What is a cornice?

Anna Yaroshenko
Anna Yaroshenko
March 30, 2015
What is a cornice?

The word "cornice" is often used in everyday life, but not everyone knows the exact meaning of this word.

In this article we will talk about what a cornice is, and consider what types of curtain rods exist.

What is a cornice: definition

As a rule, speaking of the eaves, the support is made, made of metal or plastic, which holds a certain weight. It is also a protruding element that is used to finish buildings, windows or roofs.

Curtain rail

Curtain rail is a crossbar that hangs in front of a window indoors to hold curtains, curtains or curtains, providing ease of movement thanks to sliders attached to the eaves. When choosing a cornice an important place is given to aesthetics, because it is necessary that its appearance should correspond to the general situation in the room, combined with elements of decor.

As a rule, plastic curtain rods are used for heavy curtains, and multi-row ones are good for using multi-layer curtains, which consist of different fabrics.Classic considered round wooden cornices, suitable for any kind of curtains. Metal curtain rods can be functional and used for tulle and curtains, and can be used as decoration in the room.

Wrought cornices are much more expensive than usual and, as a rule, are offered on order. Equipped with decorative tips, they give the room a special chic. Such eaves require a special style in the room and look best in combination with large windows.

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Eaves for roofs and windows

The various overhangs that we often see on buildings are also cornices. Their task is not only to give an aesthetic look, but also to protect buildings from the penetration of rain, snow and damp.

As a rule, such curtain rods are varied depending on the roof or window on which they are mounted. Universal overhangs are those that are suitable for any type of building. For a shed roof, mainly used in the form of a box. Unfold cornices are an option for hip roofs. As for the hemmed eaves, they are suitable for a gable roof.

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