What does an angiosurgeon treat, with what symptoms to treat?

Today, every second inhabitant of the planet faces cardiovascular diseases. For the most part, older people are affected. At the same time, it is not always possible to get qualified help from a specialist in public clinics. Not every city has an angiosurgeon. What does this doctor treat? Let's try to figure it out.

Specialty features

An angiosurgeon physician is a specialist in the field of vascular pathologies. It uses minimally invasive methods of treatment of diseases associated with lymphatic and blood vessels. Many encounter pathologies in this area. However, in many public medical institutions, the role of an angiosurgeon is performed by a cardiologist. And only with the development of complications, patients are sent to specialized centers. At the same time, precious time is missed, irreversible changes develop in the vessels.angiosurgeon that treats

Vascular surgery also includes such a direction as microsurgery. The work of a specialist in this direction can be considered jewelry. The slightest irregular movement of the surgeon can lead to serious complications.

What is the work of angiosurgeon? What does this specialist treat? The most common diseases will be discussed further.


The disease is characterized by damage to the arteries, the formation of cholesterol deposits within the vessels. As a result, their lumen is significantly narrowed, the blood supply to organs and systems is disturbed. The most dangerous is atherosclerosis of the heart vessels, which can manifest attacks of angina. Significantly increases the risk of myocardial infarction. In addition, ischemic heart disease may develop. Atherosclerosis is a disease that can lead to disability and even patient death. Therefore, to delay the treatment for medical care is impossible.angiosurgeon who it is and what treats

The disease usually develops in patients older than 50 years. Of great importance is also heredity. In some patients, a complex disease may occur after 30 years.What is the work of vascular angiosurgeon? Initially, a conservative treatment of the disease. The patient is prescribed a diet. It is imperative to eliminate cholesterol-containing foods. In addition, medications can be administered by which it is possible to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood. If the disease is neglected, surgical treatment is prescribed. It is important to eliminate the likelihood of occlusion of blood vessels.

Carotid stenosis

With this disease, you will also have to seek help from an angiosurgeon. What does a specialist treat? His actions are aimed at identifying the causes of occlusion. As a rule, people suffering from atherosclerosis face the pathological condition. Inside the vascular wall is a plaque that prevents full blood flow. In acute carotid stenosis, there is a serious risk of death. A common complication is ischemic stroke, which can cause disability and even patient death.an angiosurgeon doctor that treats

Different surgical tactics are used for carotid stenosis. The choice depends on the degree of neglect of the pathological process.Often, the specialist makes a decision on the operation after the patient ischemic stroke.

Varicose veins

Many men and women of middle age face this disease. Pathology develops due to the thinning of the venous wall. As a result, the lumen of vessels increases, varicose nodes appear. With this pathology, you can also seek help from an angiosurgeon. Who it is and what heals, has already been described above.what treats angiosurgeon with what symptoms to treat

Varicose veins manifest as a feeling of heaviness in the legs, swelling of the lower leg and feet. The disease is more susceptible to overweight people. Varicose knots can also appear at hairdressers, saleswomen, massage therapists and representatives of other professions who have to spend a lot of time on their feet. Of great importance is also a genetic predisposition.

What does an angiosurgeon treat? What symptoms to treat? If you have any discomfort in your legs, you should already sign up for a consultation. Swelling in the ankles, a feeling of heaviness, disappearing in the prone position can also guard. At an early stage, conservative therapy is indicated for the patient.Good results are given by compression knitwear. If the pathological process is started, the varicose nodes are removed using surgery.

Diabetic angiopathy

Pathological process is a complication of diabetes. A diffuse vascular lesion develops due to an increase in blood glucose levels. Statistics indicate that diabetics atherosclerosis develops 10-15 years earlier than other patients. People at risk of obesity are also at risk. Significantly increases the risk of angiopathy in patients who do not adhere to the recommendations of the doctor, do not inject insulin according to the regimen.doctor angiosurgeon

The pathology is manifested by ischemic disorders of the heart, angina. Such dangerous complications as aneurysm, thrombophlebitis can develop. Some pathological processes are asymptomatic, although they threaten the life of the patient. Significantly increases the risk of fatal heart attack in people with type 2 diabetes.

What does an angiosurgeon doctor do? What does a specialist treat? His actions are aimed at slowing down the dangerous processes developing in the vessels of the diabetic.In addition to insulin, prescribed funds containing acetylsalicylic acid. With their help, it is possible to make the blood less thick. Trophic ulcers are treated under the supervision of a surgeon.


With this disease will also have to turn to angiosurgeon. What does a specialist treat? The doctor's actions are aimed at eliminating disorders of lymph flow. The development of the disease can be due to a huge number of factors. Often, pathology develops in people suffering from heart failure, kidney disease. In this case, the lymphatic highways simply can not cope with the outflow of lymph.vascular angiosurgeon

Lymphatic system malformations can also cause edema. At the same time, unpleasant symptoms develop on the background of damage to the lymphatic vessels. Eliminate the disease in this case can only be through surgical intervention.


Not every medical institution has an angiosurgeon. What a specialist treats, it has already become clear. In order not to have to seek help from a specialist, you should monitor your health and adhere to the recommendations of the therapist.

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