When and how are the namesakes of Yuri

The name Yuri, Yura in our time is not in the ranks of the most popular. Modern children are almost never called that, although earlier it was quite common. In addition, in the pre-revolutionary era, the name Yuri was often given to children from high-born and noble families. At the same time, the name day of Yuri, who was considered the main celebration in the life of such a person, was celebrated. By the way, the tradition of celebrating birthdays gradually returns to our lives, so you need to know what dates they fall on and how to properly celebrate them.

Meaning of the name

Before you learn everything about the name of Yuri, it is necessary to shed light on the meaning of this name. After all, absolutely every name means something, and the fate of a person sometimes depends on it. Although people of faith believe that it is exclusively in the hands of the Lord.Yury's Name Day

So, the male name Yura, Yuri has an ancient Greek origin from the name of George. The resulting Russian form of the word means "farmer", "cultivating the land." Similar names are considered Egor, Yegoria, George.

Named Yuri. What does this holiday mean

Previously, the name day was considered an event of an exclusively religious nature, today they are given a more secular character. But despite this, such a day was, is and will be a celebration of the soul.

Previously, a person was given a name at baptism, which occurred on the 8-th day after his birth. At the same time, he was nicknamed in honor of that saint, whose day of commemoration or worship was near the date of birth of the baby. So the child acquired its high patron. And the day of the birthday was such a date of remembrance or veneration of the holy namesake.

Birthday celebration traditions

As already mentioned, the name day was once the main holiday in human life. This day began with a trip to the church, where the hero of the occasion took communion and confessed. Besides him, close relatives went to church, who ordered the service, put candles. The birthday party was supposed to put candles near the icon of his patron saint. Named Yuri in this respect no different from others.yuri angel day

After church affairs, it was supposed to gather a festive dinner for the family and relatives. Homemade dishes were put on the table, there were a lot of pastries - pies and loaves. It was also decided to distribute goodies to neighbors, the largest loaves relied godparents. Started baking jam, berries, fish, mushrooms. In this case, the cakes could be both open and closed. The most important loaf was placed in the center of the table, so that everyone could see the name of the hero of the occasion laid out on it by dough. So celebrated his name day Yuri.

Angel's Day, or When the name of Yuri

All dates of the name for each name are determined based on the data of the church calendar. So, Yuri celebrates his name day 17 February (the day of George Vsevolodovich Vladimirsky, the Great Prince); 13 of August (the day of Yuri Petrogradsky, Novitsky). On these days, the name day of Yuri is celebrated according to the church calendar.

What is given on the birthday

Since the name day is a spiritual holiday, gifts were given to him appropriately. The best gift was considered an icon depicting the saint, whose name is the birthday man. They also gave church literature and paraphernalia.

There was another great tradition. This is a dimensional icon, which was painted by hand. Its size is fully consistent with the growth of the child. These symbols were considered powerful charms, they were taken with them on the road, on a long journey. They also acted as a means of communication between a man and his patron saint.Yury's birthday on the church calendar

Dimensional icons accompanied the person throughout his life, and then were inherited as a family heirloom. As for the materials of manufacture, simple icons, icons made with precious materials and stones were given on the name day. At the same time, wood or canvas was used as the basis for the drawing. However, the gift did not value the value and external beauty, but the original purpose - to be a means of communication with God and the patron saint.

The history of the patron saint of all Yuri

Named Yuriy on the Orthodox calendar are celebrated on February 17. This day is the day of memory of George (Yuri) Vsevolodovich, prince of the great Vladimir. His relics were found for the church in 1645, after which it was canonized by the Orthodox Church. Georgy Vsevolodovich was canonized as a holy blessed prince Georgy Vsevolodovich.Yury Name Day on the Orthodox Calendar

What is famous for this extraordinary man? It should be noted that his role in the history of Russia to this day is not unambiguous, many historians still argue about the correctness of his actions during the reign. Probably for this reason, his name is shrouded in various myths and legends. But one thing is certain: Prince Yury Vsevolodovich died in the year of 1238 during a hard battle with the Mongols who came to the Russian land. His whole family was burned, and his own head was cut off. The remains of the prince were found on the battlefield and identified by princely robes.

After the canonization of 17, February, was appointed the day of memory of Prince Yuri (George) Vsevolodovich, on which every Yury marks the day of the angel and his name day.

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