What is differentiation? Meaning of the word "differentiation"

Quite an interesting question is what is differentiation. This word has many meanings. But the universal answer would be this: this is the separation of some set of phenomena by type. An example of differentiation can be the separation of all biological species into complex and low-organized ones. Well, this example is quite complicated. It is much easier to give an example: the division of all objects existing in nature into living and non-living.

What is differentiation?

Differentiation takes place when it comes to the presence of some kind of chaos. A lot of thoughts are constantly swarming in our brain. If we try to organize the entire flow that we have in our head, we will try to differentiate it. That is what differentiation is. Nevertheless, the definition of this concept should be analyzed in more detail, since it is an excellent opportunity for you to understand the very essence.

What is the definition of

What is the differentiation definition

Before a more detailed understanding of what differentiation is, a definition should be made. But you need to understand at least what that word means. Definition is a sentence that seeks to uncover the essence of the phenomenon in question in one or several words, trying to simultaneously cover all possible signs relating to a given word. Making a definition is a very interesting task, since trying to squeeze all the information about the phenomenon in question into a single sentence is a very entertaining task.

The definition of this concept

What is the differentiation of sciences

We should understand the system view of what differentiation is. At the beginning of the article we already touched on the answer to this question. But it is quite inaccurate. Just when a person reads a definition, he should already be prepared. Otherwise, it will be difficult to understand. So, differentiation is the separation from the total mass of one particular element with the entire set of its properties, characteristics and features. Disassemble this concept is quite simple. When we separate one from the other, the resulting part of the whole acquires identity,that is, uniqueness. It's hard enough to understand this in abstraction, so let's look at this phenomenon using examples.

What is the differentiation of sciences

What is the differentiation of needs

This word is actively used in a huge number of scientific disciplines. But there is a well-known meaning of this term. The fact is that at the very beginning of our times, of all the existing sciences, there was only philosophy and medicine. They ran the ball in the then, not yet advanced, scientific space. And they existed for a very long time.

Then went the process, which is now called the differentiation of sciences. From philosophy came a huge number of scientific disciplines: biology, psychology, physics, economics, sociology, and much more. Even mathematics at that time, as such, was not. There was only philosophy. But the process of separation of sciences with its own methodological apparatus is called the differentiation of sciences.

But what about the human needs?

What is the differentiation of sounds

Need is an internal lack of something. This is a very simple definition, but it will be enough. It seems that all human needs are chaotic, and in no way can they be systematized or classified. But it turns out that this has been done long ago.Needs are differentiated not only by scientists, but also by man himself. The older he gets, the more relevant certain needs become.

The well-known psychologist Abraham Maslow offered a very good classification of needs. He divided all human needs into three groups: basic, social and personal. Basic needs are peculiar to small people who just need to feel safe and eat on time. When a person matures, from the very beginning he needs to establish contacts with people and adapt to this society. This process is called socialization.

What is product differentiation?

It is important for each person to feel their belonging to a certain social group. It is desirable that it be sufficiently status, as this directly determines the status of the person himself. After he matures further, he has a new group of needs - personal.

They are aimed at self-improvement. It is important to understand that this classification is rather incomplete. In total, Maslow, within these three needs, has seven types of what a person needs.All of them formed the famous Maslow pyramid, which is popular all over the world. We figured out what is the differentiation of needs.

Differentiation of sounds

This term refers to the field of speech therapist. What is the differentiation of sounds? This is not a simple classification of sounds, but a distinction like sounding sounds in people who have certain problems with speech. A famous example requiring the differentiation of sounds is burry people who not only do not pronounce the sound “p”, but also sound “l” are pronounced with an error. Those verbal incidents that accompany this problem, we all know.

True, most often this type of burr is observed in young children. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of defects that require the differentiation of sounds. For example, quite often children confuse the sounds of "W" and "F". And indeed, they are very similar. However, for optimal development of speech, these sounds should be separated from each other.

Product differentiation

What is income differentiation?

This term refers to such a sphere of human activity as economics. What is product differentiation? This is the endowment of some product with specific characteristics that can significantly disrupt competition.Naturally, it, along with this, is the driving force of competition, since each manufacturer wants to distinguish his product from something else. For example, in the mobile phone market, this is best obtained from a well-known manufacturer of smartphones, who simply produced the highest quality products, followed by huge queues.

And there is no difference that this product is so expensive. People still buy it, since the products of this manufacturer have long been synonymous with quality and smoothness of the interface. And no matter how hard other smartphone makers try to overshadow the success of this phone, this has not been done for eight years.

In the meantime, another revolutionary modification of this model was released this fall, which has another great advantage compared to other manufacturers. And again they will imitate her, and this company again became a pioneer. This is a wonderful product differentiation. And you already guess which company was discussed.

What is income differentiation?

Again, this term has its own specific characteristics.Now we need to figure out how this economic term is related to the word "differentiation". Usually when it comes to applying this word to the population, then, as a rule, we mean the full name of this concept of "differentiation of incomes of the population". What does this mean?

Everything is very simple here. Some people earn more, while others earn less. This is the differentiation of income. While some eat red caviar and salmon on golden plates every day, others use wooden bowls and a one-room apartment and are satisfied. This is the differentiation of income. And from this inequality, no matter how cool you are, you cannot run anywhere. You can try to earn money and be raised on a pedestal. But for this you need a lot of work. Alas, many people do not feel the need to do business instead of suffering because of their poverty.

Cell differentiation

And now let's talk a little about biology. Many people became acquainted with this term precisely because of this science. What is cell differentiation? A man cannot be born unless he was conceived before.When the egg cell and the sperm cell merge into one, the zygote appears, which divides. After some time, such a thing as a gastrula begins to form, in which this very differentiation of cells takes place.

This is very general. But an ordinary person only needs to know that cell differentiation is the process of formation of different types of tissues from one type of stem cells. It is thanks to them that different types of cells are formed, and this process is called differentiation.

Other differentiation values

The word "differentiation" can still be used in a huge number of meanings. In addition, each person can use it as he wants. For example, you can say the phrase "I need to differentiate my schedule today." It will mean that all important matters should be separated from minor ones. And among the important should also prioritize and group. The same can be said about personal income.

Those values ​​that were given in this article are not the only possible ones. A word like differentiation, for example, exists in mathematics. It is the opposite of another term "integration".In general, you understand what differentiation is, and now you can use this buzzword yourself in your vocabulary.


And now let's summarize. We understood what differentiation is and where it is possible to use this word as a scientific term. In this case, you can use it in everyday speech, because it can become your chip. If you want to seem smart, then why not use it? However, it's your business. But the baggage of knowledge in any case replenished. And from it you can draw conclusions, what to be interested in and what to study in the future. All the sciences that have been touched upon in this text are very interesting, and in any of them you can show yourself from the good side.

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