Why Victoria Ostrovskaya became an actress of the same role

28-11-2017, 12:06

Sometimes dozens of roles played do not bring the actors such popularity as just one episodic role in the movie masterpiece, which becomes a real high point.
This happened to actress Victoria Ostrovskaya - she became famous for the only role she is associated with to this day. The famous phrase "Zigel-Zigel, ah-liu-liu!" From the movie "The Diamond Hand" brought her popularity and recognition for many years, and in every interview she again and again has to answer questions about this role. But after the resounding success, she was expected by the sudden completion of the film career and complete oblivion.

Victoria Ostrovskaya grew up in a creative atmosphere: her mother was a ballet dancer, and her stepfather was the director of the Kiev circus, and later he headed the Drama Theater. Ivan Franko. Famous artists often visited their house - Emil Kio, Leonid Utesov,

Irina Bugrimova. At first, Victoria dreamed of following her mother’s footsteps and practicing ballet, but after being injured, she had to give up dancing forever.

After school, Victoria entered the acting department of the Kiev Theater Institute, where she studied on the same course with Ada Rogovtseva. However, in the fourth year a scandal broke out, because of which Ostrovskaya was expelled from the Komsomol and was expelled from the institute. The girl was accused of anti-Soviet propaganda due to the fact that she allowed herself to appear in high school in too revealing outfits and with bright makeup. After the Komsomol at the meeting stated that Victoria Ostrovskaya was just as slutty as her mother, the girl pounced on him with her fists. After that, her training was interrupted for a year.

Soon Victoria married a Muscovite and moved with him to his hometown. There she got a job at a ceramic factory — she was sent there to “penetrate the ideology of the working class”. After working off, Ostrovskaya returned to Kiev and was reinstated at the institute, while her husband remained in Moscow. Soon their family broke up, Victoria married a second time and left for distribution in Syzran, where she performed on the stage of the drama theater, and then in the Russian Drama Theater in Dnepropetrovsk.

Both the second and the third marriage of the actress were short.Left alone, she was in a difficult financial situation and was forced to leave the theater. For several years, Ostrovskaya worked as a dispatcher at the carpool. She had already abandoned thoughts about her acting career, when suddenly her fate was decided by a case: an assistant director approached her on the street and offered to pass the tests for the role in the film “The Diamond Arm”.

Leonid Gaidai approved it immediately, and Ostrovskaya went to Baku - it was there that the “streets of Istanbul” were shot. She appeared in the frame just for a few moments, but this episodic role was so bright that it gave her incredible success. True, the fame was scandalous, because she had to play a prostitute inviting Soviet tourists.

The actress herself could not explain the reasons for the hype around this role: “I still do not understand why it was my heroine who sunk into everyone’s soul. In fact, no one thought that the "tsigel-tsigel" immediately go to the people. Shot this scene quickly and casually. Leonid Gaidai just said to me then: "You are standing and waiting." I stood by the wall and waited. One or two takes. And that's it! .. A little episode, but it is very dear to me.I worked with such great actors and wonderful people - Papanov, Mironov, Nikulin. Leonid Gaidai is a unique person. I will never forget it. ”

At the same time, the actress starred in another film - “Old Friend”, but this role went unnoticed. Ostrovskaya hoped that after this her film career would take off, but she wasn’t offered new roles - no one represented her in any other way. And again the actress had to radically change the scope of activities. She got a job at the Lenin Library, where she worked for the next 30 years.

In her life began a black stripe - the librarian did not have enough salaries for one person, and she had to take care of a sick mother and little son. Failures in her career and in her personal life led to a serious nervous breakdown, due to which she had to undergo treatment in the clinic of neurosis and psychotherapy. Only the help of qualified specialists saved her from suicide, thoughts about which had been relentlessly visited over the past years. The situation was aggravated by health problems - a vertebral hernia was diagnosed in Ostrovskaya.

One day she heard on the radio about a new medical system that puts severely ill patients on their feet without surgery. She started practicing at the Kinesitherapy Center and as a result, not only conquered the disease, but also began to teach gymnastics for people with back pain at the health center. Unexpectedly for herself, she found her new vocation. Despite all the trials that fell to her lot, the former actress found the strength to start a new life and find soul harmony.

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Why Victoria Ostrovskaya became an actress of the same role 42

Why Victoria Ostrovskaya became an actress of the same role 26

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