What wedding - four years together?

Wedding - one of the most important stages in relationstwo lovers. It is to the sounds of the wedding march that they open the door to a joint life, which will bring both joy and disappointment, and happiness and sadness. But truly loving hearts will always remain together, no matter what, and for a year they will support and protect each other.

If the first years of a couple's life together onlybegins its path, and relations are still subject to different metamorphoses, then after four years together there is confidence in the person who is next, and the former roughness in the relationship disappears. Marriage becomes stronger, so the question "what kind of wedding - four years", the answer can be one - linen

What does flax symbolize?

what wedding is four years old

Since ancient times, flax has been considered a symbol of purity and luxury. In clothes made of linen cloth it is comfortable both in the heat, and in the cold, and with the person next to whom lived for four years, it is good in any "weather". Such properties of flax as smoothness and strength embody calmness in relations and, of course, the strength of the union. After all, the pair has already overcome many crisis moments, and this serves as a confirmation that people can live together for many, many years. When people lived side by side for four years, what wedding they had, lush or modest, it does not matter, the main thing is that they found each other.


In Russia it was said that not a single anniversarymarried life was not without its traditions. Yes, and on the fourth date of the marriage, young people were to perform certain rites, which provided a further happy life in prosperity and joy. Unfortunately, not all of them will be able to perform modern couples.

For example, in olden times, a wife should havepersonally to weave a linen cloth and then sew a sheet from it, which then will be covered with a matrimonial bed. However, it is unlikely in our time there are many women who know how to weave, so it will be enough to buy a set of linen bed linen.

It does not matter which wedding: four years or this is another number of years lived together - it is customary to expose young trials. At the linen wedding, guests should knot together the hands of husband and wife together, and if they can not free themselves, then their union will be long and lasting, like this knot.

Four years of the wedding what to giveAnother simple ritual, which is to be conducted by invited friends and relatives, is to sprinkle the flax seeds on the couple so that they can live in prosperity.

How to mark

At least four years - the date is not round, it's not at alldoes not detract from its importance. And then you need to mark, and if not with a wide scope, then certainly fun. What kind of wedding, four years or ten years, is not so important, the main thing is that young people want to see guests in their house, people they care about.

Covering the table, you should lay on it linentable cloth, and guests handed out linen napkins. It would be symbolic if the husband and wife are dressed in linen clothes. Flax on this day can decorate the table and other decoration of the house.

What to gift

four years what kind of wedding

When someone from loved ones celebrates the date fouryear of the wedding, what to give them on this day, does not always immediately come to mind. Although the answer is on the surface. Once the wedding is flaxen, then the best gift will be flax in all its hypostases. Very practical gift will be napkins, tablecloths and bed linen sets made of linen cloth.

A pleasant souvenir that will decorate the house of the young will be a woven piece of linen ropes or real flax planted in a flower pot.

Some sources on the question of whichwedding - four years of living together, respond - wax. Therefore, another gift option for this anniversary may be a set of decorative candles or beautiful candlesticks.

But despite all the gifts, the best wishes for the couple will be the good wishes of long years of living together in love and mutual understanding.

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