How to stuff a chicken?

Kate flower
Kate flower
February 2, 2015
How to stuff a chicken?

Stuffed chicken is an excellent festive dish, not only because of its benefits and low-calorie content, but also because it can be stuffed differently, changing the taste of the dish. For different fillings you need not only different ingredients, but also spices, so this dish does not limit you in the manifestation of fantasy. In this article we will look at options for how you can stuff a chicken.

Chicken Fillings

It only depends on your imagination what you put on the table. We offer options that are suitable for stuffing, and at the same time will be combined with chicken meat:

  • lokas;
  • dried apricots with apples and honey;
  • prunes with apples;
  • apples with oranges and spices (cinnamon / cloves);
  • rice and vegetables - in the end pilaf;
  • cheese with mushrooms. White mushrooms and champignons work well;
  • cheese and ham;
  • cabbage. Marinated, fried, fresh - which one you like;
  • tomatoes with a mixture of peppers. In addition, when baking, tomatoes, thanks to their juice, will make the meat juicier;
  • mushrooms with onions in sour cream, pre-stewed;
  • rice with herbs and herbs. The rice in this recipe should be crumbly;
  • fried potatoes with spices.

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