What is depression?

Depression is a characteristic ailment of modernity. Scientists have long proven that every tenth adult suffers from this disease. In the elderly, this percentage is even higher. Among the young, it reaches forty percent.

  • Certainly, every person is sometimes capable ofDownload. You can long for a long time, imperceptibly for yourself plunging into the swamp of depression. Therefore, when you notice a prolonged spleen, accompanied by a poor appetite, poor working capacity, regular gossip - it is worth thinking about what it is and starting to fight depression.
  • Probably, it is no coincidence that the etymology of the word occursfrom Latin deprimo (to crush, suppress): this psychophysical frustration is accompanied by depression, loss of feelings of joy, inhibited motor skills. The estimation of the person is underestimated, the sense of usual vital activity is lost. Sometimes depressive syndrome leads even to alcoholism and drug use.

Values ​​in primary sources

  • Ozhegov, for example - a state of mind, which implies depression. For example: "He fell into a depression."
  • Also this term describes stagnation, a decline in the economy, arising from the crisis of overproduction in the economy of the country or in public life. For example: "The Great American Depression."
  • In meteorology - the area where the pressure of the atmosphere is lowered. "Depression caused a cyclone."
  • In geomorphology - the area of ​​the Earth's surface, which is below the level of the world's ocean. As a rule, it is a hollow, a hollow. For example: "Mariana Trench".

Fighting Depression

Depression, according to modern psychotherapy,one of the most common disorders. Of course, with such a psychophysical state, it is absolutely necessary to fight. Read more about how to do this in our material How to deal with depression.

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