What happens after the death of Elizabeth II

Elizabeth Alexandra Maria Windsor, better known as Elizabeth II, is the record holder for the duration of his reign in the entire history of Great Britain. The queen is already 91 years old, and it is no secret to anyone, including Elizabeth herself, that she has no time to reign. But what will happen when the throne of Great Britain is freed?

Elizabeth II sits on the British throne for 65 years. It's like Brezhnev, only three and a half times more. Millions of Britons were born, lived, lived and went into another world, not seeing anyone else at the head of the state. Accordingly, the impending shock will cover all the subjects of the British Crown, and such news will not pass by us.

Let's see what exactly will happen after the death of Elizabeth II.

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Absolutely everything in the UK will stop

Immediately after the death of the queen country will rise. In the literal sense. Classes in schools will stop, offices will close, office workers will go into mourning, something like “Swan Lake” will start on TV, only in British fashion, the stock exchange and banks will stop working.And not for an hour or a day. For at least 12 days of mourning, the measured life of the British will cease to be so.

Obituaries have already been prepared

News agencies in the UK and all other countries of the Commonwealth have already prepared worthy obituaries. No self-respecting news publication can afford to let it run its course: too significant an event for the whole world. Of course, when it happens, the necessary changes will be made in the procurement, but now everything is ready to press the button and publish the sad news on all channels - whether it be printed publications or the Internet.

Best of all, the media prepared for the event in the cult newspaper The Times - materials are stored there for the first 11 (!) Days after Elizabeth's death: while journalists from other publications are knocked down, they can have a good rest in Times.

"The Queen is Dead, Long Live the King"

There is an old tradition in which royal power is never interrupted. As soon as one monarch emanates a breath, his successor immediately takes his place. For this reason, the Royal Standards (i.e., the flag) are never lowered, like other flags, during mourning.The rare cases in which this rule of succession was violated are known in history as “troubled times”.

So at the time of the announcement of the death of the queen, the United Kingdom will already have a new monarch. And with a probability of 100%, they will be Crown Prince Charles (and not William, as frivolous media often writes). Because another inheritance of the throne is not provided.

When Charles becomes king, his brothers and sisters will kiss his hands. In this case, Prince Charles does not necessarily become "King Charles." When ascending the throne, members of the royal family can choose their own throne name from any of their second Christian names. Thus, Prince Charles Philip Arthur George can take on the name "King Philip", "King Arthur" or "King George."

There will be nothing to laugh at ... literally

The British take the monarchy very seriously! So much so that after the death of Queen Elizabeth, all comedy programs on the BBC will be removed from the broadcasting schedule, and no stand-up performances in clubs around the country will be expected either - until the mourning is over. Yes, the British really adore their comedians and are known for their sense of humor, but in the days of grief everything will be serious and grown-up. All entertainment programs will be canceled, and this is just a tribute to the queen.

Mourning cost a pretty penny

So, mourning will last at least 12 days. Do I need to explain that in the modern world such a stop means huge financial losses. London is one of the world's financial centers, and the closure of the London Stock Exchange will result in the loss of a huge amount of money. Billions will actually be lost.

Kate may not get the title of Princess of Wales (out of respect for the memory of Diana)

The closest contender for the throne automatically receives the title of "Prince of Wales". His wife becomes the princess of Wales. Prince William will indeed become known as the Prince of Wales when his father ascends the throne, but given the fact that William's mother, Princess Diana, whom the people adored and who died tragically in 1997, advised William's wife Kate to consider giving up the title of Princess of Wales . This is only an assumption, of course. Time will tell if Kate becomes the Princess of Wales or not.

By the way, Camilla Parker-Bowles - the wife of Charles - decided not to take this title and cost others - the “Duchess of Cornulia”. Too firmly the title of "Princess of Wales" is associated with the lost Diana to claim it.

For notification of the death of the queen using a secret code

The death of a queen is an event that must be kept under control, and all subsequent steps should be taken clearly and quickly. The first to know about this should be the Prime Minister and other leaders of the country. Already developed an action plan and a secret code for the alert. It sounds like "London Bridge is down" - "London Bridge has fallen." Well, that is, this code is no longer so secret, since people write about it everywhere. May have to come up with another phrase.

We'll have to change the words of the national anthem of Great Britain (and not only)

Let's start with the national anthem, the words of which "God Save the Queen" will have to be replaced by "God Save the King." Surely those who sang this hymn all their lives will not be easy to relearn. Also, they will issue new coins and banknotes, for which the British Mint has already prepared the corresponding blanks with a portrait of Charles. On the helmets of the British police will be a new inscription, because now they contain the initials of the queen. Also need to update the British military symbols. Postage stamps depicting the queen will be out of circulation.

Oath of Members of Parliament

All members of parliament must take an oath or oath of allegiance to the monarch, for which they are given several days. Without doing this, no parliamentarian receives salaries and does not have the right to attend meetings or vote. After the death of the queen, all members of the British Parliament will have to re-conduct the ceremony of taking the oath of allegiance to the new king.

It's funny, but true: small republicans, who are in favor of the abolition of the monarchy in the country, swear with demonstratively crossed fingers. So serious adult men are trying to convince themselves of the failure of what is happening.

Likelihood of problems in the Commonwealth of Nations

The death of a queen will have deeper consequences than new postage stamps. Now the British monarchy heads not only the UK, also Elizabeth II is the official head of 52 countries of the Commonwealth of Nations, including Australia, Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand and Barbados. The Commonwealth represents the remnants of the British Empire, which in the modern world remained in the form of trade and political relations between the former colonies of Britain.Many of these countries have become part of the British Empire against their will, and almost all of them have long declared their independence.

Each country of the Commonwealth has the unconditional right to unilaterally withdraw from it. And the death of the queen can be a reason for some countries of the Commonwealth to end the alliance with Britain once and for all. The British Crown, of course, will make every effort to avoid such a turn of events. And for King Charles this can be a serious task.

All roads lead to Buckingham Palace

No matter where the queen meets her death, her body will first be taken to Buckingham Palace. If at that moment she is on a trip abroad, the body will immediately be taken to London by plane. The royal coffin will be exhibited in Buckingham Palace for several days. People will be able to come to bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth and pay homage.

The British could put an end to the monarchy with a conventional referendum

The British really love their queen. Her ratings among the population have always been high, and remain so to this day. To achieve such ratings is not difficult,for the monarch in Great Britain has no real power and does not rule the country. But to get rid of the monarchy, the people, if they wanted, could be very simple - with an ordinary referendum. Approximately the same way as the British left the European Union, they could also cancel the monarchy. But hardly anyone wants this in the near future.

Royal doctor and his duties

According to analysts, it is most likely that Queen Elizabeth II will die after a short illness, with family. In the last hours of the monarch’s life, the royal doctor, professor of medicine Huw Thomas will become the main face. It will be he who will decide who can be let into the queen's chambers and what his subjects will know about her state of health.

For example, several hours before the death of King George V, who died in 1936, His Majesty’s physician published a bulletin: “The king’s life peacefully moves to an end,” after which George introduced 750 milligrams of morphine and a gram of cocaine, enough to kill two people.

Announcement on the gates of Buckingham Palace

When the queen leaves this world and the time comes to report this sad news to people, a footman in mourning livery will come out of the doors of Buckingham Palace, cross the courtyard andwithout saying a single word, hang up an ad in the mourning frame on the gate. This is an old and beautiful tradition.

RATS system activation

In the event of the death of the BBC queen, they activate the RATS (Radio Alert Transmission System) system, which will notify everyone by radio. This is a secret protocol used to report the death of high royals. It began to be applied in the 30s and is still supported. About him, few people know. The signal of this system is enough - and the BBC’s plan for the death of the queen, to the smallest subtleties, will be carried out.

And although analysts suggest that the queen will live about another four years, let's better wish Elizabeth II to celebrate the centenary in 2026. Which is quite realistic, given that her mother lived 101 years.

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