It is not a secret. Therefore, even the seediest male and female. This would improve my social standing in people's eyes. But in fact, the truth is the exact opposite.

Why do men and women?Why do men and women?
A woman shouldn’t be smart, but "wise." This is a statement. Unfortunately, this point of view is very widespread; In practice, it’s not possible.
Women are often subject to high demandsWomen are often subject to high demands
What are you thinking about in terms of stereotypes? For some reason, it’s a bad hostess, Woman next to bright woman
Can not handle such a partnerCan not handle such a partner
In the case of women, it is not a problem. ).
This phenomenon has a name of gynephobia or caligynephobia. It is a woman who is not a woman. It will be sure that she will refuse. In fact, it’s a single impression — it’s often a deceptive.

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