Whatever the renovation, it would not be in Moscow

Very often we hear that people take their property under the pretext of renovation. Allegedly with the aim to seize expensive land in the city. Everyone cites the experience of European countries, where old houses are not demolished, but modernized. But few people add that this modernization is due to the tenants themselves.
Whatever renovation would be, it would not be in Moscow street, building, apartments, district, renovation, Vernadsky, apartments, street, addresses, new, houses, Polyarnaya, square, informing, which residents, common, Dezhneva, five-story building

Our people categorically refuse to understand that the ownership of real estate is not only a right, but also a responsibility. And as a result, the duty to monitor their housing stock.
Today, the state takes over the maintenance of the old housing stock, otherwise the cost of maintaining the old houses would be several times higher than the new ones.
Perdstavte, that the owner would pay not only 5,000, but all 15,000 rubles for an apartment of 35 square meters. And there would be no renovation program at all.
Europeans live in such conditions, they have to negotiate a loan with the bank. With this money they repair the networks, trim and insulate the walls of the old house, and then for several years the tenants pay the bank a loan.
But with our bank rates, such a scheme is almost impossible. Who will take on such a burden and, continuing to huddle in a small apartment, paying huge fees for maintenance?
And remember how many skeptics there were about the Sobyanin program. But where are all these people who claimed that Muscovites would be evicted from the center outside the Moscow Ring Road, that they would take away property, and in general would be deceived in trying to seize expensive urban land?
Here are the first subtotals
Today, according to the renovation program, 373 families have already been settled in new apartments.
Whatever renovation would be, it would not be in Moscow street, building, apartments, district, renovation, Vernadsky, apartments, street, addresses, new, houses, Polyarnaya, square, informing, which residents, common, Dezhneva, five-story building

One of the last houses on Polyarnaya Street, Building 1, Building 2, where 13 families have already housewarming.
The total area of ​​the house is 10,450 square meters. The house has 128 apartments, including 32 one-room, 64 two-room and 32 three-room.
The facades are lined with brick under the brick according to the Finnish technology, and the unlined surfaces are painted with kremnorganorganicheskim enamels. Repair, as promised, by the standards of renovation - comfort class.
Whatever renovation would be, it would not be in Moscow street, building, apartments, district, renovation, Vernadsky, apartments, street, addresses, new, houses, Polyarnaya, square, informing, which residents, common, Dezhneva, five-story building

In total, 55 families have already signed contracts for the apartments in this new building. Another 13 agreed to resettlement and is now processing the documents.
And the whole program will affect more than 1 million Muscovites.Currently, the preparation of projects and planning in future new microdistricts is in full swing, which, as Sobyanin said, will be reworked not only as sleeping areas, but also as high-grade neighborhoods in which it will be comfortable not only to live, but also to work and spend free time .
The city hall promises that such questions will be discussed with the Muscovites. And first of all, the program will involve the already existing housing stock, but it has been reworked according to new standards. 242 launch sites have already been allocated, where the construction of new homes for relocation gradually begins.
“This is such a multifaceted work: on the one hand, we are preparing town planning documentation, on the other - we find launch sites, we will use those houses that can be used. And so they started moving fast enough. This year about 10 thousand people will already be resettled under the renovation program. ”
This Sobyanin said when he visited the house on Polyarnaya Street, where he managed to meet with the family of retired Galina Toporkova. Previously, her family lived in a brick five-story building nearby, at the following address: Polyarnaya Street, Building 3, Building 1, where she already occupied two apartments, a two-bedroom apartment 43 sq.m. and a treshka 57 sq.m.Now they were relocated, giving out also two apartments, 64 and 78 sq.m.
According to Galina, all the wishes of the residents when moving were taken into account: before the resettlement, the center specialists went around all the apartments and talked to people. Some of the tenants asked for the preservation of the neighborhood and they made concessions. People settled on one floor.
And for the paperwork did not have to go anywhere. In the same house there is a "Center for information on resettlement."
And for convenience, such centers will be in every house or block.
So Moscow renovation is a unique experience for a large metropolis, which has no equal yet.
Another part of the inhabitants of the house on Polar Street is preparing for the relocation to house 26 on Dezhnev passage. The total area of ​​the new building is 18,950 sq.m. on 256 apartments.
In total, in South Medvedkovo, 10 houses with a total area of ​​34,000 sq.m. are included in the renovation program. Six of them are nine-story buildings.
Also in the area approved five launch pads with a total area of ​​47,400 square meters.
Two of them (Dezhnev Drive, Building 26 and Polyarnaya Street, Building 1, Building 2) have already been commissioned. In the houses is settled. On the remaining three sites, launch houses are planning to be built and commissioned in 2020–2021.New buildings will appear at the addresses: Molodtsova street, possession 33, building 1; Dezhnev passage, possession 8; Molodtsova Street, Building 17, Building 1.
The renovation program was approved last year, August 1, 2017. It included 5,171 houses. This is approximately 350,000 apartments with a total area of ​​16.3 million square meters. As I wrote above, the renovation will affect about a million inhabitants.
Today, 242 launch sites have been approved, located in all administrative districts of the city. They are planning to build 3,600,000 sq.m. housing. In 2018–2019, 59 new houses will appear on the territory of these sites, up to 2021 - another 183 houses. And now 33 starting houses with a total area of ​​400,000 sq.m. have been commissioned. sq. In 12 of them, they are already settled, while 34 are under construction and more than 140 are in the design stage.
The relocation began on February 10, 2018. Now families from 15 three- and five-storey houses in 12 new buildings are moving to a new place of residence.
In February, 1,117 families (2,600,000 people) lived in all houses to be demolished. 373 families have already moved to new apartments.
Relocation of five-story building started in the east of the city. Residents of the five-story building in HLW located at the addresses: Konstantin Fedin Street, Building 3 and Building 5, move to 62b at 5th Parkovaya Street. I already wrote about this house.
From April 7 in the west of the capital, five five-story buildings were resettled at the following addresses: 75 Vernadsky Avenue, Grodno Street, 7 and 9, Krasny Zor Street, 23 and 25. Their residents received apartments in four houses: Vernadsky Avenue, 61, building 3 and house 69, Krasnykh Zor street, house 59b and Gzhatskaya street, house 16, building 1. And this was also in my reviews.
Since June 9, the residents of three five-story buildings have arrived at the North-Eastern Administrative District (Polyarnaya Street, Building 3, Building 1 and Ostashkovskaya Street, Building 9, Buildings 2 and 3). They were allocated apartments in four new buildings, which are located at the following addresses: Polyarnaya Street, Building 1, Building 2, Dezhnev Street, Building 26, Letchik Babushkina Street, Buildings 39 and 41.
In July, residents of two districts moved to new homes at once. In the South-Western Administrative Okrug, the relocation of three three-story buildings (Krasnolimanskaya Street, houses 21, 23 and 25) began on July 14. Residents received apartments in two new buildings on Izyumskaya street, in houses 49 (building 2) and 55 (building 1).
From July 21, residents of houses 49 and 51 on Udaltsova Street began to move to the new building. New housing was provided to them in house 58 on Vernadsky Avenue.
Information Centers
Know that for the convenience of citizens in the houses, new buildings are located special centers of information, which have the necessary technical equipment.They include employees of prefectures, the Department of City Property, the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, the Moscow Real Estate Center, the Moscow Foundation for Renovation of Residential Development, the Enterprise for Civil Engineering, the management company and the general contractor.
The centers open after the citizens start moving to the new house and the first two days are open from 09:00 to 21:00, in the following days - from Monday to Saturday from 12:00 to 20:00 (Sunday is a day off).
In them, Muscovites can get advice on the organization of relocation (including privileged categories of citizens), signing contracts for new apartments, issuing keys to new apartments. Also here they will tell about the purchase of apartments of a larger area with surcharge, the technical characteristics of the house-new building, finishing and improvement, the elimination of comments on the technical condition of the apartments.
Today, eight information centers are open in Moscow at the following addresses:
- HLW, Northern Izmailovo District (5th Parkovaya Street, 62b);
- Joint-Stock Company, area Mozhaysky (street Gzhatskaya, the house 16, the case 1);
- CJSC, Mozhaysky district (Krasnykh Zor street, 59b);
- Joint-Stock Company, area Vernadsky Avenue (Vernadsky Avenue, house 54);
- Joint-stock company, area Vernadsky Avenue (Vernadsky Avenue, house 61, building 3);
- NEAD, Babushkinsky district (Letchik Babushkina street, 39);
- NEAD, Yuzhnoye Medvedkovo District (Polyarnaya Street, 1, building 2);
- South-Western Administrative Okrug, South Butovo district (Izyumskaya street, 55, building 1).
By the end of the year it is planned to open five more centers.
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