Why dream of a girl?

Vladislav Rogovsky
Vladislav Rogovsky
August 3, 2012
Why dream of a girl?

Every person has dreams. Not all of them we remember, but some can not forget. Today we will talk about what the girlfriend dreams about.

What dreams of an ex-girlfriend

If you dream about your ex-girlfriend, then probably you can't just forget your feelings for her. If you are dreaming not just your ex, but she and her new boyfriend, it may well be that your current girlfriend makes you choose between relationships and a “free” bachelor lifestyle. If a dream with the former does not leave an unpleasant aftertaste, but on the contrary, only good feelings, - your relationship with this person - has long been passed stage. In turn, if in a dream you marry your ex, then in real life you can expect serious changes on your personal front. The most interesting option is a chance meeting with the former in a dream. This may foreshadow the formation of a new marital union, it is likely that with a girl that you had not even considered more than a friend before.

What is the dream girl - interpretation

If you dream of an unfamiliar girl, then even the smallest details can change the meaning of sleep:

  • If a girl in a dream is thin and pale - your beloved and dear person may fall ill soon.
  • You dream that your house is filled with girls - expect a pleasant surprise or news.
  • Externally, an attractive girl is a big waste by a man, but if you have kissed her, then it is likely that good news awaits you from day to day.
  • If you dream of a young, attractive girl, healthy and energetic, soon there will be a very pleasant and positive person on your path who will significantly raise your spirits.
  • If you dream about a rather unattractive girl, your normal lifestyle may be disturbed.
  • A sick girl in a dream always carries bad news. Most likely, dear to you people will soon get sick.
  • In turn, an attractive, dancing girl announces pleasant changes on a personal front.
  • If you buy or catch a girl in a dream, then good luck will come soon. You can get promoted, get rid of the disease, or you can raise your financial situation.

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