Where you open the season, you need to close it there!

Dedicated to the first city snow of this season.
You will think that I am a strange person and at the beginning of the 17/18 season I will write about 17/16, and why not? All who wanted to have already opened, as in our south, and in the north of Russia.
Now we are waiting for even more snow to open, not only in the highest mountains, but also in those that are closer not only to crawl over stones and bushes, but it would be possible to skit down to where it is chubby and go down it.
I'll ask again, just in case. Do you know where it is best to open the ski season in the Caucasus? That's right, you know! Of course - this is Elbrus. Here, in principle, it is possible not to close it, but only to cover it. In general, the best place to relax with and without skis is simply not to be found! :)
Do not believe? And rightly so, it is better only in Polyana, but there are restrictions on the beginning and end of skiing, and here everything is much longer in time. You can start in November, and finish in June.And it will not be skating on the water, but quite a normal wheelchair, you can even get on to the fresh snow.
Want to tell you how it was last June, and why am I going there next?
The nature of Elbrus is very different from what we are used to seeing, for example in Krasnaya Polyana. It is understandable, the height here is 3-4 times more than there. If we start in the glade from 500 meters, then we have been here since 2000! Cheget, of course, is slightly lower and in June there is no snow on it, and in November it may not yet be in sufficient quantity.

This is not a problem, because we are climbing up to Elbrus rather than Cheget, as high as possible. The cable car now you can throw as much as 3850. This is very solid. Snow is always here. Only his condition can be different.

In summer it is usually quite warm and some tourists cannot deny a photo with a half-naked body in the snow. There are those who are photographed this way in the spring, but in the summer they become much more bold. :)

We do not need all this circus, we came to ride! If possible, freeride, but if there is no one on the track, you can roll a little.

And after the route to get to the endless glacial "fields" of Elbrus is an incomparable pleasure.Consider, there are no tracks on the glacier, but there are cracks, I warned you! We ride with a guide, rope, avalanche equipment, gazebos and other pribludami. Without all of this set and the ability to use it to ride here is not recommended!

But it is so tempting that many people neglect safety. This is not about us!

Such is it - summer on Elbrus. There is snow, there are no people. :)

A couple of pictures above, I mentioned training. Here we studied and remembered how to organize a "station" of skis buried in the snow.

After successful workouts and a pleasant day of rolling, it's time to go down, relax and dumb to relax. Why not go fishing?

Stocking a pond, such beautiful trout are caught here.

Here you will get them fried, and you can eat them!

After the semi-dinner it is possible to take a walk and shake. I will not say that walking to the nearest waterfall is very easy, but half of the food you walk there for sure. Falls awesome, falls steps 200 meters, probably. We passed about half and realized that, if it goes on like this, we will come to Kogutai.


In the evening, the weather does not change for the better. Below the rain, above the snow!

In addition to the rain below, there is also the time of Balkarian cooking. What I like here after the mountains and snow is food!

And after it, in the morning, the mountains and snow again!

Local in line for a lift.

Today we are walking, although the weather doesn’t have much, but the higher you go, the more chances to pierce the whole fog and be in open space under a blue sky.

We are not the only ones who believe in a bright future.

Quite a few people today believe in themselves and go up. Most likely these are acclimatization exits. Nobody goes to the mountain so late. We have an advantage over them. We are skiing and they are walking. :)

At the former Shelter 11. Height 4100. Again flew, you need to wait a bit until stretch before you go down.

Here you can really understand that the big mountain does not like to joke and it is worth treating it at least with respect.

We have no other way. Respectfully begin to descend.


In some pictures because of these power lines, it seems that we are not in any mountains, but nevertheless.

Most real mountains, and ice under the snow!

Who would have thought that summer skiing can hardly differ from winter snow in terms of snow quality and overall satisfaction with the process?

We ran over, got tired of it, completed the program, and we can go back with a sense of accomplishment and with the feeling that next year at least we will have to repeat all this disgrace. And it is better not just to repeat, but to stay here longer.

Road coloring it is mainly not in the cities.

And just on the road with cows and horses.

Unusual cloud phenomena.

Industrial landscape at sunset.

And just the sunset sky.

Summing up, I want to say that next year, if we don’t open, then I’ll definitely go to Elbrus to close the season, and where you go is only up to you.

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