Why a child sleeps with his eyes ajar: reasons

Sometimes young parents pay attention to the fact that their child sleeps with eyes wide open, the reason for this behavior is not clear. In order to dispel all fears, it is necessary to examine in detail the opinion of experts on this issue.

Sleep mechanism

the child is sleeping with parted eyesFeatures of a person's sleep are in several of its phases, which alternate throughout the night.

Sleep consists of periods:

  • deep sleep;
  • fast sleep

The child sleeps with open eyes only during the surface phase, because at this time his brain is still actively working. This period is often accompanied by twitching of the limbs, moaning or shrieking, rapid eye movement. Fast sleep comes first, but only after it the child, like an adult, enters a phase of deep sleep. At this time, all the muscles relax, breathing levels out and slows down. Usually at this time, the eyes are already completely closed.

In general, this behavior is considered normal in children under the age of two.Experts say that this is a peculiar consequence of the formation of the organism and with age it passes completely.

The reasons for the strange behavior

why does a baby sleep with eyes wide openWhy is a sleeping child's eyes open?

There are several reasons for this:

  • lagophthalmos;
  • sleepwalking;
  • nervous tension;
  • heredity.

The last option is the most common. If one of the parents had such behavior in childhood, then there is a high probability that the sleeping child’s eyes will be slightly opened too. There are no reasons for fear for the health of the baby. Until the age of two, it is considered normal, and more often passes even earlier, even in 12-18 months.

Eye disease

the sleeping child has opened eyesLagophthalmos can be inherited by the child. Ignoring this problem can lead to the development of conjunctivitis, ulcerative keratitis and other eye inflammations in the baby. Accompanied by the violation of constant discomfort and dry eyes, but as they grow older often disappears on their own.

The reasons for the appearance of such a violation in babies can be:

  • congenital underdevelopment of the eyelids;
  • cicatricial reversal of the eyelids;
  • facial nerve inflammation;
  • exophthalmos;
  • inflammation of the optic nerve.

If a child sleeps with his eyes ajar up to a certain age, parents should not worry. It is necessary to sound the alarm when the baby does not close its eyes at all during sleep. It is necessary to consult a child neurologist and an ophthalmologist with such a violation.


the child is sleeping with open eyes the reasonIf a child is 4 years old sleeping with his eyes ajar, this should be cause for alarm parents. Very often, somnambulism is manifested in preschool children. Such a violation can last for periods up to a full hour and is dangerous because at the moments of walking the baby has absolutely nothing to control and is capable of hurting himself.

The causes of somnambulism are:

  • nervous disorders;
  • tiredness and lack of sleep;
  • sleep disturbance.

Interestingly, many adults suffer from sleepwalking, although it is quite possible to get rid of such a violation. Most often, the disease is treated with the use of fortifying sedatives, but before the appointment, specialists will dopplerography of the brain vessels and an eye test. During the examination, doctors often help to correctly identify the causes of such behavior and reassure parents by the fact that by school age these disorders often disappear themselves.

If a baby has several of the following symptoms, it is recommended to show it to a specialist:

Expert advice

why have a sleeping child's eyes openThe reasons why a child is sleeping with his eyes ajar may be many, and for a precise definition they cannot be dispensed with without a examination by a neurologist and an ophthalmologist. If the baby clearly shows all the symptoms of somnambulism, then first of all you should pay attention to its heredity. Such a walk in a dream is often transmitted to the baby from parents. He can get out of bed, go to the toilet or drink water and lie back without any oddities, but in the morning just don’t remember anything.

Parents of such a baby should definitely follow certain rules of behavior. It is very important not to wake the child in any way while he is not in bed, this can frighten him greatly. Parents should try to put the baby back to bed in all possible ways so that he does not wake up. To do this, you can not use the power and loud statements, you must gently take the baby, gently inviting him to bed. The main thing is to remember that even if the child’s eyes are completely open, he will still sleep and, waking up in the middle of the room, will be very scared and will be oriented for a long time.

Diagnosis of violations

When young parents are concerned about the question of why the infant sleeps with its eyes ajar, the answer should be sent to specialists. Only qualified doctors are able to timely and accurately determine the presence of any irregularities in the development of the baby and help eliminate them at an early stage.

If the child is sleeping with his eyes ajar, you can try to relieve his nervous tension before bed. To do this, add to the water for the evening bathing decoctions of soothing herbs. Be sure to maintain peace and quiet in the house in the afternoon, towards the evening and it is very important to strictly observe the sleep pattern. A child with a tendency to sleepwalking must be accustomed to the regime and stick to it regardless of the circumstances.

why does an infant sleep with open eyesFor children of preschool age, a good example of a particular bedtime ritual, for example, when mother reads fairy tales every night. For each baby, parents need to find an individual approach to help them relax.

In any case, to protect the child from stress should be throughout the day, and not just before bedtime.Even the smallest are prone to nervous tension, so harmony must reign in the family for the good health of the child.

If such actions do not correct the behavior of the baby, then it must be shown to the pediatrician, who will write out a referral to an ophthalmologist, a neuropsychiatrist and a neuropathologist.

Sleep rates

Many children stop sleeping during the day even at preschool age, while feeling completely normal. Parents of such babies often do not pay attention to similar features of their body, but in fact, for the normal development of girls and boys, they need up to 7 years of sleep. Even an active and cheerful baby during the day may show symptoms of lack of sleep in the form of sleepwalking or lagophthalmos. To understand whether the child has enough time to recuperate, you need to familiarize yourself with the norms of sleep for children of different ages.

So, newborn babies up to 4 months should spend about 18 hours a day in a dream. Up to six months, this time is reduced by only 2 hours. Kids up to 9 months should sleep for 15 hours, and up to 1 year for 13. If the child spends a little more than the specified norm in the bed, you should not be afraid, because the features and needs of the body are all individual.

After a year, babies need to spend on recuperation 12 hours at night and 4 hours in the afternoon.Daytime sleep can be divided into several. From two to three years, boys and girls need to allocate to rest 11 hours a night and 4-6 hours a day. Only after three years and until school itself, the child can sleep at night for 10 hours, leaving 2 hours for a day's rest.


child 4 years old sleeping with parted eyesWhen a child sleeps with his eyes ajar in infancy, parents should not be afraid. Breast babies have to spend almost all the time in the stages of superficial sleep in order to cry in time because of hunger, pain or discomfort. Only with age do babies begin to control their body better and can fall into a deep sleep for complete relaxation.

When a similar problem concerns parents of boys and girls at the age of several years, it is better to contact specialists to solve it.

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