What tattoo do girl?

Tattoo these days is a way to emphasize your individuality and style, to express yourself with the help of a beautiful image on the body, to tell about yourself. It is important that the tattoo was not only attractive, but also went to the girl, so you need to carefully choose the pattern for your body. We will look at a few general tattoo ideas for girls that can be designed in completely different ways, resulting in an image with an individual character and style.

Tattoos for girls: ideas

  1. anchorAnchor. Such a tattoo symbolizes reliability, durability and strength. Also the image of the anchor attracts good luck. Especially beautiful will look a little neat tattoo with a graceful anchor on the ankle or wrist.
  2. Romantic girl can approach a beautiful bow, which can be supplemented with ornaments. Such a tattoo will mean elegance and femininity. It is more convenient to place it on the ankle, wrist, neck or behind the ear.
  3. butterflyButterfly. On our planet there are a large number of the most diverse butterflies, many of which are distinguished by their beauty and exoticism. You can take as a basis a photo of the butterfly you like or come up with your own.Pay attention to the shape and color of the tattoo, as they are particularly important for the realization of the idea. The butterfly represents the individuality and complexity of the female nature. The right place is the tailbone or shoulder.
  4. BirdThe bird will characterize a freedom-loving and creative person. This tattoo is a symbol of independence and brightness, almost always positive. Especially beautiful birds look with spread wings. You can depict one bird with clear details or several small ones in a beautiful composition. The ideal place is at the back on the shoulder or in the shoulder blade area.
  5. CatThe cat is one of the most beloved symbols for female tattoos. Cats in different nations symbolize speed, intelligence, mysticism and mystery. This tattoo will suit the mysterious and independent. The best place for her is the neck, the ankle, on the side of the ribs, in the lower back.
  6. If you like communication and are very friendly, then a dolphin tattoo will suit you.CrownBut this is not the only meaning of this tattoo, it also personifies power, playfulness, intelligence, and sometimes even the duality of nature. The little dolphin is ready to settle on the lower back or on the shoulder.
  7. The crown is a true female tattoo.The owner of the crown loves when everything is right, and also respects power. And just by itself, a pretty crown is able to successfully decorate the female body. As an unusual option, you can depict the crown around your finger, thereby forming a tattoo in the form of a ring.
  8. a heartGirls who have a big place in life are love and friendship, of course, a tattoo heart will do. The heart represents emotion. You can place the picture on the wrist, ankle or neck.
  9. The sign of infinity is good when a girl wants to express the power and infinity of emotion towards something or someone. For such a tattoo fit ear, finger or wrist.
  10. noteMystical and sophisticated girls may like a moon-shaped tattoo, which can be complemented with small stars. Ankle and wrist - places where the tattoo will look advantageous.
  11. Musical notes will suit a girl who cannot imagine her life without beautiful music. A nice note or treble clef behind the ear or on the back of your head is what you need.
  12. PentaThe star-pentagram is good for a girl who is trying to achieve balance in everything. Pay attention to the number of ends of the star - the meaning of the tattoo depends on them.Six-pointed symbolizes Judaism, eight-pointed - full, nine-pointed - life stability. You can have such a tattoo almost anywhere.
  13. Yin and YangLovers of harmony can also come up with a simple symbol of yin and yang. Yin personifies the earthly entity, yang - all that is opposite to it. Together they form all that is necessary for a harmonious and fulfilling life. The lower back, nape, wrist - the most suitable places for a tattoo.

Whatever tattoo you choose, specify its value, imagine yourself with it in advance and decide how comfortable and comfortable you will be. If the selected image complements you and expresses your nature exactly as you want, then this tattoo suits you.

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