Woman pilot Kapanina Svetlana: biography, activities and interesting facts

To the sky of people from ancient times. What was just created to conquer the blue space above our planet: improvised wings, barrels of powder as an aircraft and other interesting things. When the first airplanes and airplanes appeared, the men occupied this technique, considering that women had no place at the helm of such a machine.

There are many references to female pilots in the story, but Svetlana Kapanina has become the most outstanding. She so masterfully manages the heavenly transport that many times in honor of her flights the national anthem sounded. Kapanina Svetlana Vladimirovna, whose biography is interesting and diverse, has become the heroine of our today's article. What was the reason for her addiction to flight?

Svetlana Kapanina: biography

Svetlana was born in a working family on December 28, 1968.Her hometown is located on the territory of Kazakhstan in the Akmola region.

Already in elementary school, the girl was fond of fast driving. Studying in the fourth grade, she persuaded her parents to buy a moped for her for almost a week. Having received the desired gift, she participated many times in youth rides.

Also, the girl participated in running competitions, as she was able not only to drive fast, but also to run fast.

At the same time she is engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, to the sixth grade she already has quite good achievements in this sport. She was able to fulfill the standard of the candidate for the master of sports.

Kapanina Svetlana

Further learning and dreams are not related

Kapanina Svetlana dreamed of jumping with a parachute, wanted to feel the sky. Also in her plans was to learn the art of karate, to become a fighter in the special forces detachment. Agree, not a girlish dream!

But fate led her to heaven from the other side. The girl, having finished eight classes, goes to medical school, where she studies as a pharmacist.

From the place of study it is distributed to work in the city of Kurgan. There she begins to “manage” in a hospital pharmacy.

svetlana kapanina biography

Love in heaven

For the first time Kapanina Svetlana flew a passenger in a sports plane.She turned the head not only the flight, but also the pilot. It was a passionate pilot who led the plane so that the girl just screamed with delight.

Leonid Solodovnikov did not try to frighten the beautiful passenger, he tried to draw her attention to himself. As a result, young people began to meet, and then got married.

Family happiness did not last long. The sky gave them each other, but separated them. In 1994, Leonid died tragically, lost control of the aircraft and crashed.

svetlana kapanina pilot

The main thing is to pull yourself together

The pilot Svetlana Kapanina came to her senses for a whole year. She was very worried about the death of her spouse, many thought that she would never sit at the helm and come out of the state in which she had fallen.

For the first time she went to participate in demonstration flights not with her music. Usually for her from the speakers on the pitch played tango. But this time she asked to put the song "Juno and Avos" from a rock opera. Kapanina Svetlana called her flight "Hallelujah of Love" and dedicated it to all pilots who are no longer alive.

pilot svetlana kapanina

First aircraft victories

In 1995, held the World Championships in South Africa on flights. These were the first global competitions for Svetlana.She understood that she had chances, but she was miserable, because forty-four male pilots took part, and she was the forty-fifth participant - the only woman.

Men in their flights are more impertinent, but Kapanina Svetlana, who recently buried her husband, also became quite fearless. At these competitions she laid out in full, not sparing either herself or the plane.

At the end of the tournament the results were announced: Svetlana became the second! In the global aviation sport has not yet been cases when a woman took first place. This year she became the owner of "gold", "silver" and "bronze" in separate competitions.

She won the next gold medal in America at the World Championships. Although Kapanina Svetlana in those competitions did not become the owner of the Aresti Cup, from which she was at a distance of one step of the pedestal, but this year she became the first female pilot in the world to bypass men.

svetlana kapanina pilot interview

Svetlana Kapanina - a pilot without an airplane

When Putin himself awarded Svetlana in the Kremlin, the girl did not miss the opportunity to complain to him about the aviation sport in Russia. She told the president that her victory might not have happened, because for the world championship she didn't even have an airplane!

Vladimir Vladimirovich asked to describe in more detail all the problems associated with aviation sports and the absence of Kapanina’s aircraft. She said that the "junk" in which they train, has long since exhausted its flight resource. Domestic aircraft for more than twenty years, they fly just dangerous.

Kapanina Svetlana also told the president that there was not enough money allocated for either repair or gasoline. You need one plane at least ten thousand a day.

Svetlana told Putin how she phoned European clubs before the world championships in search of an aircraft for competition. Vladimir Vladimirovich promised that he would deal with these problems.

Kapanina Svetlana Vladimirovna biography

Family life pilots

Svetlana buried her first husband. She loved him very much, but this was not a reason to put an end to herself. With the second husband, Vladimir, the girl also brought the sky. Only this time, Vladimir, at the invitation of his friends, came to see the demonstration performances of a beautiful female pilot. From friends, he heard about her victories, that male pilots adore her, and after each flight they carry the girl in their arms.

Vladimir's curiosity ended in love.He, as he saw Svetlana, was so amazed at the combination of her beauty and talent that he simply lost his head. After a while they got married.

The couple have two children: son Peresvet and daughter Yesenia. Svetlana's husband brings up children in severity, as the honored trainer of the Russian Federation in boxing and karate himself!

Children also play sports, prefer snowboarding. Also, children are proud of their parents, they told everyone at school about how brave their mother is and how strong daddy is.

Luck and luck - the main components in the life of the pilot

Svetlana Kapanina, whose biography is not known to many, was not once on the verge of life and death. In many ways, it was really accompanied by Fortune. Let's tell about one case.

During one training flight on her plane, the propeller was blown off! The blade flashed past her and dug into the wing. Aerodynamics was broken and a terrible shaking began. In most such cases, the shaking does not allow the pilot to escape for evacuation, and the pilots die. Svetlana was lucky - the screw vomited completely, which made it possible to land the plane without a working engine, just planning.

But for Svetlana it was not the worst.She saw the torn off screw crash literally a few meters away from her family. A husband and children on that day were watching the field flight of Svetlana. Thank God, nothing happened!

Svetlana Kapanina is a pilot who many reporters want to interview. This is an ordinary, non-starred woman who answers questions with pleasure and communicates with fans of aviation sports.

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