Wine cellar in a private house with their own hands: photos, tips on installation and equipment

Wine is a unique drink that benefits the body. Today you can meet many connoisseurs of this fragrant treat. There are collectors, winemakers. They can not do without a specially equipped room - a wine cellar. In order for the wine to retain its qualities, certain conditions are required. This is not only temperature, but also the level of humidity.

Each expert will say that the wine cellar (photos of the room are presented in our article) should be properly lit. In case of violation of one of the storage conditions, the wine loses its taste. Before you build the right design, it is worth armed with useful tips from the masters. The building is erected in the country or under the cottage - this is important. One more thing - such a building will not work out a budget, since it is not the vegetables that are required to be stored, but the canned product.

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If a person understands what a tasty and high-quality wine is, then this idea will be pleasant to him in the end. Every expert in this matter knows the sources, namely the history. Without it, it is difficult to understand how it all began and what you should strive for. Such a repository is special, and secrets are passed down from generation to generation. Information about the creation of such structures a lot. Today there are even masters who are ready to build it with all the requirements.

From sources

"Riga cellar" - such an expression has been in historical sources since 1293. Having a little studied history, it becomes clear that everything began in Riga, many years ago. Even years later, such cellars became part of the house. During the period of wars and destruction, wine cellars were also broken and crushed.

It is the Riga structure that can be considered unique. Because it is not just stored and stood wine. Serious people gathered in such rooms, negotiated and concluded contracts. It was convenient because a bottle of wine was always on hand. From there went the desire to create such structures in which the wine gets its taste and aroma.

Many notable people had wine cellars. In addition, they created their own special drink, passing recipes from generation to generation.Each variety has its own characteristics, year of aging and taste, aroma. Of course, over the years, the principle of building cellars has changed - modern people make their own adjustments, taking into account financial possibilities and personal preferences.

Where better to make such a structure?

To build a wine cellar, you should consider a place. The most convenient is the underground placement. But a certain temperature must be maintained in it, so that it must partially be above the ground. There are a lot of rules, and in order to preserve the wine, they should all be taken into account and realized.

for wine

When the question arises about the wine cellar in a private house, you need to take a plan and examine the existing buildings. Lowland relief will not work, because excessive rainfall will lead to increased humidity, and this will not be beneficial. There are no standards in terms of size; this is a personal desire, which is affected by the quantity of wine for storage and production. But all this is thought out in advance so that the place is not empty or, on the contrary, there is no surplus.

Well suited space under any structure for household purposes. The wine cellar in the house of private value has its advantages, you do not need to spend space for it and occupy the site.From the bottom of the basement, the entire meter recedes and then the building is erected. In addition, the time for delivery of products to the storage is reduced. At the planning stage, it is worth figuring out where the groundwater will flow. To do this, make a special drilling or lead landmark wells.

So, the sequence of works is not so complicated, but it is worth doing:

  • Site selection.
  • Determination of humidity.
  • Find out where groundwater flows.

After this, the main process begins. Some find suitable premises in their plots, but sometimes it is difficult to make a proper reconstruction. Before you begin this process, it is worthwhile to calculate your finances and make a decision regarding building materials.

Building in a private house

Today, many have a cottage or a country house. It is on this site that it is convenient to make a wine cellar (the photo of the room can be seen in our article). Builders believe that it is better when each building on the site is developed in the plan. Such a unique room brings satisfaction to the owners of the house, and most importantly - surprises visitors. This is unusual, in addition, it is always possible to spend time in it.

In the wine cellar creates its own climate indicator, but each wine has a need for storage. It is necessary before you start placing it to know about it. As a result, conditionally all drinks are divided by:

  • The presence of sugar.
  • Degree.
  • Age
  • Color.
  • Filling with carbon dioxide.
  • Place of work.

This information is always available on the fault realized in the sales network. In addition, there is another feature - the level of strength and some taste indicators. Sometimes the name indicates the location of production. Also the raw material itself matters. There are those regions whose blend is only grape.

Each label is always a lot of useful information. When a person understands wine, he knows where to read about the grape variety used in the making. When buying this drink, it is worth reading what moisture and temperature it is best to store, otherwise the aroma and saturation will be lost.

Temperature index

Every winemaker knows that a lot depends on the temperature. Therefore, sometimes the air conditioner for the wine cellar is simply necessary. This drink is capricious, and each variety requires its own, individually comfortable conditions.But the total figure is no more than fifteen degrees Celsius.

cellar conditioner

Since the fermentation process will depend on it, it should not be accelerated. But the lag is not allowed, so every degree matters. Any wine with the wrong storage just spoils. When the temperature drops sharply or rises, the corks on the bottles begin to change their shape, which is unacceptable. Since the air enters the bottle, the basic qualities change. Therefore, private wine cellars are built with all the requirements.

As already noted, this structure should be at the bottom, but at the top should not be located bath or sauna, as is the maximum heating. Vibration is another factor that has a negative effect on wine. Do not do storage near the road. It is for this reason that specialists carefully select the territory, and only after that the construction works begin.

To track the temperature, you need to have several thermometers, because the wine cellar in a private house is low, and the difference in temperature fluctuations can be significant. Before filling the vault with a drink, it is worth testing this room by recording the readings on the thermometer.With sharp jumps you need to make adjustments and install additional equipment.

Those who produce wine, argue that to create all the conditions, and after they support, not so easy. Because after the construction of the storage for a drink, you need to pay attention to faults and make repairs in time. To understand how to arrange everything, you can view photos of wine cellars in the houses. Visualization of the space will allow you to take a steam decision and understand where to go.

Not only to cool, but also to warm up such a room. Because the wine is stored in it all year round. Today, a variety of control thermal systems are on sale - split, air conditioners. In addition to their main purpose, they can constantly maintain the temperature in one indicator, warming or cooling the room. The owner, counting his financial means, chooses a suitable installation. A wine cellar, created with your own hands, should have:

  • Lighting.
  • Heating.
  • Moisture control

Moisture level

Today there are special devices that will show the microclimate in the repository.But he should not be above eighty percent and below fifty. All wines are closed with wooden corks - so the taste of the drink remains pleasant. But at low humidity, they are deformed, and the entire contents of the bottle deteriorate. In addition, do not forget that the basement is always filled with fungi and mold. They can also penetrate into containers when they are not tightly closed. Of course, such a drink will no longer be suitable for use.

To create optimal conditions, do not do without additional equipment. Air humidifiers, as well as a split system help to make their own adjustments. Do not forget that they can be located in the wine cellar barrels, and they are made of wood. In any case, the humidity indicator will have to be monitored as well as the temperature.

Protection against heat

Waterproofing is an opportunity to solve many problems in the cellar. Realized projects may simply surprise, but everyone can come to this if they try and take into account all the recommendations. To create the desired microclimate using any available materials. It can be expanded polystyrene, it is additionally impregnated with a special compound. There are dry mixes that are diluted with water and applied to the walls.

Another important point is protection from the penetration of sunlight. It is for this reason that a private wine cellar (there is a photo of examples in our article) is being made in the basement. Only artificial lighting will not spoil the drink.

Without good ventilation, it’s impossible to preserve the desired taste. And the ventilation does not have to be forced. Combining all this, it is easy to create an interesting space where you can not only store wine, but also drink it.

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Many who have spacious basements in the plots easily rework them as wine cellars. But before starting work, the premises are well checked to prevent unforeseen situations. Because no one is pleased to lose a decent collection of wine.

Not always available on the site of a country house ready-made structure. To build it is not so difficult, but will have to try. But the design will be thought out to the smallest detail and will not need to be reconstructed.


Of course, new construction is comparable to a simple cellar, but there are some important points:

  • The pit is made more than the planned size of the room at least 30 centimeters.It is necessary to perform waterproofing processes.
  • The walls can be concrete, the floor is filled using reinforcement.
  • Gasket is necessarily made of waterproofing material.
  • Upper overlap is required.
  • The elevated component of the repository is running.
  • The doors are fixed and all equipment is positioned to create a suitable microclimate.

You should not start the construction of the entire structure in the lowlands. It is better to do it on a hill because of the possibility of the onset of groundwater. Following this advice is not difficult. Everyone will cope, but compliance is mandatory. When the whole process is completed and the room is ready, then you need to try and do the inner filling. This is not only wine racks for the cellar, although they can not do without them.

What is worth creating inside?

If you show imagination, the inner surroundings will be unique and will bring a positive mood when you visit. You can play lighting devices that create the atmosphere, perform racks in certain forms, and so on. The design of a wine cellar in a private house rarely has a standard design, because everyone tries to realize their idea.

It is important to perform the interior trim correctly.Only natural materials - stone and wood - are suitable for this. The second option is chosen, taking into account the characteristics of wood. The stone well remembers temperature indicators and maintains them in the necessary rhythm. In addition, he is able to create a unique design and emphasize some features. Do not forget about the vibrations - the stone extinguishes them easily, and the wine remains in perfect condition.

What can be said about the tree? Not all species are permissible. For example, the needles have their own specific smell, which can affect the wine, which means you should not use it. It is also unacceptable to make shelves out of it, it’s better not to build anything at all. Today, stores for wine cellars have shelves and racks and cabinets for sale. But when creating your project, many do their own shelving, using non-natural material.

When the furniture is created by a specialist, you can think of the form and make the project interesting. Many people put not only cabinets, but also a table with chairs in the style of the existing interior of the wine cellar. It is the internal work that is considered the most interesting, although time consuming.Various geometric shapes come to the rescue and create their surroundings.

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To store wine properly, you need to create two types of shelves - horizontal and vertical. For one drink, you need to perform storage only while standing, and the other is important to rest. Because the wine has sediment, which should be at the bottom of the bottle before you start to taste the drink. This is an interesting procedure that requires its time. Shelves and racks are usually put on all the walls, and in the middle - a table where you can have a tasting or just drink a delicious wine.

The furniture for the wine cellar and the recreation area is made from natural materials. The best is oak, but its price is high. It will last for many years, as it shows resistance to decay. In addition, in the wine cellar may appear some accessories that emphasize the chosen style. Most often it combines the ancient traditions of those countries where wine originated and the first cellars appeared.

Today you can even order a wine cellar. This process occurs quickly and in full. Since professionals take on the job, they know what to focus on.They help not only with the erection of walls, but also a complete internal arrangement. In such a situation, it is worthwhile to develop a project and take into account all your preferences and requirements.

Special attention to furniture

From the stated information it is clear that in the cellar there will be a low temperature, as well as a certain humidity. For this reason, special attention is paid to furniture so that it lasts a long time. You should not choose for this more budget options chipboard and MDF, because in a room with high humidity, they are not in use. They are specially impregnated with substances that are released into the air, which will not benefit the wine, and those who are in this room.

wine cellar barrels

Diamond shape shelves - the most suitable for such a drink. But they have their minus - it is difficult to get the bottles from the bottom rows. Everyone notes that in such a room it is pleasant to uncork a bottle and take a sample. You can make a bar or just an oak table in the center, and around - benches or chairs.

To furniture made of natural wood lasts longer, it is covered with special non-toxic varnishes. Because high humidity can gradually destroy a lot.It is necessary, in addition to all the above, also have beautiful glasses and an alcohol meter. Because they are the masters who are able to determine whether it is time to taste the drink. In specialized stores you can find accessories that will be a nice addition and will create a certain atmosphere.

In custody

The construction and selection of the design of the wine cellar is not such a complicated process, but it is implemented only if all the recommendations are followed. There is another interesting point - this is the experience of co-location. Some do not create special facilities, but combine the storage of vegetables and wine. But for this purpose they make the separation of the cellar.

cellar barrels

You can also zoning the entire area with the help of the backlight, it turns out modern and beautiful. The functionality of the internal cellar affects the selected geometric shape. In addition to the filler structure of concrete, some began to use the caisson. This is a metal construction. In order to serve it for a long time, it is necessary to treat it with special compositions in several layers.

Simple brick also shows its best and serves for a long time.To disguise the cellar for wine, you can use anything. Some make stony hills or just fall asleep with sand. Do not forget about safety, so that in the cellar there was no threat of collapse. The whole process of building such a room is not as complicated as it may seem. If a person sets a goal, then there will soon be a place where you can relax and enjoy a pleasant drink.

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