Yaraktinskoye deposit: photo, road, description

On the territory of the Irkutsk region is miningthe most diverse minerals. In the platform part of the region, for example, there are coal deposits, refractory clays, potassium and rock salts. In the folded regions are the Lena gold-bearing region and the Mamsko-Chuya mica-bearing province. This region of Russia also has rich reserves of cement limestones, facing stone, manganese, native sulfur. And, of course, there are oil fields on the territory of the Irkutsk region. They are located mainly in the platform part. One of the largest objects of this type is the Yaraktinskoye deposit, discovered in 1971.

Geological information

This oil field is located in the upperflow of the Lower Tunguska River, in the area of ​​its left tributaries of Gulmok and Yarakty. The reserves of black gold in this area began to form in the Vendian and Cambrian periods. Oil is extracted at the Yaraktinskoye deposit, a photo of which is presented in the article, from sandstones, the total thickness of which is 40 km. In tectonic terms, this object is located within the south-western dive of the Nepal arch.

Yaraktinsky deposit

The oil reserves in the field are significant. In total, there are 102.5 million tons of black gold. At the same time, the density of oil in this place is 0.830 g / cm3. Yaraktinskoye deposit belongs to the group of oil and gas condensate and is part of the Pribaikalskaya province. The Irkutsk oil company is developing black gold at this facility.

How to get to the Yarakta deposit?

To get to this object yourselfpretty hard. This deposit is located in the taiga, very far from any settlements. Earlier to reach this object in the summer it was possible only by air. Recently, a dirt road was laid from the town of Ust-Kut to the deposit. However, too convenient to move it, unfortunately, can not be named. In any case, it's not worth to go on this road to the Yaraktinskoye deposit by car. Overcoming this nearly two hundred-kilometer path through the taiga, sometimes forcing rivers, is mainly due to KAMAZ and other similar heavy equipment.

Yaraktinskoye deposit

Rotation camp Yarakta

This oil facility is located, as alreadymentioned above, at a great distance from the settlements. The distance from Ust-Kut to Yarakta is 140 km in a straight line. Therefore, for the workers of this facility, like most other similar ones, a camp was built. This settlement is relatively small, but there is enough space for all the staff of the facility.

Of course, special comfort for specialists,decided to work on this field, you should not wait. However, the Irkutsk oil company took care of the basic facilities for its employees. In 2014, the construction of two modern hostels was started on the territory of the shift camp of Yarakta. As a result, the total housing capacity in the territory of the facility increased to 550 places.

Also in the village was built a new dining room. Its total capacity was 100 people. In dormitories, in addition to the rooms for living, there are also such infrastructure facilities as showers, lavatories, assembly and sports halls. The territory of both buildings is landscaped. Near the dormitories a bath complex was built. Here, in addition to the steam room, shower and sink, there is a small pool. There is also a church in the village.

Yaraktinskoye field photo

Development and licensing

Yaraktinskoye deposit for the Irkutsk oilthe company is basic. The share of this facility accounts for 80% of the total hydrocarbon production produced by the enterprise. The holder of the license for the development of black gold at this location is Ust-Kutneftegaz, a subsidiary of INC. The license was issued to this enterprise in December 1996. The company has the right to extract oil here until 2033.

Shaft drilling

At the present time, the main emphasis is on the YaraktaThe INC deposit makes this very advanced method of oil production development. Unlike the European part of Russia and Western Siberia, the cluster drilling technology for Eastern Siberia is practically new. Meanwhile, it is this technique that makes it possible to extract oil with the least financial costs. In addition, when using this technology, the damage caused by the enterprises producing black gold to the environment is reduced.

By 2017, at the Yarakta oil and gas condensate19 new pads were built. Also, measures to intensify the extraction of black gold also affected a significant part of the fund that already existed here before.

In total, 209 production wells are operating in the field for 2017. In this case, exploratory drilling at the facility continues.

Yaraktinsky deposit how to reach


Earlier, INC transported theoil along the line connecting the Yaraktinsky and Markovskoye fields with the railway terminal in the city of Ust-Kut. The construction of this pipeline was completed in 2007. Even earlier produced oil was concentrated at the pumping station of the Markovskoye field. In Ust-Kut it was delivered by road.

In 2011 The branch connecting the two objects to the city railway junction was mothballed. At the moment, oil is pumped from the Yarakta deposit via a new pipeline that connects it to the ESPO in the vicinity of station No.7. The total length of this line is 61 km. The final point is the PSP, the first phase of which was also completed in 2011. The capacity of this delivery point at the time of commissioning was 1.5 million tonnes per year.

Development prospects

Intensive development of the village infrastructureYarakta is explained, of course, primarily by increasing the production capacity of the field itself. At the moment, on this important for the economy of the Irkutsk region and the whole country as a whole, INC company implements several large-scale projects. For example, a modern facility is being constructed at the field for the preparation of sulfidic oil by UCSNG. Also at the site, work is underway to modernize the UPM and booster pump station. In addition, a large-scale gas project of the company is being implemented.

ust kut yaraktinskoye deposit distance

INC: production activities

In total, INC conducts exploration and development25 deposits in the territory of both the Irkutsk region and the Republic of Sakha. Its licensed areas in the Irkutsk region, in addition to the Yarakta deposit, are:

  • North-Mogdinsky;
  • Verhnennepsky;
  • Bolsheretsky;
  • Yalyk;
  • Kyi;
  • Ayan;
  • Northern;
  • Middle-Middle;
  • The Verkhnetsky.

Yarakta oil and gas condensate field

Employee feedback

Opinion about the company INC from its specialistsUnfortunately, the situation was mixed. Its pluses are primarily that she pays her employees an official salary, and does it almost always on time. At the same time, the workers of the enterprise get quite decent money for their work.

Negative feedback about developer Yaraktinstskydeposits are mainly associated with living conditions. In modern complexes built on the territory of the shift camp, companies often plant only engineering and technical workers. Simple workers are often given places in old buildings without any infrastructure, in other words, in ordinary Soviet barracks.

There are complaints from employees of the INC anddistribution of wages. All employees of the firm, engaged in deposits, receive the same money. At the same time, on some objects the amount of work has to be very large, on others, people do not do much.

road to the Yarakta deposit

Another disadvantage of the company, according to many of itsemployees, is nepotism. Get a good position, even with a suitable specialty, excellent recommendations and great experience, without ties here, judging by the reviews, it is almost impossible.

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