what women like men zodiac sign cancer

what women like men zodiac sign cancer

  1. cancer home sign They need a wise quiet hostess who does not take too much of it
  2. It's simple - the zodiac signs are nonsense and do not affect anything.
  3. They quickly fall in love with Gemini ... only to no avail)

    Acquaintance with Cancer will bring satisfaction to both of you only if you fascinate him with your tenderness and delicacy. The softness, the suppleness of character act on this man as a magnet, he immediately wants to get to know you closer, then even closer, still ... He will never be interested in a harsh or haughty woman - from such he runs as far as possible, feeling intuitively that they do not fit together. On the other hand, if we recall the attraction of opposites, we can assume that he is able to become interested in a completely different person. It can awaken the desire to capture the one that it is very difficult or impossible to conquer. It should be borne in mind: in the aspirations of this kind, there is a considerable risk, so it is hardly worthwhile adopting this tactic of behavior. It is better to avoid actions that cause him only confusion and shyness, be frank and benevolent. This way you will not only ensure your success, but also give you the consciousness of emotional security, moral support and peace of mind that is so necessary for him. If, in addition, you show concern for him, his happiness will be boundless.

    Try to understand and remember, from what he comes in emotion, which makes him feel empathy, - this information is very useful if you want to stir it emotionally. First of all Cancer is waiting for warmth, it is extremely pleasant for him to meet a cordial and sincerely benevolent person. He will feel disgracked just in front of such a woman - affectionate, devoted, loving almost like a mother. He will want to see in it his wife, sister, mother and mistress at the same time. As it may seem paradoxical, but its ideal is a prostitute with a good heart! If you feel that you are approaching him, be assured: you will manage to kindle a fire in the heart of your chosen one!

    True, from the very beginning you need to clearly understand what you want, but you just want to want this: to create a cozy family nest and to give birth to a bunch of children. It is enough to tell him about this one day, and he will want to hear it again and again - for him these words are dearer than declarations of love ...

    The behavior of Cancer in intimate situations is due to some of the female qualities of his character. This explains his subconscious search for a strong woman who would take all the activity. Even in bed, you have to show maternal feelings, treating him sometimes as a small child who wants to see in her partner an emotionally more experienced woman ready to teach his sensuality. Try to cope with this task, and he will thank you.

    In turn, be able to avoid all that could irritate him and deliver unpleasant sensations. Under no circumstances can he be ridiculously dreamed of! You can not criticize him for fantasy, to sweep his ideas off the threshold, even if they seem unreal. Remember: drastic behavior acts on him destructively. Aggressiveness, persistence, cruelty, insolence-all this offends him, and even makes his coexistence with people impossible. All that excludes a pure, innocent nature, influences him extremely negatively in the psychological sense. The same can be said about the cold, restraining and hiding her feelings woman.

    Cancer loves only the truly sublime. He likes romance, outer and inner beauty, affection and tenderness. A woman deprived of these qualities, and also mocking them, can only push him away. Therefore, as soon as he sees at least the slightest signs of your coldness, he will quit the game and close in his inner world, where he will not allow anyone who, in his opinion, is deprived of human qualities.

    What can hurt him? Cancer is a man who reacts sensitively to every little thing: a word too loud and an unfriendly act; so nothing is worth it to offend, hurt him. He has poorly developed protective mechanisms

  5. I'm Cancer.
    Deeply, for real, I liked only girls Scorpions.

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