What is graffiti?

Irina Saprykina
Irina Saprykina
February 24, 2015
What is graffiti?

Many argue about what graffiti is. Some call it art, allowing a person to express himself, others consider it vandalism. Negative attitude to graffiti has developed mainly because the canvas for such artists are the walls of buildings, subway cars, transitions, ordinary fences, etc. But can we condemn the desire of people to make the world brighter, even with the help of such a radical method? Probably not! Of course, if we are not talking about shocking inscriptions or images of obscene nature.

Perhaps the desire to draw and write wherever it is necessary would not be so strong if this direction had a certain status. In the meantime, society is arguing about the nature of graffiti, creative “artists” continue to paint walls and other places convenient for drawing with bright colors.

Graffiti and its history

So, graffiti is drawings, inscriptions and any other images painted with ink or ink on various surfaces.They can even be scratched, which actually happened in antiquity, when people were painting the first rock graffiti on the walls of caves. Thus, the history of the emergence of this kind of art has centuries-old roots.

Graffiti in the modern world is experiencing a boom in popularity. There are new styles and techniques for applying images. In this environment, paint sprays are actively used, which in the hands of a skilled craftsman display colorful paintings in seconds. In the West, some large companies even used graffiti for advertising purposes, risking fines for vandalism.

Of course, each person has the right to have his own opinion on this issue, but before you condemn someone for another drawing on the wall, try yourself to paint some image with paint from a can.

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