What to give a man on February 23?

Defender of the Fatherland Day has long acquired the status of an informal men's day. On this holiday, they congratulate not only professional military or privates, but also those who do not yet have any relation to the military service due to their young age, and even those who have not served at all. In a word, all boys, boys, men and grandfathers, regardless of their attitude to the army, receive congratulations and gifts from women on this day.

About gifts

Every year, it is difficult to decide what gift for February 23 a man will like. After all, there is no universal answer to this question. Therefore, the process of choosing a gift should be approached creatively, although pragmatism also does not hurt. For a start, it is worth determining who will need gifts from your environment. We make a reservation right away that we will discuss individual gifts, that is, from a particular woman to a particular man. We will give away wholesale corporate souvenirs to trade union leaders.

Beloved man

Husband, groom, lover or lover can give very personal gifts. It is assumed that you know well the tastes of the closest person, his cherished desires. Based on this knowledge, look for something that will bring him real joy.

If a loved one is a passionate hunter or fisherman, he will be pleased to get a tent, a sleeping bag, a bowler hat, a thermos flask, a spinning pole, or some semolina for playing game. You can subscribe to the magazine of the desired subject or buy a thick book about the subject of interest of your man. If you doubt your ability to choose a standing thing, unobtrusively ask your dear, what he lacks for happiness in hunting / fishing. It is only desirable to do this, at least after the New Year holidays, in order to be able to find what you need.

Many of the stronger sex are ablaze with tender passion for their cars. Therefore, thinking that giving a man on February 23, a loving woman will take care of a massage seat cover or a device for heating it. A mini-car wash or a turbo vacuum cleaner, a set of keys or car cosmetics, a voltmeter or autothermometer, an ionizer or air freshener in the cabin, a navigator or video recorder - the list of useful gifts for a car enthusiast can be long.

An active sports fan will be delighted with the ticket for the match of his favorite team, a subscription to classes at the gym (if he hasn’t acquired it himself yet), a joint weekend at the ski resort or a book of his inflated idol, in which he shares the secrets of training. If the space allows the apartment and financial opportunities, you can bestow your dear home sports simulator. By the way, such a thing is most useful, especially on the eve of March 8 - to correct the figure.

In addition to any of the above gifts, you can present a romantic dinner in the style of "run away in AWOL." Such a gift on February 23 a man will surely enjoy.

Father from daughter / grandfather from granddaughter

Fathers and grandfathers are a special category of close men, and gifts for them must be especially spiritual. These gifts must carry the warmth of your care for those who have preserved you from birth. Relationships allow the opportunity to directly ask what to give a man on February 23. If the former military modestly shy away from the answer, try to avoid the standard.

Often older people suffer from a lack of communication.Arrange for them a family holiday, write them down to the chess section, donate a new phone with large numbers or a laptop with Internet access. Of course, in this case it is necessary to conduct a course of a beginner geek

Unfortunately, the health of our loved ones often wants the best. In this case, a tonometer or blood glucose meter, a massager or nebulizer, a humidifier or a set of dietary supplements is useful for activating the body's defenses. Just before buying, read the contraindications.

From mom to son

No matter how grown up a son is, for a mother he remains a boy, and she can easily decide what to choose as a gift. For example, on a holiday it is not accepted to give clothes, but a former soldier will always accept a scarf or warm socks tied with mother's hands.

Choosing a gift for February 23 to a very young man - the future defender of the Fatherland, you can take into account the specifics of the holiday and donate not just another computer "shooter" or a fancy gadget, but books or CDs with movies about great battles and commanders. Let the boy have examples of real heroism before his eyes, let him learn to empathize with another's grief and choose Alexander Suvorov, not Jack Sparrow, as an example to follow.After all, it will come, very soon the time will come when the twisted little boy will have to become a Man, a Protector.

In order for your boy to become a strong guy, buy him dumbbells, skis, a tennis racket, a punching bag and gloves - you better know what he likes more. In order to not raise a child into a painful task for parents, you can give the future soldier an alarm clock, fleeing or flying away from the owner when trying to turn off the call — until he catches, he wakes up. May be.

Gifts of military subjects

The purpose of such gifts is to stir up nostalgic memories of the glorious years of military service in the soul of a reserve serviceman. Of course, most donated souvenirs fall into the category of fun: a chair cover with the inscription "Commander-in-Chief's Place", a soldier mug, a lighter - a pistol or a grenade, army suhpaek (can of cereal or canned meat with a spoon and a metal mug and a few crackers). But more serious, even status gifts are possible, for example, souvenirs in the form of a ship's steering wheel.

Handing it to the owner of the house or the director of the company, you would like to know who the captain is on this vessel.A telescope, a bell or anchor will appeal not only to former sailors, but also to those who served on land. And books about weapons or souvenir drafts — attributes of Cossack freemen — will not make a rare male heart quiver.

Thinking about giving a man on February 23, women sometimes focus on acquiring material objects, motivating this with the slogan: “So that the souvenir remains”. But vivid impressions can remain in the memory: flight by plane, parachute jump, participation in the militarized game. And if you capture the adventure on camera, the memories of your experiences will never fade!

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