Which is better, "Nan" or "Nutrilon"? Baby food "Nan" and "Nutrilon": comparison, reviews

In ancient times, every child was fed exclusively mother's milk. If for some reason the mother did not have her own milk, the woman who could feed the child was sought. Fortunately, in the modern world, the progress of technology allows women to make a conscious choice, since they have at their disposal a huge amount of a wide variety of nutritional mixtures for feeding babies. However, a large variety, as is well known, often results in another problem, namely the problem of choice. Which is the best mixture available on the market? Which one is more useful? Very often in the process of comparing the choice comes down to two options: "Nan" or "Nutrilon". What's better? These are the two most popular brand mixes for children that are ubiquitous.Therefore, if you want to feed your child not with milk, but with a mixture (or you cannot feed him with milk for one reason or another), then you should read this article. Here you will learn what features both of these options have, what is better and worse in them. And, of course, you can finally make a choice which is better: “Nan” or “Nutrilon”.

Mix for children

nan or nutrilon which is better

Well, it's time to find out which is better, "Nan" or "Nutrilon." However, it is better to start from the very beginning, namely from what are mixtures for children in general. It is not a secret for anyone that the best way to feed babies is mother's breast milk. It contains all the necessary nutrients and other elements, and it is precisely in the proportions that the child needs at a certain age. But, as it was said earlier, not every mother can independently feed her baby. Certain diseases can be detected in her, milk can simply not be excreted from her, and so on. Also in the modern world of choice, every woman has the right to deliberately refuse breastfeeding by selecting infant formulas. Especially considering the fact that at the moment they have already reached a fairly high quality indicator.Naturally, exactly the composition of mother's milk has not yet been repeated, but in the composition of high-quality mixes there is everything that a small child needs for development, namely, proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the right proportions, as well as various vitamins and nutrients. As it is easy to understand, both products described in this article are of high quality, so it can be so difficult for you to choose which is better - “Nan” or “Nutrilon”.

Variety of choices

Nutrilon mix

If we talk specifically about the Russian Federation, here in the shops you will find a huge number of a wide variety of mixes that relate to both elite brands from the top shelf and affordable average brands. However, when it comes to feeding babies, it is worth thinking seriously about getting the highest quality. This is a very important stage in the development of the child, so do not underestimate what he will receive at this time in the form of food. Thus, the lower shelf is deleted, and the higher you look, the better. If you can afford it, then you still should pay attention to those products that are discussed in this article.A mixture of "Nutrilon" has existed for several decades, although at that time it was not sold on the territory of the USSR, but was brought from abroad. "Nan" is a younger product, but no less popular and high quality. But what to choose? Mix "Nutrilon" or "Nan"?

Quality and price level

comparison of nan and nutrilon

Before starting a deep comparison ("Nan" and "Nutrilon"), you should look at common denominators. The fact is that people often begin to compare products from completely different categories, which does not give them an adequate result. In this case, you can calmly compare these products, as they are at the same quality level, and quite high. As for the price, it is also comparable, so there should not be any problems. Thus, it can be clearly established that these two products are on the same shelf, after which one can begin a full-fledged comparison. Now you can determine for yourself what is better, sour milk "Nutrilon" or sour milk "Nan".


nutrilon fermented milk or nan fermented milk

The first thing you need to look at when you are trying to determine what is best for babies - “Nutrilon” or “Nan” is the composition.However, in this case, you quickly make sure that the composition of these mixtures are about the same. For example, one of the most important components of these products is protein, and it contains 1.3 grams per hundred grams of product in Nutrilon, while Nan can boast about the same indicator, namely 1.24 grams of protein per hundred grams of product . It is worth noting that mother’s breast milk usually contains about one gram of protein per hundred grams, so in this sense artificial mixes can be even better than breast milk. At least, on specific points of the composition, as scientists are doing their best to make these mixtures as effective and useful as possible. Thus, baby food "Nan" and "Nutrilon" can be an excellent choice for those mothers who do not want or can not breastfeed their baby.

Whey protein to casein ratio

transition from nana to nutrilon

A very important indicator is the ratio of whey proteins to casein in infant formula. What should it be? If you focus on breast milk, the figure should be 80 to 20.Naturally, it is extremely difficult to repeat something in artificial conditions, so you can hardly find a product that would have a similar ratio. However, the goods from the top shelf managed to get as close as possible to this result. For example, in the Nutrilon formula, this ratio is 60 to 40. The situation is slightly better with the product “Nan”, where the ratio of whey proteins to casein is 70 to 30, which is as close as possible to the natural composition of breast milk. Anyway, both products can please with high rates in this matter.

Slight differences

As you have already noticed, these two products are very similar to each other, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that people cannot make a quick choice. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to various little things that may have an impact on the final decision. For example, take a look at fats: are there animal supplements, which, as proved by scientists, can harm not only the baby, but also an adult. Fortunately, both products contain only vegetable fats. The content of vitamins and trace elements in these two products is also similar, and most importantly, competently balanced.But here the first defining trifle that you can pay attention to is the content of nucleotides in a mixture of "Nan", which help strengthen the immune system and improve the intestinal microflora. If you want your child to grow up healthy and happy, you can choose this mixture. What about the other product? “Nutrilon” also has its trump card, namely oligosaccharides, allowing to effectively deal with constipation, which often become the causes of problems in babies and, accordingly, in their mothers.

Individual characteristics

what is better nutrilon or nan for babies

Even with trumps it’s hard to say which product is better. Both of them have a very high quality indicator, so when choosing in most cases, one has to be guided by the individual reaction of the child. The fact is that each person is unique, so even the best quality nutrition can cause a negative reaction in a little man. It can be expressed in general deterioration of health, increased regurgitation, as well as other factors, such as vomiting, constipation, or, conversely, diarrhea. In general, you need to carefully monitor what is happening with the child to make sure that the particular food suits him.

How to conduct a test?

So, you have made a choice between these two mixtures and want to test the product on your child. The most important rule is to not introduce food sharply in large quantities. It is recommended to start with thirty grams at a time - this is one scoop. Gradually, you can increase the amount of product received by the child, but it is necessary to monitor its condition. Check your child for key symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea, a rash on the body, or bloating. It is also important to note that the reaction may occur in the first couple of days, and this will be normal. This will be the so-called period of adaptation of the organism to something new. We need to wait until the newborn organism realizes that it is receiving something good, and not something dangerous. But if the reaction does not disappear in 2-3 days, then you should stop giving a specific product and make, for example, a smooth transition from "Nana" to "Nutrilon", or vice versa.

Do not put experiments!

mixture of nan or nutrilon reviews

Of course, you want to know what will be perfect for your child, you want to give him the best. But if he doesn’t show negative reactions to Nan or Nutrilon, you shouldn’t translate it just to try another product.The fact is that the full period of an infant's adaptation to a new diet takes at least a week, often even more. And you only harm him if you give him new food every couple of days.

Customer Reviews

Now you know that both Nan and Nutrilon are high-quality products for feeding babies, and while they can definitely be called the best in their field. Reviews of a mixture of "Nan" or "Nutrilon" confirm this statement, because all the young mothers say that both products are very high quality and useful for the child, which is checked as visits to the doctor. Also in the reviews you can find information that the main reason for the refusal of “Nana” or “Nutrilon” is precisely the individual intolerance, and not at all the poor quality.

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