably, there is some truth in his words, because we all have dreams, some of which haunt us for quite a long period of time, and until we understand what semantic load they carry, we cannot find peace.

So why did we dream this particular dream and what does it foretell us? There are many options to learn the meaning of sleep, but probably the easiest and fastest is to cope on our own and look into the dream book, but here we are confronted with a new question: “What to believe?”.

This article contains the most common interpretations of dreams in which you had a toilet. So why dream of a toilet?

  • go to someone else's toilet - to get acquainted with a person who will be of interest to you;
  • get stuck in the toilet - someone wants to slander you;
  • burst into the toilet and soiled with urine or feces - to wealth and good profits;
  • cleaning out the toilet means money you possess is dishonestly obtained and soon your deception will be revealed;
  • repair or build a toilet - you will live in prosperity;
  • if the terms of excrement - to promotion, to the respect of the people around you;
  • clean, tidy toilet - no major changes in your fate in the near foreseeable future is expected.

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