What is the facade decor?

The appearance of the house is of great importance to others. Beautifully decorated decor for the facade, makes it possible to draw attention to the social situation of the owner of the house and his spiritual qualities.

Facade decor is perfect for home decoration in ancient Roman, medieval, Greek styles. It ennobles and emphasizes its refined, flawless forms.

What is the facade decor

There are such types of facade decor, which depend on the shape of the building: courtyard, central, park, side, street. For example, it is appropriate to decorate the central entrance of the house with arches, massive columns, parapets and others.

Modern manufacturers give the buyer the chance to choose any material from a wide range of products offered. The decor of the facades of buildings used to be made of heavier elements (concrete, stone, gypsum). This somewhat weighted down the structure and its appearance, and therefore came up with lighter materials. The largest products to date are:

  • Front decor of foam. Dense foam preform is trimmed along the already cut profile. Plaster, which cover the top of the product, should be with reinforcing mesh. This is done in order to prevent external factors and mechanical loads, and also gives a juicy, bright color to the product. Elements for decoration are fixed with a special glue or on special anchoring elements. Facade decor foam is lightweight, affordable and easy to install. However, this material is quite fragile and requires careful handling. In order for your work not to be empty, it is necessary to cover the foam with any acrylic mixture. This makes it possible for a long time to serve the foam and not to lose its appearance. The service life is usually 15-20 years.
  • Front decor made of polyurethane foam. Of all types of facade decors, polyurethane is more stable to external influences. It does not crack, does not crumble, is moisture resistant, and more durable than, for example, gypsum. This polymer will last up to 30 years. Take care of him too. Once every 10 years it is necessary to tint. When installing plastic parts it is very important to choose the right glue and cover all the joints.Otherwise, your work will be regarded as a marriage and it will have to be redone, which will affect the time, salary and incur additional costs to the employer.
  • Front decor of polymer concrete. Made from concrete, which does not contain cement. In order for the concrete to have a viscous and solid structure, a thermoactive resin is added to it. And in order that the cost of the material was not high, a filler (quartz or andesitic flour) is added to it. In the face of this product are produced railings, curtain rods, concrete balusters.
  • Front decor of polystyrene. Expanded polystyrene for facade decoration - a good, flexible material from which you can cut a variety of shapes, creating a diverse texture. If you compare this material with foam, they are almost the same, but there are differences that need to be considered. Many people believe that it is the same kind of foam as it is, but this is erroneous. First of all, the difference in production technology. Further, the differences in technical characteristics and physical properties.

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Advantages of Styrofoam

  • Strength.If you change certain conditions, the foam will crumble, and polystyrene foam never. Polystyrene can not be put on an uneven surface, as it will begin to grind, and expanded polystyrene on these indicators stronger and stand the test.
  • Permeability. Since the foam contains many voids, such indicators as moisture absorption and soundproofing are not peculiar to it.
  • Density. Styrofoam is a bit heavier than polystyrene and is able to hold some load.

Installation of facade decor

To install the decor using the following types of fasteners:

  • glue (chemical);
  • mechanical.

The product, planted on mounting glue, requires additional insurance. It is also attached with a steel anchor or dowel. Installation is carried out in this order:

  • prepare the base (cleaning, drying, leveling);
  • marking of assembly lines in the vertical and horizontal planes;
  • fixing the decor to the base of the product with a notched trowel. Between adjacent elements, a gap of about 2-3 mm is left;
  • the final fastener parts using facade dowels. Excess glue that has come to the surface is removed with a spatula;
  • when the glue dries, the treatment of the joints with a special compound for sealing the seams begins. Then, after 2-4 days, the seams are ground;
  • The final stage is priming and painting the decor for the facade. To extend the life of the facade stucco (cornice or arch), above it set metal or plastic reflux.

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