What winter tires are better?

The arrival of cold weather promises motorists new problems associated with the selection and purchase of winter tires. The modern market of automobile tires offers a huge range of products, in which it is easy to get confused even by an experienced car enthusiast. In this article, we will try to figure out which winter tires are better and which ones are worse.

First of all, it should be noted that tires for winter are non-studded and studded. It is difficult to say which of these types is better suited to a specific car owner. In theory, studded tires should provide better grip, which is especially important when there is ice on the street. However, this is in theory. In practice, it is often the usual winter tires behaves on a slippery road much better studded. Therefore, we can conclude that the behavior of the machine depends not on the very presence or absence of spikes, but on the skill of the manufacturer, the tread of the rubber, its chemical composition and a number of other factors.

Stud tires

Rubber of this type is ideal if you are driving in icy conditions and heavy snow. Due to the special pattern of spikes, increases the coefficient of adhesion of rubber with the road.Choosing studded tires, pay attention to the number of spikes and features of the pattern. The more of them will be on the rubber, the less will be the braking distance and less often there will be slippage. As for the picture, buy those tires in which the spikes are randomly scattered over the surface, and not on the same line. This improves the behavior of rubber on the road.

Studless tires

A non-studded type of winter rubber, which is popularly called velcro, is often inferior to all studded models on ice when driving through all tests. Continuing the conversation about what kind of winter tires is better to buy, you should make a note. Comparison of studded and non-studded rubber characteristics is relevant only when analyzing the performance of models of approximately the same class. Naturally, expensive velcro tires from well-known global manufacturers, when compared with cheap studded specimens of dubious origin, may well outrun the latter in some characteristics. Take note of this when choosing.

Velcro winter tires: which one is better

One of the best non-studded tires are products of the "Continental" brand.Motorists also praise the products of the companies "Michelin", "BridgeStone", "Nokian", "Pirelli", "GoodYear". In principle, the high level of these brands is unshakable in the context of other types of tires. By choosing the original products of these companies, you can be assured of the quality, regardless of whether you buy studded or non-studded, winter or summer tires. However, a significant disadvantage of all these brands is their relatively high price. In addition, due to the popularity of these companies in our market there are many fakes. Naturally, if you buy a non-original product, you simply cannot assess the claimed advantages of the same “Continental”.

All season tires

Speaking of winter tires, it is impossible not to give a few lines and the so-called all-season tires. In theory, such tires can be used both in winter and in summer. As a result - savings on the tires themselves and visit the tire. However, according to most experts, for our country it is better to choose two sets of tires: for the winter and for the summer. All-season tires, no matter how raspiarennaya it was, still designed for regions in which a smaller variation in temperature throughout the year. In our conditions of suffocating summer heat and frosty winter, such tires do not give the desired result.They can be used only as an autumn-spring version.

Why studded tires are prohibited

As you know, in many countries around the world the use of studded winter tires is prohibited. This is due to the fact that, according to some data, each spike of such rubber “knocks out” about 10 grams of asphalt from each kilometer of the road. It is not a secret for anyone that repairing the roadway is troublesome and expensive. Therefore, such measures were taken in Japan, the USA and many other countries. We are still calm in this matter, so you can safely acquire studded tires and continue to destroy domestic roads.

The climate of the region and roads

When choosing tires, it is important to take into account the particular climate and the area where the machine is operated. So, if you drive on clean country roads or on city roads, treated with reagents, it is better to choose studless tires with a frequent pattern. Rubber with spikes suitable for regions where the weather is unstable in winter, which is characterized by frequent frosts and thaws. Studded tires are also effective on paved roads when snow is densely rolled or frost has appeared.

Narrow or wide

Continuing the conversation about what kind of winter tires are better, I must say that in all senses in winter, narrow tires with a lower landing number are more profitable. So, for example, instead of 195/60 R15 you can use 175/70 R14. What does this give? Due to the narrow size, the pressure on the road surface increases by several times, and the contact patch decreases. Stronger pressure on asphalt or ice allows the wheel to better “cling” to the road and, as a result, provide the driver with more control and confidence.

As for the diameter, the smaller size significantly reduces the weight of the wheel itself. This leads to a decrease in inertia of unsprung masses, which increases safety and provides a more confident contact of the wheels with the canvas. In addition, a smaller diameter reduces the shock load on the machine “hodovka”.

If we are not talking about which winter studded tires are better, and which ones are cheaper, one should look at domestic producers. As an example, the products of Russian brands “Cordiant”, “Amtel”, “Krasny Yar”, as well as Ukrainian “Rossavu” can be cited. In any case, decide which is better winter tires, from the proposed, you will be the only one.

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