Magnets from smoking: reviews. Which magnet from smoking is better: Zerosmoke or Smokeclips?

Everyone understands perfectly well what to doa healthy lifestyle is not just fashionable, but absolutely necessary. How to deal with bad habits, which are so difficult to refuse? We are looking for all sorts of ways to overcome cravings for smoking, but, as a rule, such attempts end in complete failure. Tablets, plasters and electronic cigarettes - all this arsenal did not help you? Maybe it's time to turn to the secrets of Chinese medicine and try acupuncture? But this option is not for everyone. In our market, a new product has appeared, which manufacturers convince, will save you from cigarettes - magnets from smoking. Feedback about this new invention will help us understand its effectiveness.

magnets from smoking reviews

What is the essence of

The idea of ​​using magnets was born thanks tothe method of acupuncture action on the active points of man. As experts say, the proper stimulation of nerve endings can trigger the recovery of certain organs. For many centuries, unofficial medicine has been engaged in acupuncture of active points. Judging the effectiveness of this method is difficult, because it is used very narrowly in our country.

The habit of smoking is formed in a certainThe area of ​​the brain that is responsible for pleasure and satisfaction. The magnet on the ear from smoking is placed in the active point and stimulates the zone responsible for the addiction to tobacco. This method should ensure that you gradually give up this harmful occupation. Producers convince us that these "miracle" devices are based on the method of auriculotherapy. According to the theory, instead of needles, we are offered the effect of biomagnets at a certain point in the auricle. The question immediately arises: "And how to find this place?" As a rule, instructions are attached to the magnets. But even with it you can easily confuse the necessary points.

Why the ear?

At the beginning of the 20th century, the famous scientist Paul NogierHe created a theory according to which our ears are a real projection of the fetus in the uterus. Accordingly, if you know which point to influence, you can easily adjust the work of the body. That is, you can find a connection with any human organ and relieve it of ailments. Thanks to the painstaking work of the scientist, overseas specialists were also interested in the method. Many clinical trials have been carried out. Unfortunately, it was not possible to achieve an unambiguous result. Although there were cases when such treatment "worked".

magnet from smoking zerosmoker

Method and its description

A trendy product, regardless ofmanufacturer, works by the method of auriculoreflexotherapy. The essence of the action is to use deep stimulation of acupuncture points on the human body. Earlier, needle, massage, moxibustion, electrostimulation were used for these purposes. All these procedures are rather unpleasant and painful. Practice through research has concluded that the magnetic field has a similar effect on special areas of the body. This conclusion led to the invention of a new device. So there were magnets from smoking. The patients' testimonials confirm that their use does not cause discomfort and severe pain.

Attracting each other, the two halvesThe devices create a continuous pressure and send a signal to our brain. This process activates certain areas that are responsible for cravings for tobacco. Often these magnets are coated with precious metals, for example, gold. This avoids allergic reactions, irritations from the skin.

How to fix the magnets correctly

If you decide to purchase this product, you needknow how to use it correctly. We will consider the most popular types of this product to date: magnets against smoking Zerosmoke and Smokeclips. They are developed according to one principle, and therefore you can use them in the same way.

  • We release the goods from the packaging.
  • The first magnet (it may be slightly larger than the second one) is placed on the outer part of the auricle.
  • The next half of the device is brought to the same place on the ear, only from the inside.
  • Due to the attraction, they should tighten firmly on the skin and not fall off.
  • Carry out a procedure better in front of the mirror, in order to correctly determine the choice of the point for exposure.

magnet on the ear from smoking

Guide to action

Smokeclips and Zerosmoke Smokeless Magnetsit is recommended to wear daily, this will achieve maximum effect. Secure them to the auricle and leave to act 2-4 hours a day. Be sure to take a break, for example, you can use them for 2 hours in the morning and in the evening. It is better, if at this moment you will rest, but this is not a fundamental condition.

When placing magnets, it is desirable to strictlyFollow the recommendations on the picture that accompanies the instructions. If you are right-handed, choose the ear from the corresponding side, left-handed - do the same. Listen to your body. If the pressure from the metal is too strong and causes discomfort, the device must be slightly moved. You should be comfortable and not hurt. If the point is not determined, you feel a strong pressure - remove the device and try again later. Do not wear the magnets on your ears from smoking, when you feel a strong desire to take a cigarette or stay in a depressed emotional state. In such cases, try to just massage the active points for a minute with your fingers. It is not recommended to wear the device at night.

magnets against smoking reviews

When the result appears

Manufacturers of active biomagnets assure thatyou need to wear them for a week. At this first stage it is allowed not to limit oneself in smoking, but, if possible, to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. You can, of course, try at all to give up the bad habit for a few days. But if you still did not dare to do this, by the end of the week it is absolutely necessary. The duration of treatment is from 2 to 4 weeks - during this time, as experts say, you can completely abandon harmful nicotine. Your brain will receive a constant signal from the active point on the ear. Such a "message" should work and force it to abandon the need to take the drug - according to this principle and the magnets are effective from smoking. User feedback indicates that the treatment time can both increase and decrease.

magnet against smoking zerosmoker


Magnet from smoking Zerosmoke (like Smokeclips) has a number of contraindications. Be sure to read them before use.

  • Pregnancy - the influence of magnetic fields on the fetus has not been studied.
  • It is forbidden to patients who use implanted pumps for the delivery of insulin.
  • Not recommended when using patients with defibrillators and pacemakers.
  • Allergic reaction to the coating of the magnet (gold).


Probably, the main advantage of these goods is theirnon-invasiveness. You do not have to endure the pain of needles, you do not need to undergo surgery. In addition, the likelihood of allergies and the appearance of skin irritation on gold is very low. These products are easy enough to buy on the Internet or through official distributors.

magnets from smoking smokeclips

You do not have to worry about changing your lifestyle -The wearing of magnets does not require a special diet or additional physical exertion. If you take any medications or carry out a course of treatment, you are not counter-indicative to magnets against smoking. The reviews confirm full compatibility of the product with other drugs for the treatment of dependence on tobacco.

Customer Reviews

Unfortunately, to defeat a bad habit at allIt's not easy even if you use the most advanced technologies. Any dependence arises in the human brain. And that's why you should be patient and have a clear goal. Many believe that such adaptations are just a placebo for patients. That is, a person subconsciously begins to believe in getting rid of the habit. Even if this is the case, you need to try all methods.

Individual features should be taken into accountbody: one person can help magnets, but for another they are absolutely useless. Observe the body for the first 5 days. As a rule, during this period, the first changes occur in the direction of abandoning the harmful habit. If this does not happen, do not despair, continue to wear the magnets from smoking. Reviews about this product are both positive and negative.

magnets on ears from smoking

It is not possible to conclude with certainty which magnet from smoking is more effective - Zerosmoke or Smokeclips.

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