What is good paving slabs "Avtostroy"?

Tiled material - one of the most popular in the arrangement of private homes and garden plots. Paving slabs as a type of such materials are widely used for laying on the territories of pedestrian streets, parking lots, bicycle lanes, as well as in private buildings: land plots, cottages, summer cafes and restaurants.

It is necessary to select this universal material with skill, to pay attention to all the characteristics, if possible - to customer reviews. If you need to purchase a large amount of material, you should contact a reliable manufacturer who will provide you with the right amount of quality tiles. These manufacturers include LLC Avtostroy.

Activity of the company

Avtostroy LLC was established in 1999 on the basis of a construction holding. The main activity of the company is the production of high-quality building materials.

For production use the best materials and technologies.Vibropressed products are made on the basis of the shaping tooling of the German company Rampf Formen GmbH. For the production of paving materials and paving tiles used forms and tooling from leading European companies, for the manufacture of pressed tiles used American technology. The range is constantly updated and expanded, so buyers always have a choice.

View products, learn more information and contact the staff of “Autostroy” can be through the company's website. Here you can learn about concrete products: facade and paving slabs, paving materials, paving stones, road and curbstones. To help customers created two sections: "For customers" and "Question-answer". From the first you will receive useful information on construction, learn more about paving slabs, be able to read reviews about products, find out the conditions for the delivery of goods and see the map. “Question-answer” will provide comprehensive information on all issues that may be of interest to customers. For convenience, they are all divided into sections.

Production "Avtostroy": types of paving slabs

  1. Vibropressed tiles.It is produced on the American automated lines Fleming Eagle, which allow to obtain high-quality products, recognized in different countries of the world and at the same time corresponding to GOST of the Russian Federation.
  2. Tile casting tile is used for paving suburban paths, pedestrian areas, good for owners of private housing, helps pave the way to the house.
  3. Tactile tile. This is a type of paving slabs designed to help the visually impaired to navigate the streets or roads of the city. Avtostroy manufactures them in accordance with GOST R 52875-2007. Longitudinal and diagonal reefs help visually impaired pedestrians to freely move around the city.


Also for paving slabs used construction additions to ensure their strength and durability. For this, curbstone is often used, which is made of reinforced concrete. Curbstones must be installed for all walkways, regardless of what material is used for equipment: paving stones, asphalt, paving slabs. Curbstone performs the function of a sidewalk stop, which will maintain the coating "in shape" for many years.

Avtostroy produces two types of curbstone, selecting the required dimensions depending on the purpose in the future. The border can be road, and also lawn. The road is thicker and higher than the lawn, as it is designed to separate the carriageway from the pedestrian zone and protects against a possible car run over to the sidewalk. Road curb is performed using vibropressing, as this method allows to achieve high strength. Lawn stone has two sizes: 50 centimeters or a meter in length. Differs in different colors, it is convenient to use it in gardens, for the demarcation of paths and designation of flower beds. Coloring is carried out over the entire depth, which allows you to preserve the shade of the product for the entire period of its service.

Pay attention to the ebb and associated materials in the relevant sections, which are also necessary for high-quality installation of tiles. Dry mixes for laying paving slabs, masonry mixes, sand, crushed stone, expanded clay - all materials are available, you can see samples on the site, read the specifications and then buy the right amount.

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