Where to find artifacts "Call of Pripyat"?

The most avid players of computer games, namely Stalker, are interested in searching for artifacts. The game is quite interesting, makes you think and break the head over this issue. After all, for those who have artifacts, the game opens up new opportunities. The game "Call of Pripyat" has a lot of artifacts that need to be detected, passing its levels. We will tell you where to find the “Call of Pripyat” artifacts.

Finding and types of artifacts

There are the most basic and important, it is worth finding them first. What impact do they have, and where to find artifacts in a stalker?

Gingerbread Man

Find it is not easy, it is distinguished by its rarity. It helps to recover from any damage, adds health by 4 points. It weighs 0.5 kg. The Kolobok artifact is radioactive (+2). There is an opinion that this artifact affects the genetics of its owner. But scientists are not confirmed. You need to search for this artifact in the anomalies “Floods”, “Sosnodub”. In the location "Zaton" - a swampy area, west. Location "Jupiter" in the northern part."Gingerbread Man" appears in those areas where a high level of radiation and chemical pollution is recorded.


Possesses heat-absorbing property, protects from excessive heat. Helps to withstand high temperatures in “Frying” conditions. It does not heat up, does not become hot. Its thermal protection is +3. The artifact weighs 0.5 kg. Radiates radiation (+1). You can find “Crystal”, if you look in “Zaton”, on a burnt farm.

Blood stone

An artifact that helps neutralize chemical exposure. But if the defeat is big, it will not help. Its owner is protected from chemical exposure to 3 points. The radioactivity of the “Blood of the Stone” is +1. Weight - 0.5 kg. It can be found in anomalies, namely in “Sosnodub”. There is also in the southern caves of the burnt farm in the “Backwaters”.

Chunk of Meat

One of the most useful and important artifacts. Organic matter "Chunk of Meat" has a very high level of protection against chemicals. It protects the wearer by absorbing contaminated air. Protecting this artifact from chemical attack is +6. Radiates radiation (+2). It weighs 0.5 kg. You can find it, if you get into the cave "Zaton", which are located under a burnt farm.

Night star

A leaping, glowing artifact that has very useful properties. May reduce gravity.It is useful if the backpack has a very large weight. "Night star" reduces the weight of your burden, it helps to quickly move away from the enemy. The largest weight that can carry this artifact is +4. It weighs 0.5 kg. It has a low level of radiation (+1). You can find the Night Star artifact in Zaton, namely in the Springboard anomaly behind the Dredger.


"Call of Pripyat": where to find the artifact "Flame"? This is a very rare, extremely useful artifact. Find it hard, but the owner gets a big plus. This artifact emits infrared rays that affect wounds. Using the artifact "Flame", you can very quickly get rid of severe damage to the skin. Despite its origin in places of high temperature, it is not hot. Find the artifact "Flame" can be in some anomalies: "Bitumen", "Frying", "Kotel". But it is formed very rarely.


Very useful artifact and very rare. Restores seriously injured, heals the most extensive damage. Increases health by 6 points. The radioactivity of this artifact is great. Find the "Firefly" hard. It is found where the level of chemical damage is great: in "Soda", "Concrete bath", "Loze", "Mace".


Very useful if you are in a radioactive zone or "swallowed" radiation. It absorbs harmful substances. You can find the “Wrenched” artifact in the “Backwater”, namely in the “Claw” anomaly or under a burnt farm.

Stone Flower

Protects the wearer from the mental effects of mutants. The protection factor is +3. You need to search for this artifact in “Backwater”, in the center of the “Claw” anomaly.

Popular game - "Call of Pripyat". I hope that our article will help you find artifacts.

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