Does the guy write first?

Julia Martynyuk
Julia Martynyuk
February 14, 2013
Does the guy write first?

Probably, almost every girl, having fallen in love, often looks at her phone, waiting for a call or message, checks e-mail, enters social networks, waiting for him, if he doesn’t call, then he will write. But here passes day by day, and from him, as they say, no news. And what to do to us unhappy, if for us even one hour in waiting lasts, like an eternity? Let's decide together whether to write to the guy first.

Degree of your feelings

Of course, having lost our heads from love, each of us will say that on the scale of feelings from one hundred percent, our love is equal to at least 99. But wait with conclusions, maybe this love will last for a very short time, and in a month you will forget about it when you meet a new guy. Try to soberly assess how much you need it.

If you feel that you live in peace without him, then do not start writing to him first. But, when your normal existence is impossible without him and you are sure that only you will be happy with him, then think about everything carefully and make a plan for yourselfwhich will help you quietly catch him in your network so that he likes it, and he decided that he himself won you.

Degree of your dating

Can I write to a guy first if you are well acquainted? Why not? Just do not bother him with regular SMS, better come up with a good reason. For example, ask him about something "important", and then quietly move the conversation to another channel. Be smarter, make sure that he does not notice that you are pursuing personal goals.

There are situations when girls suddenly fall in love with their friend. Then you have the full right to write to him and even call if you have done this before. Just try to keep yourself in hand, so that he inadvertently did not guess about the changes in your attitude towards him. To the unfamiliar guy to write the first, it already means - to win the initiative.


Today, it is no surprise to anyone that some girls take everything on themselves and seek young people themselves. Just think, you want to join their ranks? There is nothing terrible in this, but there is not much good either. I do not want to talk about the fact that men are conquerors, that they themselves love to care for girls, and this is what everyone knows. And the choice is yours.


Often with quarrels, guys just disappear. She had already forgiven him for a long time, but he is in no hurry to apologize. Think well, can, in fact, you are to blame, but not him? Then writing to him is not a humiliation, but a confession of guilt. If you are sure that he did wrong, is it worth writing the guy first when he is not able to even understand his mistakes? In conclusion, I want to remind you, girls, that “you can't be forcefully cute,” there are a lot of guys around, and we have pride and dignity in single copies.

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