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What items need to take on the architect? This question interests many graduates of Russian schools. After all, this profession is prestigious, highly paid and interesting, because it is directly connected with creativity. If you feel the strength and confidence, then be sure to try your destiny in this specialty. Good architects - piece goods on the modern labor market. So you are guaranteed to find your dream job.

Profession - Architect

what items need to take on the architectIn their profession, architects are closely associated with builders. Therefore, the answers to the question of what items need to pass on the architect and the builder, often the same. After all, in order to build a high-quality building, one cannot do without competent design.Also needed a draft plan and interesting interior solutions. All these questions can be solved by the architect. This is one of the oldest highly skilled professions, which is already dozens of centuries.

Thousands of years ago, the architect of buildings and palaces, bridges and churches was a welcome guest in every educated city. We can observe the best examples of ancient architecture today.

How did you become architects before?

University of ArchitectureIn past centuries, in order to become an architect, sometimes you had to spend more than one decade. At first it was necessary to pass difficult exams, then master the art of mastering the basic skills of preparing mixtures and paints, know the basics of architecture. It took many years, but ultimately it turned out first-class specialists.

But it was still a few years to work as an apprentice architect. After all, a well-established transfer of information did not exist, therefore, the profession was taught during work. As a result, a very small number of people really became professionals.

In the modern world, the requirements for the skills of specialists have changed significantly.After all, not only methods but also means for the construction of buildings and structures have become new. Today you need to enroll in the faculty of architecture, and in five to six years you will receive a diploma of a qualified specialist.

Only the goal of the architect remains unchanged - to build a first-class building. It is necessary to maximize the use of its area, and the original design ideas should not affect the characteristics.

Architects are different

architecture facultyAs in most professions, architects are divided into specialties and areas. Currently, there are several major.

Architect-restorer - whose duties include the work on the restoration of cultural heritage. The landscape architect specializes in designing gardens, parks and squares.

A special profession is a designer-architect. He is responsible not for the design, but for the interior and the exterior of the building itself. An architect-town planner prepares exceptionally large and large-scale projects, as a rule, these are industrial buildings and structures, residential quarters of high-rise buildings.

Directly the construction work is headed by the chief architect.

The personal qualities of the architect

architecture and constructionA prerequisite for students who dream of getting into the faculty of architecture is a creative approach to work. Without creativity in this profession is not enough. It is also important to be able to clearly formulate your idea and convey it to others.

Mandatory ability of a professional architect - developed spatial thinking. Only in this case it will be easy to carry out projects, and work will begin to bring pleasure.

Do not do without creativity. An original and non-standard approach to solving problems is welcome for this work. It is also important to properly organize the space around you. Indeed, in addition to the creative component, it is important to maintain the deadlines and not to disrupt the deadlines for the execution of orders.

Success in this profession will provide you with a sense of taste and style.

Mandatory exams

where to study as an architectIn order to realize what items you need to pass on the architect, you need to finally decide on a specific specialty. Nowadays, the most popular faculties are "Architecture" and "General Design".

In the first case, your future profession will be closely related to construction, in the second more attention will be paid to cultural and aesthetic aspects in design.

If you choose an architectural university as an architect of interiors or landscapes, then at the entrance exams you will be required to pass the Russian language, the history of Russia, literature and pass a creative competition. The last subject is given the most attention when accepting applicants. In the creative competition for this specialty include drawing, composition and drawing.

In order to master the specialty of a restorer, a general practitioner or a reenactor, you will need to pass a slightly different list of items. In addition to the already familiar history of Russia and the Russian language, it will be mathematics. This subject on the given specialty is considered profile. Creative competition will include drawing, composition and drawing.

After graduation, you can expect to immediately get the position of assistant architect. This will give you a good starting position in order to fully assimilate the features of this profession.True, there is a chance to immediately get to work an independent project. In this area there is no age limit and often the employer makes his choice, based not on experience, but on your portfolio.

How to build a career?

specialty architectThe specialty "architect" provides almost unlimited opportunities for the formation of your own career. Starting from the work of an assistant, after six or seven years, with due diligence and diligence, you can take the post of chief architect. Vertical career elevators are extremely developed in this profession.

And often the project managers are specialists who do not have specialized education. For example, engineers or technologists. These are related specialties, so, after completing additional advanced training courses, they may well take the post of architect.

Profitable this profession and financially. As a rule, architects get enough to provide for themselves and their loved ones. The specific amounts, of course, depend on the region in which you are to work, as well as the specific specialization.

Architectural universities

building architectTo become a first-class specialist, it is important to choose a prestigious architectural university. One of the leading in the country is the Moscow Architectural Institute. He has been in the education market since 1933.

It is one of the few Russian universities accredited by many foreign architectural and art institutions of higher education. For example, the British Academy of Architects. Students of MARHI are about one and a half thousand future specialists.

Here you can get not only higher education, but also enroll in graduate school. The scientific council of the university assigns the degree of candidate of architecture.

Architects from the city on the Neva

St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering provides high-class education. The architectural faculty here works since 1830. He is one of the oldest in Russia.

Architecture and construction are two specialties that are closely interconnected; it is from this university that the best workers of these fields come out.

Much attention is paid to modern computer programs related to architecture. When the question arises about where to study for an architect, many people choose a St. Petersburg university.

Only at this faculty more than a thousand students are studying, among which are not only Russians, but also Chinese, Vietnamese, residents of African states - Morocco, Tunisia and Mali.Special training workshops, drawing classes, and classrooms for lithography are equipped here.

Here you can master such interesting areas as architecture and construction, get a job in the field of reconstruction of public buildings, designing the urban environment, the operation of engineering infrastructure.

Surikov Institute

Another faculty of architecture, producing first-class specialists, works at the Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after Surikov.

What subjects need to pass on the architect in this university? Their list is almost the same.

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